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Chapter 251
October 25, 20XX (Friday afternoon and night)
Hotel Room

"Yang, wait for a minute . " Mei Lin whimpered as her top and jeans were slowly being undressed by a smart and handsome animal .
Yang only hummed to signal that he was listening to her but was not planning to follow her request . He had been commanded to eat many snacks in their one hour and a half, so he needed a good workout to relive his joints . Yang knew what kind of exercise is the best .
Mei Lin tried to push him away while softly discouraging her horny husband, "I haven't taken a bath yet . "
Yang hummed again to let Mei Lin know that he was listening . Again, he had no plans of stopping . He would use his tongue on her later, then . For now, he can just use his little junior to drill her warmth . They have three more days to enjoy; he can eat her later even . Yang smirked as his mouth sucked on the skin of the back of her neck while his hands were slowly unclasping her black lace bra .
Mei Lin turned around to face her husband . They stared at each other's eyes with hunger and eagerness to tie their bodies together . Mei Lin's hopefull demands for a bath was thrown out of the window as Yang pushed her into a thick and large futon .
Thumping into the white sheets of the mattress, Mei Lin felt exposed . Yang's eyes scanned her from head to toe . Having only her panties left, Mei Lin tried to cover her nipples with both hands . Because it was autumn in Japan, the cold air made Mei Lin's palms cold, which in turn made her yelp as her hands touched her breast . She reached out for Yang's hands and warmed her chest with his palms .
Taking advantage, Yang immediately kissed her lips with mouth already poking and probing her to open . Once she did, his mouth twirled and played with her tongue . Yang's body was slowly leaning down and pressing into her . Mei Lin's hand started to unbutton his shirt . In the middle of their tongue war, Mei Lin had successfully left Yang shirtless and pants undone . Standing a while to take off his jeans, Yang reached inside one of his pockets and took a small pocket of on the go lube . Mei Lin blushed red when his smirk widen as his eyes stared straight at her womanly place .
"You are prepared," Mei Lin mocked with her face red and her breast heaving up and down for air .
Yang smirked, "When it comes to you and your everything, I am always prepared . "
Having her breath being taken out from her lungs as Yang jumped to cage her head in between his muscled arms and began to attach her lips with renewed vigor . Slowly, their energy mellowed down as their hands started exploring each other's body . The two of them were only wearing their lower undergarments, so it was easy for their free hand to caress every part of their body .
Yang grasped Mei Lin's hand and guided it inside his brief, her cold hands gripped his length, making him shiver, but her hot mouth and her hard nipples made Yang's hardness worsen rather than lessen . He shifted to the side to give themselves better access to their bodies .

Yang's fingers traced circles in her clitoris and her labia as Mei Lin started to massage to massage his shaft . His foreskin was being slowly pulled up and gently pushed back by her hands . Their moans were muffled in their long opened mouthed kiss .
Yang pulled back a little as he tore the pocket of lube that he had set aside for provision for his kind of hunger . His eyes widen when Mei Lin snatched it and coated her hands with it and then played with his shaft again, pulling him down to start kissing him again .
"Open wide," Yang taunted at Mei Lin as he spread her legs to allow him entrance .
She raised her hips to welcome his length . Making sure that she was coated with the same lube his penis had been, Yang slowly entered . He was a little afraid that she would be hurt if he was animalistic . It was still her second time making love .
"Does it hurt?" Yang huffed and puffed large gulps of air .
"No!" Mei Lin hissed, "Move, dammit!"
Taken aback at her eagerness, Yang did not dare to contain himself anymore . If she wanted it rough, he would show her rough . He threw all caution in the window as he slapped himself straight inside her . Her pussy was swallowing his shaft, greedily .
"AH!" Mei Lin shouted loud as her body was pushed back and her petite framed moved up at the force of his thrust . Dammit, he was too good!
Yang shifted their position with his length still embedded in her depth . He raised her legs up into the hair and making it rest into his shoulder, forming a V spread of her legs . Moaning loudly, Yang could not help how pleasurable it was when Mei Lin clenched him when he leans closer to her face, making her body tilting to meet his every thrust . His slow and careful trust suddenly quicken .
Mei Lin's eyes rolled at the back of her eyelids, and her mouth opened with the pleasure that every nerve felt with his wild trust . Their flesh meeting and slapping with so much lasciviousness that Mei Lin's face was so almost scarlet red .
Suddenly, Yang slowed his pace . His push and pull thrusting began to change as he ground his hips when his penis was at the deepest it could reach inside her . He moved his hips in circles, making Mei Lin moaned and gripping the sheets in desperation to hold on .
