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Chapter 247
October 23, 20XX (Wednesday)
Zhao Manor

Qinyang clicked her tongue when she saw the innocent people crowding the living room . She glared at her husband and said, "I will go out to see how it is going . "
Before her husband could utter his complaints, Yue ran to them and reported, "The terrorists have run . Mei Lin is safe in her father's arms, but Big brother has been shot in his shoulders and is now being tended by Dr . Zhang Li Xi . "
Everyone ignored Grandpa Zhao calling people for back up .
Knowing what he would say, Qinyang stared at her husband and demanded without any room of negotiation otherwise, "I will go out . I need to make sure that both of my Nephews are well . Chang Min is a wonderful fighter, but he usually leaves people half dead and forgets to finish them, very cruel of him . "
Everyone listening in sweated nervously as Qinyang's eyes flashed with malice that was unusual to her socialite persona . Mother Zhao sighed heavily and shooed Qinyang out . She knew that nobody could stop Qinyang as long as her mind had already decided to do something . Grandfather Zhao allowed it with a wave of his hand as he was still talking in his phone with a Major from the nearby base .
"Be safe," Qinyang's husband whispered in her ears .
Before Qinyang left with a smirk, she consoled her husband with a kiss and said, "I am always careful . "
With robes sweeping and hips sashaying with her swagger, Qinyang turned the corner to the living room into the foyer . She crouched down to take the gun that was hidden in her thigh with a customized holster from Chang Min . Opening the massive doors of the manor, Qinyang strutted to the garden with the gun loaded and already cocked, ready to fire if need be . Alexandre and Chang Min had returned and was watching the helicopter fly out from the manor . They were in awe as the sound of fast approaching jets chased after the slow-moving helicopter .
Chang Min looked down and stared at his aunt when she came into his view . He watched with curiosity as Aunt Qinyang briefly passed Mei Lin and Jerome with only a small glance their way . She momentarily scanned Yang's injuries and then continued her march . She looked far too elegant and gentle to belong on the torn and disarray wedding venue with blood and dead bodies scattered around .
Now, everyone watched her next actions in curiosity . The jet plane and the helicopter were momentarily forgotten . Chang Min was embarrassed when Aunt Qinyang squatted down and observed the fallen terrorist . He realized what she was doing . Chang Min's face reddened forgetting to make sure that every remaining terrorist down were killed and not faking .
Everyone that saw her, especially Wu Tian Li through his monitors, had their jaws dropping in astonishment as Aunt Qinyang put her gun in the head of one terrorist and said, "This one is still breathing . "
The shot coming from her was just as silent as her feet . Chang Min hated Aunt Qinyang when she was in the mood for reprimanding him . His grandmother had continuously been reminding Chang Min to always check his enemies before leaving, but he always forgot . Suddenly, every man in the vicinity cringed when Aunt Qinyang shot the terrorist on the region between his legs as she smirked, "That one was dead, but I needed to release my pent up anger . "

Yang woke up from his unconscious state while Aunt Qinyang fired her gun and the fighter jets in the air, launched missiles at the helicopter . Everyone looked up with sighs of relief leaving their lips . One guard commented, "Five missiles for one small helicopter, Isn't that overkill?"
Hearing the careless words, Aunt Qinyang snorted, "Nothing is overkill if you are dealing with seemingly undistractable terrorists . "
Turning to Chang Min and staring at the blood in his stomach, Aunt Qinyang flicked his forehead and commanded her nephew, "Let your doctor friend apply first aid on you to stop the bleeding and go to the hospital with Yang . The terrorists are now in the hands of the military . They will make sure that every terrorist is dead . "
One guard turned to another and casually remarked, "That type of explosion would be hard to survive . Unless they are monsters . "
Aunt Qinyang once again snorted, "Terrorists are monsters . "
Everyone quieted, knowing that everything they say would be used against them .
Aunt Qinyang then looked up at the rapidly falling helicopter . Aunt Qinyang could not shake out the feeling as if it was not the end yet . She knew she was paranoid, but she needed evidence before she will believe the end of Arcadia . Done with checking every fallen terrorist for life, Aunt Qinyang then crouched to Yang's side and asked, "Will you be alright?"
Yang nodded weakly and said, "Just bled too much too fast . "
Dr . Zhang Li Xi nodded in agreement, "He will need rest to replenish his blood supply, but it is not worse enough to need a blood transfusion . Both Yang and Chang Min needed to be taken to surgery to remove the embedded bullets, though . "
Hearing Yang's name being uttered in the same line as surgery, Mei Lin stood up and become worried . She smiled gratefully at her father and then started to walk to her husband . She bit her lips as Yang's bloodied tux came into view . He took more hit than she thought .
Yang saw her and smiled, his hands reached out to her . Mei Lin fell into her knees and crouched, allowing Yang to touch her face . Yang began to caress the left side of her face and joked, "You need an award for being such a badass . I'll reward you on our honeymoon . "
Mei Lin pinched Yang's cheeks in stupified wonder . Even when he was bleeding, he was still thinking perverted thoughts! She kissed his lips; she wouldn't take him any other way .