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Chapter 234
October 22, 20XX (Tuesday)
Xue Manor & Zhao Manor

Xue Mei Lin was not disappointed; she told herself that line many times . When she was married and walking down the aisle with Uncle Wu, Mei Lin was searching the crowd for the man in Grandma Xue's phone together with her mother . Mei Lin had thought that he would be in the crowd watching because she was still his daughter even if she was sent into the orphanage . She had not expected her father to hate her too much that he would not come to her wedding that was held in the Manor of his wife's family .
When the ceremony was done, Mei Lin looked around for Jerome Bonaparte, but again he did not show up . Mei Lin reminded herself that she was not disappointed . She had survived living in the orphanage without him, she had made a living and became successful without him, and she had lived her life without him . He was not needed on her wedding day .
After the Tea ceremony was done, Mei Lin turned her head from left to the right to look for him again . Disappointed, Mei Lin concentrated with her wedding while telling herself that she was not disappointed . Yang had noticed that she was looking for someone, so he murmured to her, "Uncle Wu had left and had gone back to the company . He needs to monitor the surveillance cameras for tomorrow . "
Mei Lin nodded, absently . Her thoughts were not on her Uncle Wu, who had already given her his heartfelt congratulations and had kissed her forehead goodbye . Uncle Wu had done his best to replace her father, and for a man that was not related to her, Uncle Wu had gone above and beyond for her . Mei Lin did not have the heart to keep him for the rest of the celebration when she knows it was dangerous for him to be out and about when he was, in fact, registered as a man already dead . Even in modern times, the family of the royal family was still as messy as the olden times .
When everyone started to deliver their congratulations, Mei Lin expected her father to pop out from nowhere and surprise her . Unfortunately, it did not happen . She reminded herself that she was not disappointed, merely surprised that he did not come .
Mei Lin was ready to end the day . She had become Yang's wife and had received everyone's happy wishes . Now, she wanted to lay on the bed to rest with Yang and make this disappointment in her disappear thought Yang's touches . Even with her constant reminder not to be disappointed, she was still feeling it like a heavy load in her shoulders . Mei Lin should not have expected anything from her father .
"Are you alright?" Yang murmured in her ears when he saw how she looked with hunched back and stiff shoulders as she searched for someone in the crowd .
Mei Lin nodded, "Just tired . "
Yang nodded to her and motioned for Yue to hurry up with the program . Yang was glad that Yue had gone a wonderful job with their wedding even going far to organize the little things . When Yue was done with their giveaways, Yang and Mei Lin forced themselves to get up and send their guests out .

Yang had to hold Mei Lin to his side as she began to sway in her exhaustion . He hated that she was this tired from the event . It could only mean the end to his plans for their wedding night . For his plans to be done, he needed a wide-awake Mei Lin . He sighed and shrugged his small problem away . Yang had waited for a year; he can wait another day .
Once everyone was out, the family gathered inside for one last farewell to the Xue as they will soon return to the Zhao Manor . Chang Min had kissed Mei Lin's forehead goodbye, and her grandparents had told her to be careful .
Chang Min dragged Yang to the side to talk as Mei Lin was distracted by his grandparents . He put his right arm in Yang's shoulders and said, "Be gentle with my little sister . You are more experienced than her, so you need to take it slow . "
Yang's eyes grew when his mind registered what Chang Min had told him . He was so surprised about it that he was in a daze when they rode their wedding car with their children . Yang had unconsciously moved his body as they entered the Manor, and he did not notice how Mother Zhao and the rest had maneuvered the children to new rooms far from their room . He did not even see Jerome Bonaparte enter the room and had caused Mei Lin great distress .
Yang's perverted mind sobred up when Mei Lin began to shout, "Get out of here!"
Jerome Bonaparte jumped at her loud voice just as Yang, who was beside her, did too . Mei Lin's head was red and the veins in her neck looked like it would pop any moment now . She snarled at Jerome Bonaparte when he began to explain, "I was not at the wedding because I was here preparing for the security tom-"
Mei Lin interrupted him by throwing the couch's small pillow to her father with teeth clenched . Yang suddenly realized who she was looking for in the crowd . So it was not his Uncle but her father that had made her so disappointed and tired . Yang stopped Mei Lin from throwing another pillow by holding her wrist and said, "Your father had volunteered to take care of the security detail for tomorrow's fake wedding . We expect something will happen tomorrow because of the remaining members of Arcadia . "
Jerome Bonaparte nodded his head to every word Yang said . It hurt his pride to be protected by his son-in-law, but if it worked, he swallowed his pride .
Mei Lin's anger resembled Commander Alfonsi far too much .