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Chapter 254
October 27, 20XX (Sunday)
Various Places

Arriving in Beijing, Yang was surprised when the guards subtly caught his attention with a hand gesture of knocking their other palm for a signal . What was surprising is that the guard made sure that Mei Lin would not see it . He nodded at the guard and let his wife sit inside the car first, and he waited for the guard to come to him .
Once the guard was close to him, Yang closed the car door after saying, "Wait for one moment . "
Mei Lin was curious but refrained from asking too many questions . It might be for business or news of the terrorists, but she knew that Yang would tell her if she asked . Patiently, Mei Lin waited for her husband while eating the Japanese snacks that he had bought .
Outside the car, the guard delivered shocking news, "Mrs . Zhao's grandfather, Elder Xue, is in the hospital . He had a heart attack at seven forty-six this morning . "
Hearing the report, Yang's eyes widen . His eyes glanced to his wife eating chocolates using thin cookie sticks . They just arrived back, and this lousy news welcomed them . His heart hurt for Mei Lin .
"How is Elder Xue now?" Yang asked .
"He is currently admitted at the Hospital, being cared for Dr . Zhang Li Xi and his team . CEO Xue told us that Elder Xue is recovering but will need more examinations . The heart attack was said to be caused by Diabetes . " The guard gave Yang a file of papers before he added, "This is also from Mr . Wu . "
Nodding his thanks, Yang opened the door and sat beside Mei Lin . He wrapped his arm around her waist as he told his driver, "Go to the hospital . "
Eyes wide open, Mei Lin asked, "Why are we going to the hospital?"
The tensed silence that followed made Mei Lin nervous . It was rare for Yang to hesitate in telling her, so she grew worried about the news . With bated breath, she waited . Her hands were unconsciously clenching at the possibilities that her mind had conjured up .
Yang answered, "Your grandfather had a heart attack . "
Mei Lin's worried face morphed into horror . It was evident in her expression that she had not thought about this possibility . Yang could understand her distraught . She had just found her family, and now it was in danger of being taken away from her and this time was more permanent . Yang was scared for his wife . Mei Lin leaned on his chest and used his body as her anchor .
"He is in the road to recovery," Yang said as he caressed her back, hoping that she would not cry .
When they reached the hospital, Mei Lin walked slow . Yang could tell that she was nervous and afraid to see the state of her grandfather . The two of them had clicked and become close because of their favorites- Cheesecake and desserts . He was with her every step of the way . Yang was Mei Lin's strength in times where she could not muster enough of it .
They stood at the front of the private ward's doors, doomed and gloomed weighted their shoulders down . They had thought the worst had happened and although they were not prepared for the worse to happen, they have already accepted the possibility of it happening . Opening the doors, Mei Lin and Yang was immediately greeted with the sound of laughter . Because the first thing that greeted them was a hallway to the patience's large room, they could not see who it was that laughed, but the tone of it brought hope to Mei Lin's troubled heart .

Yang watched with a smile when Mei Lin ran to the man that had laughed . His wife flang herself to hug her grandfather with tears of relief streaming down her cheeks . Grandpa Xue patted her back as his laughter turned into a smile . His granddaughter's warmth made his old bones younger .
Yang greeted his grandparents that were beside the bed with a nod . He cleared his throat to let Mei Lin knew that he was still at her back and there were other people that she needed to greet . As if dosed with a pail of cold water, Mei Lin froze and then immediately straightened herself to look at her surrounding . Seeing the smiling expressions on everyone's faces, Mei Lin blushed . She had behaved like a child, how embarrassing!
Grandma Zhao jokingly said, "Now that your Grandpa Xue had received a hug from you, where is ours?"
Prompted, Mei Lin hugged Yang's grandparents after hugging her grandmother . She turned to her grandfather and sternly reprimanded, "You will not be eating anything with salt!"
The room once again filled with laughter as the Elder Xue pouted and begged for mercy, putting on a show that lightened everyone's worry for him . Mei Lin knew that there are more things to be done to make sure Grandpa Xue is recovered . A Heart Attack is a silent killer after all .
Mei Lin was surprised when Grandma Zhao took her hand and asked, "How was your short honeymoon?"
Yang grinned, "We had a lot of time to work for your great-grandchildren . "
Mei Lin smacked his husband's arm to stop his brazen mouth . She turned to Grandma Zhao and smiled instead of replying . Mei Lin was far too embarrassed to say anything else .
Suddenly, Grandma Zhao's smiling face slowly turned sour, "I have bad news . It's about Ye Lan and Hao Ren . "
Yang sighed loudly .
Mei Lin shook her head . Nothing is ever good when Ye Lan is involved .