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Chapter 252
October 26, 20XX (Saturday)
Various Places
Afraid that Yang would do anything to her, Mei Li went to take a shower once she woke up . In her hurry, she did not realize that Yang was already awake and watching her being a clumsy mess . Satisfied with their prolonged lovemaking yesterday, Yang was lethargic and pleased . In his lips was a smile that showed his contentedness . The fact that he could see every kiss mark that he had left in Mei Lin's body when she ran to the bathroom was enough to bring Yang in a state of pure happiness .
In the middle of their third round that night, Yang realized that Mei Lin was already his- both her heart and body . He marveled how long he had gone with wooing her in a year . Yang admitted that there were times that he doubted if he could make her fall in love with him, but his stubbornness has been his strength in his quest for her love . Slowly getting up, Yang ignored his state of undress and tried to open the bathroom so he could join Mei Lin . As the environmentalist says, showering together saves water! Yang was determined to help the environment . When the door moved opened, Yang gave his thanks to Japanese and their lack of knobs and locks . Once inside, Yang was greeted with Mei Lin's humming of their cliched theme song . He grinned with pride; she was definitely satisfied and pleased at his prowess in bed . Secretly molesting Mei Lin's body, Yang showed how Yandere he was as he watched his wife lather soup on every part of her body . With eyes wide open and his penis standing erect from his morning wood, Yang felt his hands twitched as Mei Lin put one leg up using the wooden chair-like thing beside her as support, and then started cleaning her pussy . Unable to take the visuals, Yang knocked on the glass door, making Mei Lin step back in fright of his actions . She sighed in relief when no ugly monster was seen but only her handsome husband that was monstrous in bed . It was a surprise that his dick had not thinned with every thrust that he had done yesterday night . Her hips hurt because of his rough treatment too . Although, Mei Lin could not bring herself to hating his dominant side . He was as hot as fire and made her see stars farther than the next galaxy! "Don't come inside," Mei Lin insisted while trying to stop the glass door for being opened by him . Yang was like a predator as he stared at her exposed body . Mei Lin shifted from side to side in his perverted want . With one firm yank, Mei Lin tumbled as the door she held close was opened . Seeing this dominant side of Yang, her pussy was wet with need . " . . . You can't stop me . " Yang grinned . He pushed back on the cold glass, and his hands trapped her . Allowing the shower to cleanse his grime off, Yang showed Mei Lin all of his muscles as it flexed and relaxed . Gulping because of the hot visuals, Mei Lin was wide-eyed as Yang's mouth covered hers in another kiss that made her crave for more . His hands began to wonder her body again . "Yang, let's do it later? I am tired . . . " Mei Lin tried to make excuses . "I will do all the work . You don't need to do anything else . " Yang purred with his mouth kissed and fiddling with her earlobe . Gasping, Mei Lin snakes her hands on his neck as Yang took her legs and carried her like a baby . Being totally lifted up, Mei Lin pushed her body to him in fright . "All you need to do is accept my penis," Yang growled out . Mei Lin's eyes widen from the onslaught of a verbal attract . Her opening was wet from her cleaning, and now, it was ready for his length to enter . With mouth wide open, Yang entered her quickly . She was already molded and used to his thick member . When Yang moved her up and down to be slammed into his penis, Mei Lin had her eyes rolled upwards in ecstasy to new pleasures . "Your pussy is already used to me, welcoming me so easily . . . " Yang purred . There was something hot about Yang being so verbal . Without her knowing, Yang could feel her arousal and approval of his actions with the tightening of her pussy . "You are tightening . Do you like being carried this much?" Yang asked with gritted teeth as his arms continued to move Mei Lin . His eyes closed with euphoria when Mei Lin's hips moved in circled, grinding his shaft in an amorous move . Her arms around his neck gripped tightens as her pussy did on his penis . Yang could feel her waking need so evident as she rubs her breast on his chest and her hips were behaving like an animal . Bringing her to be drenched on the shower, Yang watched with glee as Mei Lin came undone and finished with water dripping down her body . In the middle of Mei Lin's cumming, Yang could not hold his after the wild clenching of her inner walls . Dammit! Morning wood was so easily finished! He huffed and puffed as he slammed Mei Li's body down to meet his trusting . His arms grew wary in the process, so he put Mei Lin down with one leg . Due to her flexibility, Yang swang her right leg on his shoulder