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Chapter 246
October 23, 20XX (Wednesday)
Various Places

Mei Lin heaved out a sigh of relief as the terrorist slowly run out of the gardens into the parking garage that they came . They must have taken the private gate for the Zhao family's exclusive cars and had jammed the mechanism of the remote controlled gate . Mei Lin sagged into her father's embraced as the adrenaline left her body and fear drowned her person . Jerome motioned Elizar to guard them .
Meanwhile, Chang Min held the languished Zhao Yang as he began to fall with his weakened state . He took the pin that was on his right breast pocket and murmured an ordered, "Li Xi, Yang is down . He is bleeding too much . "
The doctor, who was not as experience with combat, run towards Yang and opened the emergency first aid he had hiding in his suit instead of guns and magazines full of loaded bullets . Chang Min left his friends and followed after Alexandre, ignoring the pain on the side of his stomach . He wanted revenge with the people that stole his mother and elder sister from him . Chang Min needed revenge from the people that had made him lost everything he treasured most .
Alexandre and his team followed after the escaping terrorist after the rain of bullets from Hao Chen and Yue ended . The guards were trained and were experienced on the battlefield . Alexandre was thankful that his wife was in the opposite direction to where the terrorists were running .
At the same time, David and only four people hurriedly boarded the large jeep that David had wirelessly highjacked from Yang's collection . They evaded the bullets that were fired at them . David, once situated in the driver's seat, drove like a madman, not caring about anything that he hit in the process . Alexandre and Chang Min watched with annoyance as the men that had caused trouble escaped . Alexandre took the pin on his right breast pocket and snarled, "Terrorist are escaping using the exclusive gate! Shut it down!"
On the large room of Y Building's R&D department's head office, Wu Tian Li was watching every movement in his forty-five monitors and dual-screened monitor and smirked when he head Alexandre's voice . With only a push of the enter key on his keyboard, all the gates of Zhao Manor shut closed and trapping the terrorist effectively . He made sure that his elder sister, Hui Ying, was safely inside the manor as all the innocent people were also secured inside .
Wu Tian Li cracked his neck and started to hack into the government's airforce as he saw the terrorists starting to hijack the Zhao family's private helicopter . He smirked when he saw Grandfather Zhao's pin lighted up, signaling that there was an incoming message . Tian Li clicked the voice message and heard, "The air force is on standby . I have already made sure that they will shoot the helicopter once it will rise and move into safer territory . Leave the terrorist be; the military will take care of it . "
Wu Tian Li left his computer and looked up into one of the many monitors that were lined and stacked up into an extensive monitoring system . His eyes looked at his fallen nephew being remedied by his doctor friend . He clenched his hands, turning it pale with the blood decreasing from his tight grip . His eyes then stared at Mei Lin in Jerome's arms starting to sob . The wedding may not have ended well, but they were alive . He was more worried about Yang's state for now .

The hacker's eyes widened when Qinyang left the safety of the Manor . Her elegant gown was sweeping as she turned . Wu Tian Li was curious about what she would do . Qinyang had been a friend ever since he knew Xue Mu Lan, and he knew how much a diva Qinyang was . Nevertheless, Qinyang was a woman and a Xue family member at the same time . Everyone knew that the Xue family were dangerous, and everyone knew that Xue women, in particular, were more cruel and unfeeling than their men counterparts .
Tian Li then shifted his gaze as the helicopter was starting to rise and the terrorist was finally escaping . He could not describe the satisfaction he felt when the nearby airforce dispatched not one, not two, but five fighter jets with a command to kill . Grandfather Zhao opened his phone, and Wu Tian Li was grinning wide as he listened into the conversation of the Zhao Male Elder and the Major in the nearby military compound .
"They have hurt my grandson and my granddaughter-in-law . If you can't kill them, I will allow your commander to punish and demote everyone on the base . "
The major on the other line sweated in nervousness, "Roger that, Former Commander Zhao!"
"Get to work soldier! My daughter-in-law is with me and wants results . " Grandpa Zhao sneered .
"Yes, Sir! Immediately, Sir!" The major shouted and saluted even when Grandpa Zhao could not see .
Wu Tian Li was snickering with glee at the comedic scene . Grandpa Zhao was a veteran soldier who had reached the rank of commander before marrying and retiring then starting a restaurant business with his wife . He had made a name in every field- as a commander and a businessman . Of course, Grandpa Zhao had to mention Tian Li's older sister for more weight of his threat . Zhao Hui Ying was no ordinary woman; Wu Tian Li feared her because she was the woman that controlled the secret force of the government . It was terrific that the terrorist did not notice how the guards that were protecting everyone were skilled . The guards were members of her task force .
Now, he needs to know what Qinyang was planning to do . He grew more curious as she took her hidden gun from her thighs . Tian Li's interest peaked as he watched Mu Lan's sister moved like a big cat, hunting for prey .