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Chapter 249
October 23, 20XX (Wednesday Night)

Never had Mei Lin been fooled as grand as she had been . She had genuinely believed Yang and Chang Min's injuries . The fact that they were faking those injuries had been a massive blow to her ego . Chang Min smiled at his little sister and moved to tuck a lock of her hair into her ears . The elder brother deflated when Mei Lin moved away from his hands and ignored him with a click of her tongue .
Defeated, Chang Min began to spill, "We did it so we can know who the people that are working for the terrorist are . "
Yang then added, "We had known that Hao Ren was dragged into helping them using Ye Lan . It was Aunt Qinyang that had told us the probability that if they could get inside the Manor, there might be a spy in our guards because Hao Ren alone would not make them capable of breaking into the iron fortress of Zhao Manor . Mother Zhao was angered when Aunt Qinyang suggested it because it would be hazardous if there were a spy in the midst of her secret task force . Mom's guards are specially trained for high profiled individual's protection and government secret hidden below the manor . "
"Why didn't you fucking tell me?!" Mei Lin hissed instead of her plan to roar out her anger because of the complexity of their plan and the problem that they faced . She knew about the hidden underground base that housed many government secrets because Mother Zhao had arranged her to be the next keeper of these secrets .
Chang Min slowly sat down on his bed . He took one apple on the side table and took a bite after saying, "Uncle Wu had found some evidence that one of your guards named Sai might be the spy . We don't know if he was with Arcadia or making chaos by using the terrorists so he could infiltrate the manor . The reason why there were lesser guards was because of the protection of the underground base . "
Mei Lin sat still with her chin resting on the back of her right hand as her mind processed everything . Telling her would probably make her more nervous and would act up thus endangering the plan that they had worked hard to make and staged . Understanding the reason, her anger vanished a little . As much as she would like to think that she was a great actress, she wasn't .
Mei Lin asked the last thing left that she needed to know, "So what happened to the terrorists and the spy? Are we safe?"
Yang sighed and remained silent . Mei Lin was not sure if Yang's sigh was because of relief or other reasons, but she had a feeling that the next sentence that would leave her husband's lips were not good news . Chang Min tapped his hands on the side table to take his phone out . Mei Lin waited at the edge of her seat as her elder brother called someone .
Chang Min briefly looked at her before he started to talk to the person he was calling on the phone, "Mister Wu, how did it go?"
Mei Lin listened as her father figure started his report, "The spy is indeed Mei Li's guard named Sai . He is probably a secret member of Arcadia since he was the one to pilot the helicopter as Hao Ren guided the rest of the terrorists out using his pass . I made sure that they made it out and I discovered that Mister Liu's daughter, the woman that was with the Fool as his date, is still associating herself with them . I would advise Chang Min to hold his dealings with the Liu family for now . One of Alexandre's cousins in France is also a hidden member and had been an insider using all the information that he could get from Alexandre . I am monitoring everything they are doing . It seems that there are still more people that want to join the group to bring down the Zhao Family . "

The room was silent . If a pin dropped, Mei Lin would hear it so loud . The information that was continuously sprouted through the phone left Mei Lin nervous and anxious . Wu Tian Li then added, "In good news, I found Chen Zhong snooping for more information about the death of his mother . It seems that Mei Li's seed of doubts is slowly growing roots . Good news is most of them are injured . The Fool was hit on the thigh . For the moment, they will most likely allow themselves to rest . Qinyang had also spread fake news about the military confirming their deaths . I will monitor their activities for more information . "
Yang and Chang Min listened to the report as if they had expected these situations to happen . Acknowledging her inexperience, Mei Li vowed to be just as cunning and well prepared as her elder brother and her husband . The Zhao and The Xue families were both wealthy and affluent . Why hasn't she thought about their ability to wear bulletproof vests? In fact, her big brother had customized a vest that would go well with her wedding dress . She refrained from smacking her head at her stupidity . Although she could trick people, she too can also be tricked far worse .
Mei Lin groaned when she realized that there is still a large problem that they have to deal with . She had hoped that everything would be finished after the staged wedding . She hoped wrong .
Chang Min locked his phone when Uncle Wu had hung up . He looked straight at his little sister and said, "You two can go and have three days and two nights vacation just as scheduled . I need another nephew or niece aside from Ling Ling and Chang . "
Mei Lin was horrified at her elder brother's words while Yang whistled in glee for gaining Chang Min's approval even if it took him an almost terrorist invasion .