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Chapter 245: 245
October 23, 20XX (Wednesday)
Zhao Manor

David stared at the foreign old man with pretty blue eyes and felt like bowing down as his thanks for educating Miss M . This old man had taught Miss M how to paint beautifully . The fact that the old man was ready to sacrifice his life for Miss M's safety also made an impact on David's impression of the mentor .
The Fool nodded and offered Mei Lin his right hand to hold . Mei Lin hesitated, but she knew she needed to do this for the plan to commence . Chang Min was glad that Mei Lin's hand did not shake as she placed it on the Fool's open palm . Mei Lin felt disgusted; the hands she was holding had killed for no reason . This man beside her was a terrorist that had caused many women, men, child, and the aged to die . Mei Lin almost vomited . She channeled her inner actress and thought about Li Ru Shi's countenance and mimicked it like an elegant and untouchable woman .
Jerome stiffened as Fool, and Mei Lin slowly approached him . Going along with Mei Lin's acting, Jerome made sure that his hands shook with nervousness and his voice wavered as he reached to take Mei Lin's other hand and asking her, "Are you alright, my dear child?"
David let go of Mei Lin's hands to the relief of everyone and Jerome acted as a terrified mentor as he shakingly moved Mei Lin at his back to shield her from the Fool .
David was impressed with the mentor's care of his student . He was glad the Miss M had an excellent teacher that would go above and beyond for her . He offered his hand to David and said, "It is a pleasure to meet Miss M's Mentor . "
Jerome stiffly shook his hand without any comment, afraid that he would reveal his identity with his anger directed at the only principal member of Arcadia left . Elizar on the side was near to laughter as he noticed how ironic the situation was . Fool, who is a terrorist that specialized with killing people with royal blood, was obsessed with someone who had a clear relation of the Bonapartes . The fact that the man he had shaken his hand with was also of royal blood had almost brought Elizar to chuckle . He readied himself to the onslaught of bullets that he knew will come .
David then led Mei Lin and Jerome to sit at one the seat nearest to them, acting like a gentleman . Elizar marveled at how Jerome acted so well as an old man . Jerome had been in disguise for more than a decade, but Elizar was always awed by him and his real-like acting .
Mei Lin slowly offered her mentor to sit down first, but Jerome had patted Mei Lin's shoulder and motioned for her to do it first . Mei Lin smiled, awkwardly, and just sat down without any argument . Jerome followed and sat beside her, putting his left hand on the back of her right hand in comfort .
Seeing Miss M and her mentor settled and comfortable in their seats, David turned back to face the rest of the crowd . His eyes settled to Yang's bloodied clothes and mocked, "How pitiful our groom has become . . . but then again, once you are dead, Mei Lin can marry me instead!"
Laughter then overcame David, and he once again laughed like a hyena . Slowly, David approached Yang with lethargic strides .
Chang Min smirked with contentment . He had been waiting for this moment . Mei Lin was safely in his father's protection, and he was free to go wild . With one forceful pushed on himself up, Chang Min shook off the terrorist that was holding him . He kicked at the incoming fist to his face and spun to the right to push the man holding Yang's right arm .
Being freed, Yang used his dominant hand and punched the terrorist's face who was gripping his injured left arm . Yang and Chang Min were fast that once David had taken his gun out, they were already pointing their pistols at him with a smirk .
David was stunned as the two men were back to back as they held him at gunpoint . Unfortunately, The terrorist that surrounded Yang and Chang Min were many and had instead trapped them in a circle with guns directed straight into them . One wrong move and they would be instantly killed .
David smirked, "I am still the winner . What a futile attempt, I am disappointed . "
Suddenly, bullets rained, and the terrorist that were surrounding them were killed instantaneously with shots fired from someplace that David could not decipher where . On instinct, Chen Zhong hid behind someone's larger body and was saved from the bullet targetted at him . David ran and kicked the round table, spilling all the decorations like rain and hiding behind it . His eyes watched and observed what direction the sniper was hiding . The rest of the terrorist that lived followed Fool's actions and hid .
Fool clenched his fist with anger . He should have to know that ambushing the Zhao Manor was not easy .
David wanted to kill at least Zhao Yang, but the sniper was firing at them so fast and had not stopped at all even when half a minute passed . He knew that if he stayed hiding on the table, the sniper would eventually pinpoint his position . David signaled his men to withdraw as planned . He had to be satisfied with just causing chaos at the wedding, for now .
Meanwhile, on the hidden room in the attic of Zhao Manor, Hao Chen and Yue were crouched at the ground and firing consecutively . Hao Chen held his awe of Yue's fast reaction with her every shot . She had not even wavered as the backlash of the sniper gun had made her lean body shake . Zhao Yue was attractive as a model, but she was a Goddess with a long range gun .
Hao Chen was extremely aroused .