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Chapter 236
October 22, 20XX (Tuesday)
Zhao Manor

The realization of her deeds dawned to Mei Lin like a tsunami . Her hands shook with regret . She had once again acted impulsively . Mei Lin stood up and hurried to the door . Yang grabbed her waist with his arms in a firm and tight grip, "Where are you going?"
"I will go and say sorry," Mei Lin said .
"You can tell him that tomorrow . Let your father stew in worry for a while . He did decide to put you in an orphanage impulsively . "
Mei Ling sighed, "I guess that's where I get my impulsivity from . "
Yang chuckled loudly causing Mei Lin's eyes to twitch in her annoyance but refrained because she knew that the truth always hurts . She settled down in his lap with another loud sigh . Even on her wedding day, she could not rest from these problems . Realizing that she was still on her red wedding down, Mei Lin wondered how she could have looked while huffing in anger . Her face reddened as she imagined herself looking like a child throwing a tantrum .
"Why are you blushing? What are you thinking?" Yang's question made Mei Lin snapped out of her daze and made her turn her head to face her husband . She smiled at Yang with a brightness that rivaled the sun . Their wedding has been successful, and she was glad that they made it in one piece into the night . Suddenly, Mei Lin froze . It was night time- their wedding night . Her red face worsened like spreading fire .
Seeing her resigned expression turning red and she begun to shift nervously in shyness, Yang grinned . He knew what her thoughts were and he would gladly execute every last one of her ideas . In fact, he would gladly offer his ideas too . She had teased yang for all the days of their relationship . No, even before they had started dating, Yang had coveted for her emotional and physical attention like a hungry wolf . Tonight was the night that he would drink water in her hands for the first time . Tonight this hungry wolf would feast upon her body .
"It seems that you are also thinking what I am thinking," Her husband's voice deepened with every word that passed his lips . Mei Lin shivered when his mouth blew hot air in her ears . Her stomach felt like it was set on fire and her heart ready to burst from the passion what scorched her soul with his deep and growling voice .
Yang stood up while carrying her in his arms like a princess . He shifted their position and then throw Mei Lin into the bed as he loomed over her . Mei Lin watched as he climbed into the bed and trapping her with his body . Like a cornered cat, Mei Lin whimpered with aching need . Yang licked his lips while he loosened his burgundy tie . Yang's eyes stared at Mei Lin with an immeasurable desire that made her throat dry with the same thirst .
"You have teased me for months, and I was losing my mind to control myself in your presence," Yang grinned . His eyes flashed with lust and desire as he continued while leaning down to whisper in her ear, "This time, I will be the one in control . "

Hoping to spare herself some time to bath, Mei Lin pleaded, "At least let me take a bath . "
Yang's grin disappeared from his face for a while before it returned with full force as he said, "If you want to do it in the bathtub, I will carry us there for round two . First, I need to break your innocence and take that virginity of yours . "
Mei Lin gaped in horror . He was so brazen and talked so bluntly that she could not believe the evolution of this perverted being! Yang had wandering hands before, but now he had unleashed his succubus being to wreak havoc . Mei Lin regretted a lot of things, and she regretted teasing her husband more .
Shrieking while covering her face with her hands, Mei Lin saw Yang shamelessly undressing himself to his bare self . Mei Lin hated that even when he took off all his clothes, he was still intensely staring at her . Her eyes open to take a peak in between the gaps of her fingers . Yang smirked at her curiosity . When he was down on his underwear, Yang pulled Mei Lin's hands away from her face and replaced it with an open-mouthed kiss on her lips .
Zhao Yang had never behaved like an animal as he is doing now . This wife of his made his lustful demon come out from his captivity . Mei Lin tried to push him away from her with eyes wide, making Yang push his weight down on her . A gasp left her lips as Yang's hands wandered around her body, feeling every curve while his tongue swirled to play with hers .
Hearing Yang's annoyed click of his tongue in their kiss, Mei Lin guided his hands to her left side just below her armpits and drawled, dazedly, "Open here . "
Yang's eyes widened . In his surprise, he pulled away from the kiss making Mei Lin whimper from the loss of his warmth . Her nether region ached with need for everything he can only give . He stared at her wanton face, breathless from their lewd kiss .
Clapping his hands together like a prayer, Yang grunted, "Thank you for the meal . "
Mei Lin slapped his arm, not amused with his jokes . Her blush was spreading even further down . Undressing her made Yang think of receiving an early Christmas present . The sound of a zipper being unzipped made Mei Lin's hand on his arm shook in nervousness while his heart thundered into his rib cage like a speaker playing loud bass . She closed her eyes as her red wedding dress was slipped out of her body, and heard it being thrown to the floor, followed by the dipping of the mattress as Yang buried his face in her breast . Mei Lin's eyes flew open and gasped as Yang bit her earlobe before breathlessly drawling, "I knew red lace suits you well . "
Her hands covered her face in her embarrassment . As promised, she wore the undergarments that Yang had picked . Never in a million years would she except that he would take her jokes seriously, but he did . She had received a box of see-through lace undergarments that didn't cover anything at all, one day before the wedding
"Don't look at me," Mei Lin mumbled, bringing Yang to chuckle at his virgin wife .
