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Chapter 242
October 23, 20XX (Wednesday)
Zhao Manor Hearing Chang Min's let down, Yang scowled . Seeing Mei Lin giggle while still sighting Chen Zhong, he puffed out a prolonged sigh and said, "Your sister is the surprise factor while I am the bait . Give me a break . " His wife's eyes softened especially when he put pressure on his bleeding shoulder . Chang Min cocked the hammer of his gun and shot Chen Zhong on the same location where Yang was two times . Mei Li gaped at the fluidity of the execution . She still needed more practice to be anywhere as good as her brother . Chen Zhong crumpled from the pain and sagged to his knees . He gritted his teeth as his other hand touched where two small holes were made by the bullets that were buried in his flesh . The smell of gunpowder irritated his nose . Chen Zhong briefly looked at his ex-girlfriend and saw her sniper gun being lowered down to follow his person as he sat I the ground . Wu Mei Li had changed . She could easily take down lives when she used to be such a goody-two-shoes . Then again, he had turned the same way too . "Get up!" Chang Min commanded his gun pointing at the top of Chen Zhong's head . Pushed and forced to do as he was told, Chen Zhong stood up as best as he could, trying not to falter in his calmness . Mei Lin relaxed and changed her arm length sniper gun to her handheld red custom pistol . She went back to sit on the car with a sigh of relief . Where they finished now? She wants to soak in the bathtub for hours after this . Mei Lin never knew that being this badass would make her smell like gunpowder . Suddenly, more gunshots were fired, and Mei Lin could only watch in horror as her husband and her brother were shot . She could not see where they were shot, but she could vividly see the large smirk in Chen Zhong's lips . Once again, anger made her blood boil . Mei Lin was forced out of the car by two wannabe assassins wearing corny all black . She turned to walk back to Yang and Chang Min, but a gun pointed straight at her heart poking her right breast stopped her . Looking up to meet the owner of the pistol, Mei Lin glared when she saw Chen Zhong's perverted grin . "Carry them back to Master Fool!" Chen Zhong ordered the backup men that he had hidden, knowing how capable Zhao Yang was . The trap within a trap was successfully executed . "And you will come with me to be used by my Master in whatever he wants . " Chen Zhong drawled as his eyes undressed Mei Lin in her traditional wedding gown . The walk back to the gardens was like a procession to their deaths . The lingering feelings of pain, worry, and fear were not plastered in her face, but her heart grew heavy with the weight of it all . She tried to take a peek at Yang and Chang Min . Seeing only a glimpse, Mei Lin's hands clenched as the annoyance become evident . Her older brother had two guns pointed on both of his sides while Yang was forcefully dragged with both of his arms, worsening the bleeding of his shoulder . Mei Lin forcefully calmed herself down . There will be a time that these terrorists would lower their guards, and she could take advantage of it . Mei Lin may not be the best shooter, nor was she the most experienced fighter, but she was the wittiest and had outsmarted her teachers with little tricks she has picked from the orphanage . "So, why are you calling that man as your Master?" Mei Lin asked Chen Zhong as casually as she could . As if they have never grown apart . Chen Zhong's eyes narrowed in suspicion . His eyebrows rose when he answered, "He saved me from being killed by your husband like my mother . " Mei Lin snorted, "You would have suffered, but you won't be killed like your mother . " "How can you know that? I was a duck waiting to be killed in that hospital . " "Because I asked Yang to leave you alone . " Mei Lin deadpanned . "What about my mother?!" Chen Zhong's voice raised as his face glowed red in madness for revenge . "Your mother committed arson . Remember the fire that burnt my condo? There was a security cottage that proved her as the culprit and some witnesses testified . " Mei Lin then drawled a theory that she had suspected long ago, "I know Mother Chen; she should not have been capable of doing a crime without somebody urging her . We both know how much she cared for her reputation . Someone must have been behind her and pushing everything on her . Tell me, who would do such a thing? Us or someone that came to you pushing everything on us?" Chen Zhong was frozen at her words . He did not know about his mother's crimes and had readily believed the man that had offered him information and a way out . Shaking his head, Chen Zhong did not dare to falter now . He would be dead in the hands of Fool if he did . Once a member of the group Arcadia, there was no way out but death . Unknown to him, Mei Lin hid her smirk using her hands, acting like a damsel in distress for her husband's health while her eyes shifted nervously at Yang's body . Seeds of doubt successfully planted . Chang Min and Yang looked at each other with raised eyebrows after they watched Mei Lin toy with Chen Zhong's emotions and trust . Chang Min wanted to applaud at his sister's actions . It seems that she was more badass than the two of them combined . If Chang Min was Thor, then Mei Lin was Loki . Mei Lin; the goddess of mischief . The thought of her bravery and mischief was what kept Yang going amidst the two bullets that were in his body .