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Chapter 240
October 23, 20XX (Wednesday)
Zhao Manor

"I remember now!" Mei Li exclaimed making everyone's eyes shift to her . She clapped her hands together and said to Yang, "He was one of the staff in your hotel in Paris that I discovered Chen Zhong cheating . He was at the front desk!"
Hearing his wife's words, Yang gaped . It seemed there was more to this story than he thought . Yang's eyes narrowed, never letting his eyes off of this man's person . He also recognized him; the man that went to talk to Chen Zhong before he vanished . Likelihood of this man being Fool, 99 percent . The hands around Mei Lin's waist tightened in free for her . He never expected the man to appear in front of them and confront them without back up .
The daughter of an affluent man in David's arms looked at him with shock . She did not know that Mrs . Zhao had such a history . David ignored the woman beside him; his eyes were staring straight into Mei Lin's bright brown eyes without pause . He tipped his head and mockingly bowed like a peasant did to royalty in France to Yang's direction and said, "I am grateful that you remember me . We also met in one of the grocery stores here, but you did not bother to look up and choose to ignore me . "
Hearing his words, Yang's hands clenched with anger . His teeth gritted, and his lips thinned . It seems that his guards were lax with Mei Lin's protection . No man should be able to talk to her that was not on the list of people that the family had deemed safe . Right now, they have to assume everyone is a culprit . Paranoid or not, he did not care; better safe than sorry!
"It is fantastic that you could still remember me," David said with a little mocking tone that made Yang want to put aside his etiquette and punch him on the face .
An ordinary woman would not notice his jab at Yang, but Mei Lin was not average . Her eyes narrowed a little before she smiled so wide that David was taken aback at her hot persona . David's smirked at Yang's direction before he returned Mei Lin's smile with a grin of his own .
Seeing his nonverbal response, Mei Lin snickered, "Don't take my memory of you as something special . I remembered everything that happened and everyone that I meet in Paris on that trip because it was special to me . That was when I met my husband . "
Yue snorted at the side . Of course, Mei Lin would savagely cut all ties of this rude man . Even she remembered the front desk staff that had licked his lips when he saw Mei Lin . Yue remembered feeling gross at that employee because his eyes were heavily undressing her best friend before as he still is doing now .
Chang Min moved closer with a stoic face that he was known for . He introduced himself to the lady on David's arms, "Hello, Miss . Is your father CEO Liu? He collects guns, right?"
The woman nodded with a broad smile . David was handsome, but Chang Min had been someone that she admired before . Her father had always been fond of the Xue family because of Xue Chang Min's abilities . Taking advantage of her awe, Chang Min offered his arm and said, "How about joining me for some wine?"

Alexandre and Ru Shi showed up and dragged the woman to a bar with Chang Min, successfully separating her from David . Alone in front of Yang, while surrounded by guards, David's calm and composed demeanor did not change at all .
Mei Lin had noticed how Yang's hold in her waist tightened further . Suddenly, Mei Lin's bouquet fell into the floor with a soft thud . She smiled, sheepishly, at everyone and softly mocked herself for being clumsy, "Oh my, I need to be careful with my things . "
Yang chuckled, fake and annoying in Mei Lin's ears . The two men did not dare to bend down to get the flowers for her . Without notice; she bent down to do it herself . Hearing the sounds of two guns being taken out and cocking the hammer, Mei Lin dared not to move fast .
With a smirk, Mei Lin untied the whip that she had hidden in her cascading bouquet . Being out of David's vision, Mei Lin took advantage of it and wrapped her whip into his left leg and pulling it as hard as she could . She briefly thanked her elder brother for showing her how to be so badass .
David was wide-eyed as he fell on his bum, not expecting Mei Lin to move and be the one to take him down . In fear for his daughter, Jerome Bonaparte threw a smoke bomb on them, clouding Yang and Mei Lin . Zhao Yang grabbed Mei Lin and made a run for it, leaving behind a shell shock David and panicked audience at the unbelievable scene .
Guards surrounded David, making the Fool laugh at the surprise . His nerves lighted with fire at the adrenaline rush that pumped into his bloodstream . David laughed loud uncontrollably because the thrill was enjoyable .
The woman that brought him as his date gaped at the events that unfold . She turned to Ru Shi beside her and gloomily said, "Did I have sex with a spy?"
Ru Shi snorted, "Girl, you had sex with a terrorist . "
"Do terrorists have HIV?" the girl asked innocently .
All of Yang's friends took action even if they wanted to laugh at the stupid woman . Alexandre motioned for his wife to run . Ru Shi nodded then dragged the girl to a safe place, praying that Yang and Mei Lin were going to be alright .