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Chapter 255
October 27, 20XX (Sunday)
Various Places

The mere mention of Ye Lan's and Hao Ren's names was enough to make Mei Lin uncomfortable . Knowing their involvement with the terrorists, Mei Lin could not deny not being angry . To her and Yang, nobody else is more stupid than the two . They make her regret being the same species as them, sometimes .
Unfortunately, they cannot do anything unless all the lists that Mother Zhao had provided them to do are accomplished . First, they need to discover all spies in the manor and leave only the faithful . Second, they need all the lists of people that joined the terrorists to drag the Zhao Family down . Third, they needed to bring these people down instead while making sure of legal proof . Forth, they need to do it without being noticed . The first one is already hard enough, but they had to do four?!
Mei Lin was glad that she was not Yang . She knew how busy her husband would become . Unconsciously, she placed her right palm in her stomach, praying that they would have kids soon even amidst the busy schedule .
Mei Lin had considered waiting until everything was peaceful before conceiving, but the thought of stopping her life because of fright made her blood boil . She had lived life fearless when she had nothing but the thick skin of her face . No terrorists could make her cower in fear! Foolish bravado or not, Mei Lin did not care . Her ultimate goal has always been to have a family of her own, and she will not let anyone stop her from accomplishing it!
Mei Lin's thoughts were interrupted by Grandma Zhao's words, "Ye Lan and Hao Ren have taken over an interior design company that you are familiar with . "
Mei Lin looked at Yang . Their eyes met and seemed to talk with each other before Yang shifted to his grandmother and grandfather's direction to ask, "I . A . I Interior Design?"
"Yes," Grandma Zhao confirmed . She placed a hand of Grandpa Zhao's thigh and added, "Your friend Trisha has been fired and will be returning to America on Thursday next week . "
Horror marred Mei Lin's beautiful face . She and Trisha had become friends over their joining work with Yang's buildings and her condo . As a fellow artist, Trisha was one of the people that she can talk about art and could relate to her . Mei Lin knew that Trisha hoped to never return to her home in Texas because of failed relationships . Mei Lin's hands clenched . Annoyance was evident in her face .
"How can they even take over a company when Hao Chen is repressing Hao Ren? I . A . I Interior Design is not an easy company to gain too . Trisha had told me that the company is internationally acclaimed . " Mei Lin turned to Yang as she asked .
Sighing, Yang answered, "I am sure they had help from the opportunistic businessmen that joined Arcadia . I have also heard that Arcadia has no money too, they could have provided it . "
Mei Lin clicked her tongue in annoyance . She wanted to help Trisha, but how? What can she do? The fact that Yang was already busy with everything means that she cannot ask him . To add more would be hazardous to his health .

Grandpa Xue noticed the conflict in her eyes . Mei Lin showed her likeness to her mother especially when she hesitates or when she acts brave and reckless . Being the nearest elder to Mei Lin, Grandpa Xue patted her head and comforted, "I am sure you want to help your friend, and you can . Remember, you are Wu Mei Li, Miss M, Xue Mei Lin, and now, Mrs . Zhao . You are not an orphan, even if you grew up believing you were . "
Grandpa Zhao agreed and nodded on his spot, "One word from you, Trisha Fuller can start her own business here . "
Suddenly, light bulbs in her head turned on as Mei Lin experienced a eureka moment . Her eyes widen at the realization . It would also solve her problem with her new collection coming up soon! Why not start her own business? She already has a mini gallery for her unsold paintings, and she also sells her works herself through Elias . Why not make a company about this? You need art pieces in interior design! She knew many friends that can sell their art to her! Mei Lin still have the business card of that furniture marker that she liked! This plan could be profitable .
There were still too many things to consider . Finances would be the biggest worry . Mei Lin had a couple million on her bank account, but she doubted if it would be enough to build the scale she wanted . The location would also be another thing to consider . In a populated city, a place with ample space is hard to find . Mei Lin bit her lips and continued to think in silence .
The rest of the people in the room watched her with gentle eyes, full of pampering . They could see how much Mei Lin cared for a brief acquaintance that they were humbled of her heart . Grandpa and Grandma Xue were proud of her . Grandpa Xue, in particular, was happy that she was thinking of how to help rather than considering if she could help .
Yang smirked but hid it . He could almost see the gears on her head turning and ticking fast as she thought . Whatever she will come to do, he knows she would do it well .
After a few minutes, Mei Lin straightened her spine and said, "I want to help Trisha, and at the same time make something for myself . I want to start a business . "
Even one year after their meeting, Mei Lin can still surprise Yang . A firm decision and a determination to execute her plans, these are her first business moves as Mrs . Zhao . Yang pulled her close to him as he nodded his agreement .
Mr . Zhao will always support Mrs . Zhao .