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Chapter 232
October 22, 20XX (Tuesday)
Xue Manor

The next things that happened were all a blur to Yang and Mei Lin . Everything that happened was fast for their minds to process . Their hands did not leave each other's hold as they began the Tea ceremony . Yang had broken all the efforts that Mei Lin had taken when he also served the tea with her, helping her even when he was supposed to stay seated beside his parents .
Everyone had accepted Mei Lin's plus one as Yang did not let her hands go, forcing the newlyweds to work together as they served every single one of the elders, to their parents, and uncles and aunts then lastly, to their siblings . Mei Lin had received various gifts and thick red envelopes from everyone with a grateful heart .
"Welcome to the family, dear . " Mother Zhao had whispered in Mei Lin's ears before everyone had transferred locations into the banquet hall again where the after party and lunch will begin .
Mei Lin hugged Mother Zhao tightly, but the hug became awkward because of Yang's firm hold on her hand . They entered the banquet hall that was now changed into a venue fit for people to eat lunch in with circular tables on the side and a table in the front especially for Mei Lin and Yang to sit . Her husband led her into the table with a wide grin of excitement .
Her husband is Zhao Yang; the man that had avoided meeting her for almost ten years . One year ago, she would never believe that it would be so . It was all because of the events in Paris . Mei Lin suddenly felt thankful for the man that had broken her heart because, without it, she would have never experienced an all-encompassing love like Yang's love for her .
"Congratulations," Li Alexandre greeted the newly wedded couple with Li Ru Shi clinging in his arms . Mei Lin immediately started talking to Ru Shi about her new drama, and the two husbands listened to their wifes' chatter with a look of pampering .
The loud sounds of people talking with each other quiet down into silence when Yue took the microphone on the side and interrupted everybody with a dazzling smile that wooed Hao Chen, "I would like to interrupt everyone from their activities to listen to what my Big brother would like to say . He had approached my mother and I that he wanted for Mei Lin to listen to something that he has wanted to say before but could not find the right time to do so . "
Mei Lin looked to her side in surprise . She gaped at Yang's silly smile . Her hands felt cold as his hands let go of his hold . Yang stood up from his seat and went to get the microphone that Yue reached out to him . Alexandre and Ru Shi went back to their places with an expression that knew something . Mei Lin grew suspicious . This was not in the program .
Yang sat back down beside Mei Lin with a microphone on his right hand . Yang started, "The first words you said to me on this day of last year was a question . You asked me, 'Is something wrong, CEO Zhao?' I remember that I had replied with a question to steer our conversation in another direction . Now, I can answer that question with our friends and family as my witness . "

Gazing intensely at Mei Lin's eyes, Yang continued, "The way your smile lights up my day, the way your eyes gaze into mine like a warm embrace, and how much you made me love you in a short amount of time . Getting to know more of you, I realized what is wrong with my almost perfect life- YOU and your lack of involvement in mine . It's not just your physical appearance that attracted me but also your warmth, your care, and your heart of gold . Today, you cannot ask me if there is something wrong because you made everything right . "
Mei Lin covered her mouth as her eyes begun to water . She was surprised when Yang's hands were shaking in his nervousness as he wiped away the tears that fell . Mei Lin sobered up and smiled at him to calm him down .
"I know how hesitant you were to give me a chance because of a man before me that made you build a wall to guard your heart . That is why I will come clean to you so you will have no doubts about my honest feelings for you . " Yang gulped as a powerpoint presentation opened on the side, and a map of the worlds was shown with red and yellow pins in different locations .
"The red pins are all the winery and brewery I own as my hobby," Yang's voice was so small that even the microphone had trouble with amplifying it for people's ears to head . Mother Zhao fumed at the fourteen red dots with anger as she counted every one of them .
"The yellow pins are all the property I own that houses my most treasured vintage wine collection," Yang admitted . Father Zhao held Mother Zhao's wrist in fear that she would start killing her son . Everyone was surprised that Mei Lin was unusually calm hearing her husband's truthful words .
"I will also admit that our first meetings in Paris were not because Yue told me your locations, but because I hacked into your phone to stalk you . " Yang gripped Mei Lin's hand while praying for his soul to be safe from her incoming anger . He wanted to come clean with all his little secrets . He hated keeping them from her, so he had planned to tell her everything even before he had proposed .
After a moment of silence, Mei Lin took the microphone in his hand and said with a sigh, "Zhao Yang; when I heard this name one year ago, I would roll my eyes because I thought he would be a secretive, spoiled, and overbearing man . Now, I know how easy it is to read him . I know about your ability to hack when you hinted to me about getting my files on a locked location . I have already expected these from you . When I said my vows, I meant every word of it . I know how many people think you are perfect, but I know how stubborn, how scary, and how persistent you are . I know you have things you cannot do like cooking, designing, and drinking your medicine on time . Even knowing all these things, I will still choose to love you . I promised you until death, but if I were to make my vow, I would promise to love you even after death . Every day, even if you annoy me with your perverted hands, I will choose to love you . I cannot promise you my never-ending patience because you know how hot-tempered I am . I cannot promise you all my attention because we have children that we must care . There is one thing that I can promise you- my faithfulness . I love you forever and a day . "
Yang sighed; he was bested again by his wife .