"Oh?" Yang's deep voice made her all the more aroused as he whispered in her ear, "You like missionary the most, huh?"
Yang then shifted their position again, making Mei Lin lie straight as he lay on top of her and using only his hands and knees to support his body . He trapped Mei Lin's thighs with his knees as her tights trapped his penis . He moved in and out slowly to prolong his stamina .
Mei Lin's eyes then met with his while his hips moved to give them pleasure . Yang smiled at her after his growling moan left his lips when Mei Lin's hands began to grow bold . She traced an unknown pattern on his chest before bringing his upper body closer . Opening her mouth and letting her little pink tongue sticking out, Yang leaned down, kissing her . Their saliva mixed as their bodies intertwined . Mei Lin's hands fisted Yang's hair as her moans grew bolder and louder .
"Yang, I am cumming . " Mei Lin hissed amidst her breathlessness .
Yang grinned and continued with thrusting his hips like crazy . His shaft being pushed in and pulled out again and again . Her hips even began to move by itself as she meets every trust inside with welcoming warmed . Her back arched and her hips raised for his easy access . "You dirty girl . You have become more verbal!"
Mei Lin pulled his hair and made him lean closer to her before she demanded, "Harder, dammit!"
Yang raised one eyebrow, and his fast pace lessened, making Mei Lin groan in disappointment . Yang drawled, "I am not sure you get my point . . . I am on top here . "
Yang completely took his shaft out of her, shifting her back into the missionary that she likes, then suddenly slamming every inch of his rod inside with a fast and surprising thrust as he growled, "I am in control . "
Mei Lin's eyes widen in surprise, but she felt very aroused being pushed back with violently entered with sudden ramming of his penis . Her mouth opened and her legs trembled . Yang was so hot when he takes dominance . Usually, she hated men behaving like this, but she had teased him too much before that she could understand his animal-like behavior . His growl deepened as Mei Lin tightened around Yang's member .
"I am cumming," panted Yang with gritted teeth .
"Cum inside me," Mei Lin wrapped her legs around his hips and rocked herself back and forth, ready to take everything he has .
Encourage and glad that she was letting him do so, Yang made sure that she would cum first then he would . Hurrying his pace again, Mei Lin's eyes started to roll at the back of her head, and her legs began to shake . Her hands gripped at his neck as her body convulsed short twitching as satisfaction came to her .
Yang smirked when she went limped and sighed with pleasure . Yang kissed her forehead before moving again . Mei Lin's hands pushed his chest back . Sensitive from her orgasm, Yang's movements brought her more arousal that before . The drool in Mei Lin's mouth slipped passed her lips as Yang rocked and rammed himself in her, bringing her closer to cloud nine than reality .
After a few moments, Mei Lin was carried to the outdoor onsen that was already filled with hot water as they soaked inside . Her face still red as Yang's member had not left inside her even when they rested for a while after being satisfied . She was like a leech as Yang lowered their bodies to soak the natural hot water from the mountains surrounding Hakone .
"Yang, take it out . I want to bath in peace . " Mei Lin complained .
Yang snorted and shook his head, "No, I'm not satisfied yet . "
Mei Lin groaned at his stubbornness . She tried pulling herself out, only to be pushed back and making her lower lips swallow his shaft again . Mei Lin gasped as pleasure spread her body again . Mei Lin glared as Yang's smirk was wide and uncontrollable like a Cheshire cat .
Yang was seated on the floor of the bath with his arms spread at the corners of the circular wooden tub . Mei Lin was on top of him and on her knees, facing him while being seated on his lap . Mei Lin felt his member twitched again . Giving up, Mei Lin allowed herself to be devoured . Yang's arms flexed as he made her bounce on him slowly . His soft prick was slowly hardening again . She did not know that this could even be done . Mei Lin had always thought that it needed to be hard to be inserted, but then again it was hard when it was entered . He just left it inside her than taking it out as an average sane person would .
Mei Lin could not help but lament at Yang's self-control . She really should not have teased him . Regretting everything that she had done to cause him blue balls, Mei Lin wished that she had not been a tease because, with every thrust of her hips, Yang's lips grew wider . She knew her body would be exhausted rather than be relaxed in their honeymoon .
"Yang, have mercy . " Mei Lin tried acting pitiful .
Snorting in disbelief, Yang merely continued rising her up and down so his shaft would get the necessary friction . She sighed and surrendered herself to her husband . At least, he was okay with having babies as soon as possible .
If you can't beat them, join them .