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Chapter 239
October 23, 20XX (Wednesday)
Zhao Manor

Jerome Bonaparte clenched his fist in nervousness . He admits that he had not been the best father to his children, but his duty called for his undivided attention . Jerome knew that ending Arcadia would also mean safety to his children's life and the next generation after . It was horror that they have to marry with the weight of the remains of the group on their shoulders . The thought of his children's future was what kept him going after years and years of running around, spying, and being undercover as a painter . In fact, he had done it, so days like this would be peaceful . It seems that he had failed again .
The unused father briefly looked down at his daughter's side profile and immediately thought of his wife . Mei Lin looked so much like Mu Lan that it almost hurt him to stare at her when she smiled because of their likeness .
"I am sorry for yesterday," Mei Lin's soft and gentle voice that she inherited from Jerome's Italian mother interrupted his thoughts like a sharp knife .
"No, I should be the one apologizing for all the things that I did and for all the things that I should have done but didn't," Jerome said as his free right hand covered Mei Lin's right hand on his left arm . He was in awe as Mei Lin smiled but felt sad again as he remembered his late wife . She should be the one with their children instead . If only death could allow the living a single day, even an hour, with the dead, Jerome would offer anything for his wife to be present this day .
Jerome watched as the children that Mei Lin planned to adopt slowly entered the banquet hall while executing their tasks with a broad smile . Seeing Mei Lin starting to grow nervous, Jerome caressed her back . She looked at him with wide eyes in surprise at first, but then it morphed into gratefulness .
Jerome leaned to the side of her ears and whispered, "Your mother was nervous when we eloped too . I could not understand how she could be a feared government agent but still afraid to face a crowd of businessmen and their families . "
"Did she really?" Mei Lin grinned; she liked hearing stories of the past where she wasn't born yet especially stories of her late mother that died to protect her . She was her hero; fallen, but will always remain a hero .
Jerome nodded with a broad grin that almost destroyed the mask that he wore . When the large banquet hall opened, Jerome and Mei Lin began to walk the red carpet towards the center . The Banquet Hall in Zhao Manor was decorated, lavishly, that it smelled so strong with flowers . All guests' head turned to them . Mei Lin's hand in his arm tightened signaling how awkward and tensed she was with the eyes that followed their walk to the front .
Once arriving, Jerome handed Mei Lin's right hand to Yang's waiting left hand after shaking hands with the young CEO . Jerome was entertained when his son could be seen glaring at him at the side . As the ceremony started, Jerome Bonaparte did not concentrate on their vows and their kiss but at the guards . Acting like an old man, he excused himself citing a reason about his weary old bones . Jerome made sure that Mei Lin saw him step out, so he could avoid her anger like before . She nodded slightly at him, making Jerome hurry to the place where he could see everything .

Arriving on the secret room of the Banquet Hall, Jerome asked his agent turn friend, "Did you document everyone in attendance?"
Elizar snorted, "I am not a novice . I made sure every face is documented and sent to Wu Tian Li as you instructed . "
Jerome peered below to see the event taking place while Elizar's eyes were glued on the monitors looking for any disturbance . Elizar's eyes shifted towards Jerome and cautiously remarked, "It is amazing how easily you can work with your late wife's ex-fiance . "
"Wu Tian Li and Mu Lan were engaged without their consent . Mu Lan's heart was mine and no one else's," Jerome stated while playing with a long range gun, ready to strike any moment . Elizar wanted to retort more but refrained himself because the ceremony ended and the event will now proceed on the back garden for the food .
Every guard was watchful and mindful of everyone . Even the waiters that were in attendance were trained in martial arts and defense . Yang led Mei Lin to the garden as everyone else followed after them with congratulations passing their lips . Graciously, the newlyweds accepted every happy greeting with a smile .
Jerome and Elizar shifted into the personas of their disguise, one an old man and another a charming middle-aged waiter . They maneuvered into their positions, bypassing people quick and fast . They were in easy access to Mei Lin, and Yang's defense in case anything happens when people greet them .
Businessmen, women, and children offered the newlyweds glad tidings of the union . Mei Lin had to plaster a smile because Yang merely nodded without care . One by one, the people surrounding them settle down into their seats and only a few people left .
Suddenly, Yang's body beside her stiffened . Mei Lin almost turned to him to ask if not for the foreigner that went up to them with a lady on his arm . Mei Lin remembered the lady to be the daughter of one of the prominent family in Beijing .
Mei Lin stared at the foreign man with obviously dyed black hair . She muttered, "You are familiar . "
Yang stiff body became frozen as his hand at the back signaled to the guards to prepare themselves . Seeing the cue from the guards, Jerome and Elizar began to move closer .
David asked with a smile, "You remember me?"
Mei Lin pondered, "I think I have already met you . . . "