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Chapter 244
October 23, 20XX (Wednesday)
Zhao Manor

David watched the hand that Mei Lin had slapped with awe and amazement . His blood thrilled that Miss M was the first to initiate touch between them . He smirked and brought his hand into his lips and kissed it while Mei Lin watched with disgust . Her face scrunched and the wrinkle in her nose made David more fascinated with her . He wanted to bottle up everything she does and own it for himself .
Finally, David saw Chen Zhong's hand gripping on Mei Lin's shoulder to stop her from any unnecessary movement . Fool slapped Chen Zhong's hand and snarled, "Don't touch Miss M that roughly!"
Chen Zhong almost snorted at how obsessive Fool was behaving . Chen Zhong had kissed and had gripped her hands before anyone else in the room . He was her former lover for heaven sake! Were they suffering from amnesia? Afraid to lit Fool's explosive anger, Chen Zhong distanced himself and stay quiet like a broken lamp discarded . He pitied that Mei Lin was the one to suffer from the unnecessary weird emotions that Food brought with his stalker-like fan behavior .
Face dark with disgust; Mei Lin chuckled darkly, "Chen Zhong is my ex-boyfriend . He had kissed me before I even became Miss M . "
David's eyes narrowed, and his anger towards Chen Zhong intensified . The cheating former boyfriend stiffened and eyes widen in disbelief . Chen Zhong tried his hardest to sink into the crowd . He knew how much a demon Fool could become when anger .
Unknowing to them, Mei Lin had thrown an apple of discord . She had caused Chen Zhong to doubt the Fool and used Fool's obsession with her to distrust Chen Zhong . It seems that Loki was not the right god to describe her . Yang stared at his wife with awe; she was glorious showing her subtle manipulation of the situation and slowly gaining the unfavorable circumstances into an advantage . There was one Goddess in Greek mythology that everyone can liken Mei Lin to; Eris, the goddess of strife and discord . Eris had thrown a small golden apple of discord that eventually escalated into a bigger dispute that birthed the Trojan war .
The group of terrorist may not notice how the foundation of their thin trust being shaken, but it was . Sooner or later, their trust would break from misconception and misunderstanding especially when their trust with each other was for their own benefit rather than a stable relationship . Yang was in pain, but he was astonished at Mei Lin's cunning . His wife was not just a beauty . No, she was magnificent . He could see himself kowtowing to her . If this would happen in the ancient day, Yang could see Mei Lin sitting on the throne than him .
Her eyes shifted to Chen Zhong briefly as she added with a pout that seemed as if she was still hurt from Chen Zhong's actions, "He cheated on me, but I had loved him so much . It took Yang a while to convince me to try dating again . He broke my heart . "
Hearing her words, David fumed . The audacity of Chen Zhong to break Miss M's heart! David's hands twitched in need to gouged out Chen Zhong's eyes for daring to even look at Miss M! David turned to Mei Lin and tried to console her, "He won't hurt you anymore . "

Mei Lin's eyes watered, "But his family cause my condo to be burnt . "
"It was his mother that did it . Didn't Zhao Yang kill her? It's okay; she won't return . " David panicked while trying to consol Mei Lin .
Chen Zhong perked up from David's words and remembered what Mei Lin said to him . His hands clenched, and his eyes widen as Mei Lin's knowing smirk was directed at him . Chen Zhong knew that Mei Lin was proving her words before true, and hearing David saying that it was his mother that caused the fire was confirmation enough .
Being still held down into the ground, Chang Min's smirk was hid on the green cultured glass . His little sister was being reckless, but there was a reason to her madness . She had always won from their spars by playing tricks . Even the tutors that he had hired could not contain Mei Lin's mischievous side once she start going for it . She had observation skills like a professional psychologist, and she knows how to use it to her advantage .
Mei Lin sobbed and turned away from David, pretending to cry . When she saw Yang staring straight at her, Mei Lin immediately put her right pointer and middle finger in her lips and kissed it while her hair covered her eyes . Yang's eyes widened at her subtle signal and shifted his head to stare at Chang Min, hoping that his friend had also seen her signal . Meeting Chang Min's waiting eyes, Yang was grateful when Chang Min nodded . He replied with a short and simple rising of his eyebrows in agreement .
The terrorists that were surrounding them had not noticed their exchange because they were staring at Fool fuming at Chen Zhong . They were scared that Fool would direct his anger at them instead . Every one of them had experienced torture from all the principal members of Arcadia, and Fool was the most dangerous and sadistic of them . They would instead pray for Chen Zhong than be in his shoes .
Mei Lin turned back after acting as if she had wiped tears away on the edge of her eyes . David wanted to touch her and comfort her but was stopped when Mei Lin sniffed and said, gravely, "I want to sit down with my mentor . "
"Miss M's mentor? Who?" David enthusiastically asked, The fanboy in him wanted more information .
Mei Lin pointed at Jerome disguised as an old man with a hunched back with two fingers using her pointer and middle finger . Everyone else stood still at the subtle signal; war is coming!