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Chapter 243
October 23, 20XX (Wednesday)
Zhao Manor

Xue Chang Min had never been scared of anything, not even death, but seeing his little sister walking at the front beside her stupid foul ex-boyfriend while planting discord, made Chang Min fear for her life . He was both worried and in awe of her calmness in the face of trouble . Scanning the wounds on his left arm, Chang Min could safely say that it wouldn't be fatal . Although the wounds may leave some battle scars, he was no stranger with pain and injuries .
Zhao Yang gritted his teeth as the adrenaline that flawed in his bloodstream slowly become ineffective, and the pain on his shoulders became obvious . The walk back was long and tedious for him, his fear for his wife's safety was what kept him moving one leg in front of the other . It was ridiculous; he was supposed to be the one to protect Mei Lin, and it ended up being the opposite . He was embarrassed with himself . The husband should have been the protector, but he was grateful that Mei Lin could stand up for herself without his help . If anything would happen to him, at least he will go knowing Mei Lin could be the badass and savage version of herself .
If the worst scenario would come, Yang was ready to sacrifice his life for his wife's guaranteed survival .
Arriving in the garden, Yang had to stagger to straighten his body to peer into the scene in front of them . His friend and his loyal guards still surrounded the man called Fool . Jerome Bonaparte's face, even with the guise of an old man, blanched in horror . Both of his children were held in a gunpoint; If he were in his shoes, Yang would react the same . The fact that his wife was experiencing this event already brought Yang horror .
"Oh? It looks like we are in an impasse . " David drawled like a cat that got the canary . His eyes were shifting from everyone's faces, exploring every emotion displayed with a smirk that needed to be wiped . Yang's hands itched to rip Fool's lips out . No, he needed to kill this man entirely .
Nobody replied to David . Only the sound of the trees as its leaves moved because of the wind were heard . The guards were looking at each other subtly when they saw Yang's and Chang Min's beat up bodies had blood oozing out and soaking their clothes .
Everyone watched as David tried to move from his spot to walk one step closer to Mei Lin . Alexandre was the first to snarl in warning, "One step and you are dead . "
David smiled, shrugged, and mocked, "Kill me and your friends die too . There is only one of me, but we have three of your friends . "
Chen Zhong snorted when Chang Min wiggled out of from the grip of his fellow Arcadia member only to be pushed into the ground . Wheezing out the pain the rough handling caused, Chang Min had his breath taken out of his lungs as his body thumped into the ground with a loud sound .
David's laughed echoed into their ears like a bat's scream in a bat cave . His head turned to look at Mei Lin, standing still, unexpectedly calm . David walked closer to her, stopping when he reached one arm length away from her . Yang struggled to get in front of Mei Lin, but his shoulders were tugged out of its socket as his arms will be pulled to steady him on his place .

Yang could only watch, pale and shocked, as David raised Mei Lin's face but lifting her chin with his pointer finger . Suddenly one terrorist at his side, gripped into the open wound on his shoulder, making Yang crumple into the ground with a loud wail of pain .
"You look pretty in a white dress, Miss M . I have two of your paintings; I am a fan . " David casually said as if he was an ordinary man .
Mei Lin snorted and mocked, "I pity my paintings . They had to be on your presence . "
David's smirked vanished instantaneously as her words were finished being uttered . Yang would have gladly applauded his wife's savagery if not for their position . It was not the time to be naughty! She could die!
David raised his right hand, and everyone watched, helplessly, as it touched Mei Lin's face in a gentle caress, as if Mei Lin would break with one touch and said, "So opinionated, I like it . "
It became apparent to everyone that this man codenamed as Fool had an unhealthy obsession with Mei Lin and her identity as Miss M . Chen Zhong shifted nervously in his face, but his face did not betray him . Maybe, what Mei Lin said about David using his family through Mother Chen and his goal for revenge for his selfish needs, he might have cheated on Mei Lin but he was not the lunatic that David was .
Mei Lin's eyebrows raised in mocking of this rude man idolization of her . She put her hands on her hips and drawled, "I am not opinionated . I am honest . "
Yang and his friends, and the rest of the Zhao and Xue family guards were watching with open mouth and eyes wide at Mei Lin's bravado . Jerome's hands disguise with wrinkles of an old man held on his handgun tightly with worry . He had thought Mei Lin was more like Zhao Hui Ying, but now, his daughter showed the same recklessness as her mother did . Jerome prayed to his wife to protect their daughter because he knew their son could escape easily if not for Mei Lin .
David's pointed finger began to trail to trace the contours of Mei Lin's face as he said, "You are very beautiful . "
Mei Lin with the courage of a goddess slapped the hand away from her face and roared, "My beauty is for everyone to admire but only for my husband to touch!"