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Chapter 250
October 25, 20XX (Friday morning to afternoon)
Various Places

Mei Lin was not even out from her pajamas when Yang carried her like a sack of potatoes into his shoulders and throwing her roughly into the black sedan . Mother Zhao and Father Zhao along with Yue watched with amused smiles . She poked her head and waved at them before Yang pushed her inside again and taking a seat beside her . Mei Lin huffed and crossed her arms in front of her .
"You could have woken me up!" Mei Li snarled at her husband . Yang touched his nose in helplessness . He had indeed wakened her up for five times! She did not even open her eyes and just slapped his hands from shaking her . How unfair of her to blame him for not being her alarm clock . It was already ten o'clock in the morning, and they were supposed to leave at eight . They were two hours late because Mei Lin would not get up!
Forced to take action, Yang had acted like a brute and carried her into their transportation . Since she had already packed everything the night before, Yang just commanded their guards to take their small items of luggage to the car . The CEO briefly waved his hands to his family before he pressed the button for the window to roll up and protect them from the elements as the driver started the car and drove fast .
On their car ride to the Zhao family's private jet at the airport, Yang could only continue to touch his nose in helplessness . Mei Lin had not talked and still ignored him even when they were already boarding the jet on their way to the place they wanted to visit . It was only when Mei Lin was seated and had eaten the sandwiches that he had brought with him because of Yue's insistence did she start to loosen up and lean her head into Yang's shoulders .
Once again, Yang touched his nose in helplessness . His wife was only angry because she was hungry . He had heard a slag for this behavior- being hangry . He really should have expected this; the foodie within her would abandon all reason for excellent cuisine .
"Where are we going?" Mei Lin asked .
Yang took advantage of her nearness and wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head before saying, "We are going somewhere nearer and cleaner . "
Mei Lin looked up to her husband and purred, "Will you tell me, dear husband . I am not in the mood to play a guessing game with you . "
Yang sweated in nervousness as Mei Lin's finger teased his chest with light touches and trailed down, dangerously close to Yang Junior . He grabbed her hand with a glare that was replied with a mocking smirk from Mei Lin . Yang kissed her forehead before admitting, "You mentioned that you wanted to visit the open air museum in Japan in Hakone . I searched for it and saw that they have an egg that used volcanic spring to cook, romantic train rides, and beautiful baths . It's terrific for a stress-free and quiet honeymoon that you wanted . "
Mei Lin's eyes narrowed with suspicion . Yang looked as if he was hiding something from her, and knowing him, he probably was . She poked his side and sneered, "There is more to what you planned than to what you said . "

Yang shifted his eyes around the plane before shamelessly admitting, "The Japanese Hotel that we are staying has the best private onsen . . . I've always dreamt of taking you inside a large tub . "
Turning red in embarrassment, Mei Lin smacked Yang's arm . When the crew in charge of the food for the jet heard their employers' conversation, they giggled and was awed at their sweetness . Copying Yang's habit, Mei Lin touched her nose in helplessness . Her husband will probably be a pervert forever .
The plane ride only took them three hours and about twenty minutes before they landed on the land of the rising sun . Mei Lin was already jumping in excitement as she saw authentic Japanese restaurants lined after they disembarked and passed through immigration . Mei Lin was glad that Mother Zhao had packed her a dress, so she was able to get ready on the jet . The people in Japan were dressed impeccably and looked neat and clean .
Yang had to drag his wife from one store to the other as she began to shop for snacks every chance she gets . Ten minutes in, Mei Lin had bought more than four bags worth of Japanese snacks that were either match or strawberry flavor . Fed up with her food addiction, Yang grabbed into the back of her neck and stirred her to another direction once she saw something delicious displayed in the store's window .
Knowing that still have a long drive to Hakone, Mei Li comforted herself with the snacks that she had already brought . Yang loudly sighed in relief when they entered the exclusive car from their hotel that had picked them up . Once the drive started Mei Lin was already stuffing her mouth with all the snacks that she had brought . The worst part was Mei Lin had to make Yang taste the snacks first before she ate it, in case it would taste bad .
Yang suffered in silence as he followed every command that his wife demanded . He would have his revenge later when they are in bed . He had held himself back on their wedding night, so he will unleash every pent up frustration he has accumulated .
Once they arrived in their hotel, Yang hurried to check-in . Opening their large tatami room, Mei Lin was awed with everything . The simplistic designs and its symmetry were pleasing to the eyes .
In her awe, Mei Lin did not notice Yang at her back . Yang locked the door with eyes flashing with malice .
Leaning down, Yang whispered in Mei Lin's ears, "Now, it's my turn to have fun . "