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Chapter 237
October 23, 20XX (Wednesday)
Zhao Manor

The sound of his phone's alarm woke Yang from his sleep . His eyes fluttered open with enthusiasm as he felt the bare skin of his wife wrapped around his body, using him as a cuddle pillow . He shifted to a position that was more comfortable and laid on his right side with his arms cushioning his head, making it easier to peek at Mei Lin sleeping with a satisfied smile on her face . Yang hates to brag, but he had lasted very long on their round two .
Last night, he had discovered that many things that Mei Lin likes . First, she wants to be on top, her breasts were her weakest point, and she was flexible . Yang gulped when he remembered Mei Lin perching her legs on his shoulders so he could reach deeper . She was very flexible and very, very dominant in bed . Not to mention how hot it was when she reached the end with legs shaking and euphoria plastered in her face .
Yang's thoughts were interrupted when Mei Lin stirred . The usually immaculate CEO winced when he felt the sticky substance gluing their skins together . He also blanched when he realized that he had not used any condoms, and he knows that Mei Lin was not on the pill . What if Mei Lin would not like to have children yet? They needed to house Ling Ling and Chang first!
"Good morning," Yang drawled when he saw Mei Lin's eyes looking straight at him .
" . . . Morning . . . " Mei Li mumbled as she buried her face into the crook of his neck in embarrassment .
"Stop acting shy . " Yang kissed her forehead and continued, "You weren't anywhere near shy last night . "
Mei Lin stretched her legs to shake away the sleep in her, making her thighs touch something hard on his Yang's body that caused him to growl . She found that when he was aroused, he tended to growl rather than moan like most normal humans . It was not something weird but just something more raspy and deeper .
"Don't do that again or I might do something . We barely have any time left . " Yang told .
"Not even for something quick?" Her right hand was boldly grasping his staff . After last night, Mei Lin's innocent about these things with his body completely vanished .
Yang climbed and towered over her, pushing his body to press into her . Leaning his weight completely at her body, Yang spread her legs with the use of his hands . Mei Lin's breathing quickened in pace, and her nerves waited for more of his touch . Yang popped one her left nipples into his mouth and sucked on it with a force that made Mei Lin crossed eyed in pleasure .
A knocking sound dosed their heat with water . It was comical to see Yang heaved a loud exhale in disappointment while his forehead was dropped into the crock of Mei Lin's neck, making her giggle . They both listened to Yue at the door shouting, "Big brother, you two need to get ready!"
Yang groaned again, making Mei Lin giggle louder . Yue had always been and probably will be the best cockblocker of the century . Grunting, Yang pulled away from his intimate hold .

"We will be out after a bath," Yang shouted back .
Both Yang and Mei Lin blushed when Yue retorted, "Yucks! Too much information! We will give you fifteen minutes to get ready, so you won't take your time and do what you did last night!"
Mei Lin buried her head into the pillows . She can't believe that everyone expected them to do it last night . Of course, they've done it, but the thought of everyone looking at her with knowing looks was too embarrassing .
"Shut up! We are getting ready now!" Yang scowled as he stood up and picked Mei Lin bridal style, carrying her into the bathroom like she weighted nothing .
As much as Yang would want to do something with her on the bathroom, he couldn't because of time restraint . Who knows when his mother would come in using a key she had stashed in her secret compartment . His family was just as paranoid as Chang Min was with Mei Lin .
After showering and dressing enough to be decent, Yang unlocked the door . Immediately, Yue entered with a grin and a sneering look like a mischievous nine-tailed fox that wants to play tricks . Yang noted to speed up Yue and Hao Chen's relationship so he can be the one to take them instead . With wide eyes, Yang was pushed outside by Chang Min and Jerome Bonaparte for him to get ready in another room . Yang heaved out another sigh of defeat; he and Mei Lin had wanted to have only one wedding, but these terrorists had forced him to stage another one! Damn it all! They should be on their honeymoon, right now, making sweet, sweet love!
Mother Zhao sat beside Mei Lin on their bed and said, "I'm sure you know that today will not be an easy day like yesterday . Today, we don't know what will happen . Today, there might be blood spilled . Today, someone might die . "
Mei Lin gaped at Mother Zhao's words . Yue, Aunt Qinyang, and Ru Shi with Ling Ling in her arms were silent as Mother Zhao continued, "I am not telling this to scare you . . . I am preparing you for the worst . You need to know how grave it is to have these terrorists after you . "
Aunt Qinyang sat on the other unoccupied side of Mei Lin . She took Mei Lin's hands an added, "We acted like this day is not that important, but it is . Today might be the worse day of our lives if things go wrong . Are you ready?"
Mei Lin straightened up, tensed and nervous . The weight of what could happen dawned on her . Her heart grew heavy with worry as she put her mask of indifference . Even if she was scared, she will fight .