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Chapter 248
October 23, 20XX (Wednesday Afternoon)

After the events of their bad wedding reception, everyone that hid inside the manor finally went home . Mother Zhao had to intervene and told them half of the truth about the terrorist and had cautioned everyone about trusting men or women even . Yang, Chang Min, and the rest of the people that were injured were immediately rushed to the hospital .
Dr . Zhang Li Xi and his team had been busy with ensuring everyone's health . Yang and Chang Min had to be taken into surgery, so Mei Lin and the rest of the family had to wait on the bench beside the doors of the surgery room . The Elder Xue couple, who refrained from coming to the second wedding because of health issues, went to the hospital worried about Chang Min's and Mei Lin's state .
Mei Lin could only lean into Yue's shoulder as Yang and Chang Min was being operated in separate rooms . Mother Zhao was beside her, looking as calm as ever except for the slight biting of her lower lips . After a couple of hours, it was Chang Min that was finished and was rolled into the room that he and Yang will share . The Elder Xue couple accompanied their grandson as the nurses guided them to Chang Min .
Mei Lin sighed loudly in relief when Dr . Zhang Li Xi came out and told them that Yang was doing fine and everything is well . She had slumped into the bench as her knees weaken in her immeasurable relief to the news . Mei Lin would not know what she would do next if her husband would leave her alone . She had already promised her forever to Yang, just as he has done the same to her . The three women had followed after Yang's hospital bed being rolled to the room where Chang Min was already resting .
It seems that Mother Zhao had asked the two of them to be put in one room for better security and no hustle medical needs as she had to go back to the Manor soon to take care of the bodies . Aunt Qinyang and Grandpa Zhao were busy with confirming things in the Military while the rest of the Zhao Men where doing damage control to the guests that were invited and had suffered the scenario .
When the day began to grow darker, everyone else but Mei Lin was sent home, and she was tasked to take care of the two men sleeping in their hospital bed . She jumped when her bodyguard nicknamed La went inside the room once Yue left and scanned the hospital room with a device that emitted a vertical red light . Trusting La, Mei Lin ignored him in favor of tucking her older brother before she sat down on the middle of their beds and held Yang's left hand .
Mei Lin was beginning to fall asleep when La was done with the scan that he did and reported, "CEO Zhao, everything is safe . "
Wide-eyed and confused, Mei Lin wanted to slap Yang as he opened his eyes and replied to the guard, "Thank you . Ensure the plan was executed well . "
La nodded and exited the room with footsteps that were very silent . Mei Lin immediately began to ask her husband questions, "Will you be alright? How are you feeling? Why is it that you are always in the hospital when we make a big step in our relationship? I feel as if I am a bringer of bad luck to you and being with me would assure you more tortured days ahead . "

Yang simply grinned and replied, "I would choose tortured days as long as you are mine than spend the rest of my life in comfort with a boring woman . No terrorists have stopped me from marrying you, then no bad luck will stop me from spending all the days of our lives together . "
"Stop buttering me with compliments and cheesy words . " Mei Lin choked her words out while wiping the tears that feel into her cheeks .
"I need to butter you up with more grease because I need your explicit agreement to my work-out plan for our honeymoon . " Yang drawled while wiggling his eyebrows .
Suddenly, Chang Min opened his eyes and said, "You don't have to worry about him . He is just a drama queen . "
Mei Lin looked at Yang with a confused face . She grew more confused when Yang grinned at her . Yanking his hospital down to let Mei Lin see the wounds on his shoulder, Yang gave out a peace sign with his other hand . Mei Lin was shocked to see nothing, not even a small scar of the gun wound . Her jaw dropped in the process of her scrutiny .
The painted openly gaped, "What?! Why are there no wounds?"
"Fake," Chang Min deadpanned .
"You had blood . . . "
"Fake," Yang deadpanned .
"When you passed out?"
"That one was true, one got me in the back of my head . I was careless . " Yang carelessly commented .
Mei Lin was silent for a couple of minutes before she took Yang's pillow and started to smack her husband on the face . Yang wheezed a loud breath of surprise at her fast reaction, while Chang Min was chuckling at the background .
Flaring his hands to get free, Yang shouted, "Let me explain!"
Mei Lin narrowed her eyes and stopped her one-sided pillow fight . She crossed her arms and demanded, "Tell me everything in full details!"
Chang Min's chuckles made Mei Lin annoyed, so she lifted her elder brother's pajama top and saw clean skin with no wound on the stomach . Anger began to boil in her bloodstream . How dare these men lie to her! They better have a valid explanation for making her go through all those traumatic events! She should have known that terrorist could not get into the Manor that easily .
This stage wedding was the most well directed! Mei Lin pouted, she hated being left unknowing .