and pet her steady herself on the glass . The changing of another position meant new parts of her inner was being reached . Still sensitive in her last orgasm, Mei Lin felt her brain short-circuiting as her body slammed and was being rammed into by her husband . Thankful for her flexibility, Mei Lin was red when Yang growled and bit her shoulder, neck, and nipples with his fast movements . Muffling the demands on her life with her mouth, Mei Lin refrained herself from being carried away with making love all day . They still need to go out today too! Feeling Yang's pace growing faster, Mei Lin had to use both of her hands to support her weight as her body was moved so violently, and her back was pushed flushed into the wall . Yang leaned closer in an open-mouthed kiss . Mei Lin could not take it anymore, and cum for the second time . Her legs shook with the sensitivity that she felt and the pleasurable hum of her husband . With one hard trust, Yang cum inside her with a face that screamed satisfied . His growl made her knees weaker . It took them two hours to finally be done on their shower . Their scheduled drive to the open air museum was supposed to be at ten am, but because of their prior activities, it was extended to eleven pm . Mei Lin could not make Yang let go of her body once . Even when she dressed, Yang was beside her, playing with her breasts or kissing her lips . He was a big burden, but she liked his attention, so she let him do what he wanted . The tour of the museum was what Yang expected it to be- boring . Only Mei Lin could appreciate the effort and time it took to make the sculpture . He had no care for art unless it was her painting . Yang just followed after her like a dog, but he was going to mate her like a dog after they were done with their scheduled your . "Stop that!" Mei Lin slapped his hands that was slowly lowering into her buttocks . Yang had the audacity to touch inappropriate places of her body even when people were around them! Although the museum was not as busy, there were still people that could easily notice his wandering hands! Mei Lin fumed when Yang groped her breast before shoving his hands on his jacket's pockets as he shrugged without care . "It's not like the people are watching," Yang mumbled, sulking a little at her stern reprimand . Mei Lin poked his side as hard as she could, making her husband jump to the side to distance himself from her poke of doom . Her nails were getting longer too, so it hurt his flesh even when he had thick clothes as protection . His wife's lips tilted into a grin, feeling triumphant at her action . Yang's eyes narrowed, taking her grin as a challenge . He leaned down to peek her lips before groping both her breast with his large hands . Shocked, Mei Lin watched with open mouth and wide eyes as Yang ran away like a child who knew he did something wrong . Mei Lin did not care if she looked like an idiot as she ran to chase after him . As an orphan, Mei Lin was used to following the rules and behaving herself to avoid being reprimanded by the orphanage's matron . Only with Yue does she act like a teenager and giggling like a lunatic, but with Yang, her inner child sometimes shows herself . Local Japanese and tourists alike looked at them with mixed reactions as they passed by them while running around the museum like little children . Some old couple would smile at them, knowingly, while other people would stare with judgemental eyes, but Mei Lin did not care . Yang was edging her on with teasing smirks and perverted gestures that made her blood boil in anger and embarrassment . Being too occupied with her goal of catching Yang do she could smack and kick him, Mei Lin did not notice that Yang had led her into a place where there were no people around to bother them . It was only when Yang stopped abruptly and then grabbed her hands, putting them above her head that she noticed the trap that she had fallen into . Her eyes widened when Yang attacked her lips ferociously like a man who had been deprived of water . Mei Lin was breathless because of running around, and also because of his toe-curling kiss . Yang's hands began to grope and trial patterns in her body . She gasped when she was smacked into the wall with his need being rubbed into her lower region . Suddenly, a man cleared his throat loudly, making the couple tense and immediately let go of each other . They turned to a Japanese man in a white jumpsuit with a map on his hands . The Japanese man warned in broken English, "Museum, no sex! Hotel, okay!" Mei Lin was red-faced as she nodded . She dragged Yang away to a safer place with people surrounding them . They looked at each other and then Yang chuckled . Slowly his chuckles turned into laughter . Mei Li could only shake her head . They were behaving like teenagers! Mei Lin dragged Yang's hands into a place with more people because more people meant he was going to behave himself . Needless to say, Mei Lin discovered that Yang would not behave himself even if there were people around them .