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Chapter 241
October 23, 20XX (Wednesday)
Zhao Manor In the halls of the manor, panicked guests were running swift and fast to the exit . Trained servants tried to restrain them, but fear got in a way and made more mess on the manor . Ru Shi had dragged the stupid girl into a car with guards who would safely return the girl to her father . Even if she was an idiot for falling for Fool, she was still innocent . Ru Shi then hurried to Mother Zhao's side and helped with crowd control as much as she could . The main event happened in the Gardens as Mei Lin's father had predicted . The terrorists had to cause chaos first before they could enter the fortified Mansion . Ru Shi's eyes shifted from people's face, in a lookout of men or woman she doesn't know . With all the chaos that had passed, it was easy for an uninvited guest to just slipped inside . Mother Zhao and the rest of the Zhao family had more than five guards on their sides, protecting them . Ling Ling was on Father Zhao's arms shaking in fright and Chang clinging into Mother Zhao's hands for support . Ru Shi smirked as she watched Aunt Qinyang boss people around with the guards surrounding her . If anyone needed guards, it wouldn't be the Xue family member . Meanwhile, in the back garden, David's laugh still echoed into the ears of the men surrounding him . Alexandre and Elizar looked at each other with an unknown expression; both weirded out by the neverending laugh . Everyone had their pistols pointed towards the Arcadia central member, ready to pull the trigger . Jerome Bonaparte's brown eyes flashed with malice . If he kills this man, all leading members of Arcadia will be wiped out and so will the secrets of their organization! Once the smoke cleared out, David was seen calming himself down after his annoying burst of laughter . Fool wiped the tears on his eyes that had gathered when he had laughed so hard and said, "It was amazing how smart Miss M is . As expected of my favorite painter . It is a pity though that they ran straight into the garage and fell right into my trap . " Jerome's eyes widened and whispered to his son, "Go after them and back them up!" Chang Min wasted no time; he pushed his legs to the limit as he ran towards where the newlyweds had gone . He prayed with all his might that his sister and his friend were safe . At the same time, Yang and Mei Lin were running to get inside into one of the bulletproof cars, so Yang could take Mei Lin into a safer location, far from the fight that will follow at the garden . Hearing no gun shoots yet, Yang was in edge about what is happening in the backyard and inside the manor with his family . He escorted Mei Lin into the passenger side and hurried into the driver's seat . About to lean down to sit, a bullet pierced into Yang's shoulder as the sound of gun firing made Mei Lin jump with fright . Seeing Yang stagger down into the floor, Mei Lin moved to help him . "No!" Yang shouted at her, "Stay inside the car! be safe!" Zhao Yang glared at the men hiding that had shown themselves after the initial shot . Mei Lin was shocked to see Chen Zhong got out of the shadows he was lurking on, and his gun in his hands, pointed at Yang, ready to shot him even for slight misbehavior . Anger overtake Mei Lin's body as her blood boiled . breaking her heart was not enough for Chen Zhong . Now, he had to try and kill her husband too?! "Put your gun down," Chen Zhong commanded . Yang forced himself to stand up straight, ignoring the pain throbbing in his left shoulder . He slowly placed his handheld pistol in front of Chen Zhong . Counting the people on Chen Zhong's side, Yang was glorified that there were only three people . He began to plan an escape for the sake of his wife . Chen Zhong clicked his tongue and sneered, "I would kill you now if not for Master Fool's orders . " Yang smirked, knowing that no one but the fool can kill him . "Oh? So you have to follow your master's orders, Dog Zhong?" Yang mocked . Chen Zhong's hands shook with indignation, and his grip on the gun tightened . All the guard's attention was on Yang and Chen Zhong's conversation, not expecting how devious Mei Lin was . Silently getting out of the car with a long range gun that Yang hid on his car as Mei Lin used the bulletproof car door as her shield as she began to sight into the gun . Three consecutive shots fired straight into the three people with Chen Zhong . Mei Lin wanted to vomit nausea that crowned from her stomach to her throat . David had been surprised by Mei Lin . Now, it was Chen Zhong that fell in his butt with saucer-like eyes . Taking advantage of what her surprise caused, Yang took another gun hidden inside the back holster . He pulled the trigger as he poked the muzzle on the side of Chen Zhong's forehead . Yang grinned at Mei Lin and said, "Thanks! You put your lessons to good use . Are you alright after your first three kills?" Mei Lin snorted, "You will be the four if you don't stop teasing me . " Chen Zhong watched with an annoyed face as the new married couple started to bicker . Even villains are feed dog food too . Arriving into the sizeable indoor garage of expensive cars, Chang Min searched frantically . His eyes marveled at the scene that he bore witness; Mei Lin was pointing a sniper at Chen Zhong, while Yang had his gun close as his shirt was full of blood from his shoulders shot . Chang Min snorted as he came closer to tease Yang, "Dude, my little sister is badass than you! Keep up!"