He slid himself to lay beside her, making the soft mattress dip to his side because of his weight . Mei Lin wanted to run to the bathroom, but his hands immediately dipped between inside her red laced panties into her thighs and entered one finger without a second left to spare her from flying out of fear . She panted as his fingers played within her . Her back arched, causing her breasts to press into his chest . Yang growled as he felt her nipples harden . Her labored breathing made the hair on his neck stand up .
Slowly, his one finger became two and then three . Her silent gasps became mewls of pleasure . Her arms unconsciously wondered to the back of his head and ran through his hair . His gaped as her fingers fisted and pulled his short hair enough to make him heave a loud huff . Yang smirked when Mei Lin was starting to move her hips on her own .
"Yang," Mei Li moaned his name, causing his hardness to strain in his boxer briefs . He kissed her face before staring into her eyes, stopping his hands from moving .
Zhao Yang gulped when her dazed eyes flashed with mischief as she moved her hips to make his hands grind inside her and panted, "Give me more . "
It was hard to swallow the saliva that gathered into his mouth, so he licked his hands that was inside Mei Lin, causing her eyes to widen at his actions . He had teased her without reservation . His actions made her hotter . With saliva coated fingers, he dipped her three fingers inside her and played a tune like he was on a piano .
Yang met her open mouth with his own, tongues waging war with each other, twirling and fighting for dominance . Mei Lin's arms sneaked into his neck forcing him to be glued to her skin to skin . His left hand pulled her breast out from her see-through bra and proceeded to undress her panties after .
Her legs begun to spread as pleasure made Mei Lin's brain process nothing but her husband's expert machinations . She never knew she could be this flexible as she was wholly opened for the taking .
Mei Lin pushed him off of her . When their lips pulled separate, a string of saliva connected them before breaking as Yang dipped himself between her spread legs . Mei Lin pointed at his briefs and commanded, "Take it off . "
"You do it," Yang snorted .
Her narrowed eyes would have scared Yang if she wasn't red-faced . With a smirk, Yang pulled her left hand and taunted her as he inserted her pointer finger inside the garter . Not to be defeated, Mei Lin pushed it down without hesitation . His member sprang out, greeting her with the joyous reunion .
Yang waited for what her next course of action would be so that he could tease her . The animal in him was crawling into the surface when she spread her legs wider and spread her lower lips with her right fingers for him to enter while her left hands covered her face in embarrassment . Her breathless words came out from her lips with oozing feminine appeal, "Be gentle . "
Yang's grin turned into a snarl as his restraint snapped . He pulled Mei Lin's hand away from her face as his lips overtake it again . His staff pointing and ready to slide inside her . Her moans and eagerness in their deep and wet kiss made Yang confident to enter his tip . Her gasp of discomfort was muffled with his tongue . He put a leash on his restraint again as her eyes watered .
'She is a virgin, dammit . ' Yang reminded himself, again and again, to control himself from digging his cock deeper inside her . He kissed the corner of her eyes to stop the tears and pulled her hands that was trying to push him away into his own, intertwining them firmly .
'Baby steps, Zhao Yang . ' His motto echoed again and again in his head .
Mei Lin noticed his uncomfortable position and pulled him closer . She wiggled herself to gauge the pain, making him growl from her movements . Gasping loud, he was surprised when Mei Li pushed herself to sheath him into her completely . His eyes widen as she squirmed at the level of pain and fullness in her . Her mewls turned into soft whimpers .
Yang pampered her with kisses . It was agonizing for him to stay still for her to adjust to his size .
"You can move now," Mei Li mumbled after what seemed like an eternity to Yang .
Sheathing and unsheathing himself in her, Yang was fascinated at how her tensed hips relaxed and slowly began to move in rhythm with his thrust . His hands wandered into her breast squeezing it firmly . He grinned when her walls tightened around his penis; he has found her weakness- her breasts .
"After this, can I be on top?" Mei Lin asked between his thrusts .
Yang groaned as the fire inside of him exploded . He finished early, dammit .
Mei Li smirked and pushed him down to lay on his back . Her hands gripped his penis as it exited her and yanked on it a couple of times, making it hard enough for round two . Yang's growls and her moans mixed and echoed into the room, filling it with the smell of sex and dosing the air with a hot red passion of sweet love-making .