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Chapter 233
October 22, 20XX (Tuesday)
Xue Manor

Yue took the microphone from her best friend's hands after whispering smugly, "You differently made my Big Brother's speech looked bad . "
Mei Li chuckled and whispered back, "Don't be like that . I am your sister now . "
Yue snorted, "You have always been my sister even without your marriage to big brother . "
Yue left Mei Lin behind with her jaw dropping in her surprise . Mei Lin's eyes began to water again . This day had brought her more reason to be grateful than any day in all of her life . She had been an orphan and had thought she would die an orphan . Now, she had found family in the Zhao and had accepted her Xue blood . Her best friend's words touched Mei Lin . If it weren't for Yue, she would not be here . It was, after all, Yue that had approached her first to ask to be her friend .
Grandpa Zhao stood up as Yue announced, "And now I will hand this microphone to Grandpa for his announcement . "
"My wife and I will also come clean with our decisions . Our granddaughter-in-law will be the inheritor of our businesses, and we have begun to train her weeks ago to replace us . " Both Zhao Elders were standing up as they stared into Mei Lin's way .
Yang put his hands into her waist and dragged her to sit down, knowing what will come later will make her into an emotional wreck . He made sure that she was adequately seated before he nodded for Yue to continue . His little sister then passed the microphone to Yang's friends- Hao Chen in particular . Mei Lin was full of tears as she listened to her well-wishers .
"Sister-in-law, Congratulations! Take care of our brother for us . " Hao Chen grinned, teasingly . Yue was a little surprise that her charming boyfriend could be so mischievous . Mei Li giggled when Yang murmured to her ears, "He should call me brother-in-law too . Yue has been eyeing him like a piece of meat ready to be devoured . "
Dr . Zhang Li Xi took the microphone and said, "Congratulations on your wedding . Hopefully, the next time you visit the hospital for my consultation, it would be good news of a pregnancy . "
Alexandre passed the mic to his wife while saying, "Congratulations . My wife has more words than I do for the newlyweds . "
Ru Shi gladly took the microphone and stood up . On hand on her hips, "I would like to admit to Mei Li what Yang had tasked me to do that I hated on doing, but he said he wanted to sponsor my movie if I did it . "
Everyone grew curious and intrigued at Ru Shi's words . Mei Lin briefly eyed Yang, who immediately rose his hands up in surrender . Ru Shi continued, "When we were talking in Milan about that stupid ex of yours, Yang was listening in . I didn't want to do it, but he assured me that he would take the blame if you discovered it . I like you and would want to continue our friendship, so Yang needs to take responsibilities of his crimes . "
Zhao Yang flinched when Mei Lin placed her left hand on his thigh and pinched the skin as hard as she could . He had to refrain himself from shouting and yelping like a puppy . Everyone giggled when Yang shifted his weight to the opposite of Mei Lin, knowing that he must have received some form of retribution secretly .

Mother Zhao stood up after the microphone was handed to her and said, "I am happy to welcome a new daughter in my family finally . I know you two would be great together even before you meet! Congratulations and I expect grandchildren soon! Oh, and I also expect for Yang to lessen those pins he showed or else I will sell every last one of them . "
"I am happy for your happiness, my dearest . You have been taken away from us and we have wronged you for letting it happen, but I am somewhat grateful that your experiences have shaped and molded you into this beautiful woman with a heart bigger than anyone else in the room . " Grandma Xue said with Grandpa Xue nodding on the background .
Mei Li and Yang listened with happy faces as everyone said their congratulations . Mei Li was sad that Uncle Wu had to return to Y Building to hide again and help secure the premises of Zhao Manor for tomorrow's fake wedding . Uncle Wu would have made a tremendous and awkward speech . As the people who had not greeted them slowly become fewer, Mei Lin and Yang were excited when the last two was holding the microphone . Mei Lin, in particular, was very excited to hear what her older brother would say to them .
Being the last one of the males, Chang Min stood up and said, "Congratulations! As much as I wanted to stop this from happening, I cannot do it . I am a biased older brother, but even I could see how much Yang loves my little sister . I will give up my plans of being your third wheel just because I know Yang will take care of my little sister the way she deserves . My guns are always ready when you step one foot out of line, remember that Yang . "
Once Yue had the microphone, her tears began to fell . She sobbed as she wailed out her words, "Congratulations . When we went to Paris, I know my big brother will fall in love with you . I know it the moment he sent you Shakespeare's sonnet 116, and I was sure that he had already fallen in love with you the moment that he asked for your phone number . Take care of my big brother, Mei Lin, and take care of yourself too . I don't want to be the middle woman when you two fight so you guys go to Mom, alright?"
Everyone laughed at Yue's last sentence .