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Chapter 253
October 27, 20XX (Sunday)
Various Places

Shifting to her side, Mei Lin was stopped by the arms that wrapped around her waist . Her face wrinkled in disgust as she felt the sticky substance that resulted from her and Yang's coupling . For the past two nights in this hotel room, Yang had only let her go when he needed the bathroom to relieve himself . Mei Lin savored the moments of peace those times brought her, but it never lasted long .
Sighing in defeat, Mei Lin merely stayed still in her husband's arms, praying that he would let go soon . For two nights, she had learned her lesson well . Mei Lin vowed never to tease Yang with anything sexual again unless she could take everything that he could dish at her in return . Feeling Yang's lips on her forehead, Mei Lin looked up .
Mei Lin rested her right hand on his left chest, feeling his heartbeat before she said, "I want to wash up . We need to get ready early because we have to go back to Beijing later . "
Yang sighed and let go of her . He watched as Mei Lin sat up, smirking when Mei Lin tried to cover her boobs in the process . His eyes flashed with amusement as she got up from the bed and slowly tried to stand up . Laughter soon boomed when Mei Lin's knees buckled, and the inner regions between her legs were sore .
Mei Lin used her hands to shift her body, and then she glared hard at Yang . Her ability to stand was taken by this laughing man! The audacity of him to find it amusing! She wanted to be angry at him, but because of her thoughts about being belittled by her husband, she cried instead . Tears welled in her eyes and fell into her cheeks like streams . Yang's laughter immediately quieted, and he began to panic .
He threw the duvet, and without any care for his state of undress, he crouched down to pick Mei Lin up and sat her on the elevated futon . He kissed her tears away and softly mumbled his apologies, "I am sorry . I was too wild last night, huh?"
Mei Lin sniffed and wiped her tears . She looked at Yang with eyes blurred by tears . Yang's heart crumbled and felt pain with every tear that fell .
Mei Lin shook her head and explained between her sobs and sniffs, "I like making love with you too . I just hate you for laughing at me . "
Yang kissed the tears away and apologized again, "I won't laugh at you again, I promise . Forgive me?"
Mei Lin nodded and buried her face into his neck . Yang patted her back to comfort her . Silently, he sighed . Yang admits that he was too wild last night . Mei Lin's body was littered with his kiss marks, and his back was full of scratch marks from her fingernails . Mei Lin was definitely worth his constant effort!
To get them readied, Yang had to carry Mei Lin and help her with walking . Her legs were sore from all his swinging and flexing from last night's events . He did not complain even if Mei Lin used him as a human walking stick, because it was his fault that she was temporarily disabled .
To be in her good side again, Yang bought Mei Lin everything she wanted when they arrived at the airport . He had swiped his card more with Mei Lin's food shopping than Yue's dress shopping . Of course, Mei Lin's likes were cheaper than Yue's Hermes and Gucci .

They boarded the private jet, ready to face Beijing again . Their short trip was finally over . Sitting down after he sat Mei Lin beside him, Yang opened his briefcase and pulled out his laptop . Mei Lin ignored him as he started to work . She shifted her attention to an animated movie about an assassin baby on the large screen in front of them .
Mei Lin's right hand was unconsciously placed in front of her stomach . Yang raised his eyebrows when he noticed her action . His eyes stared at Mei Lin before peeking with curiosity what she was watching . Seeing an animated baby, Yang melted . His heart thundered, and its beat quickened . She wants babies, and guessing by how hard she stared at the television; she wanted it badly .
"You like the movie?" Yang casually asked her, hoping to know more about what is in her mind .
Mei Lin's eyes did not leave the screen when she answered, "I want a baby . "
Yang's heart skipped a beat . He inhaled, unknowing that he had held his breath for her answer . He ran his fingers through his hair and said, "I want one or two . "
Mei Lin shifted, so she was face to face with him . Putting her hands on both of his cheeks, she honestly said, "Let's work on it? Until I get pregnant?"
Yang grinned, "You don't have to do work . Your slave husband is here . "
Her blush spread deliciously on her face and down her neck . Yang craved to take her clothes off and start working for children, but refrain . She was still so raw and hurt all over for more actions to be done .
Meanwhile, in Xue Manor, Grandma Xue woke up to her husband heavily patting her head . She clicked her tongue as she opened her eyes . They were already retired, why wake up this early?
Eyes widen when Grandma Xue saw her husband clenching his heart and motioned the signal of emergency by putting his right and left arms into a cross . Even if her bones cracked and her joints popped, Grandma Xue hurried and pressed the button hidden above their headboard .
Everyone in Xue Manor woke when the alarm sounded, and the color of the bell was purple . Servants rushed to call the hospital as experienced Servants went to their employees' rooms . Both Chang Min and Jerome were already awake, so everyone knew it would be the elders .