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Chapter 257: 257
November 4, 20XX (Late Evening)
Zhao Manor

The pitter patter of the rain calmed the beauty lying with her arm covering her eyes . Hearing the sound of droplets of water splashing against the roof and every surface outside thus making melodies of undeniable calmness . Like a tender lullaby, it serenaded Mei Lin's mind into serenity .
When the soft sound of light footsteps and clothes ruffling interrupted her unplanned medication, Mei Lin sat up . Gazing upon her soaking wet husband, her eyes stared as Yang pulled a towel on a drawer near the bathroom and went to take a shower . She glazed at the clock and sighed; Yang has once again come home at eleven pm . Because of his busy schedule, Yang spent almost 17 hours on his company . Mei Lin and Yue can only see him every lunch where they personally delivered it to him so he won't skip his meal like he usually does .
Mei Lin adjusted her back so she could lean into the headboard, waiting for Yang to be done . Once the doorknob twisted and Yang walked towards their bed, Mei Lin sighed again in disapproval . She stood up and took her hair dryer in the cabinet below her vanity mirror . Yang sat down on the pinkish chair for her vanity after Mei Lin signaled him to sit down . Knowing that his wife would dry his wet hair for . him like she always does, Yang did not complain .
The CEO had dozed off as Mei Lin's hands combed his hair from his scalp to the tips . Unknowing about the time, Yang closed his eyes . Mei Lin could see him nodding off from her vanity mirror, and she wanted to help him, but she has no other talent other than art .
"Yang, let's go to bed . " Mei Lin gently patted his shoulder .
Yang jumped a little in surprise before he blinked and followed after Mei Lin . The CEO crept into Mei Lin and buried his face into her neck, asking for more attention . Her hands immediately began to massage his scalp with her delicate fingers .
"I am sorry that you have to wait for me even at this hour," Yang mumbled . Mei Lin kept her giggles concealed as his lips moved and grazed on her neck, causing her to have goosebumps .
Mei Lin kissed the top of his head and said, "I am not angry . I am worried about you . I need to see you are alright before I can sleep . "
His buried head pulled away from her and laid on the pillow next to hers . With a soft smile, Yang replied, "Just make sure you rest . "
"I should be telling you that . " Mei Lin lightly teased .
Yang pulled flushed to him- chest to chest . He returned the soft kiss to her head on the same spot that she had placed on him . "How's your business plan?"
Mei Lin then reported the small progress of her business . She and Trisha had talked and planned every step that needed to be taken . Mei Lin was glad that Trisha had a friend that finished in Business Management before taking a job as an English Teacher in Beijing for a higher salary pay . They had planned almost everything, except for the money . Mei Lin's five million saving may not be enough to start a large scaled business that has exclusive contracts with local artists and furniture manufacturers .
"I can be your investor . " Yang offered without any hesitation . Mei Lin would have believed his sincerity to help had it not been for the large smirk on his lips . Her husband was already looking at her body like a predator, accepting his offer would mean delivering herself to him on a silver platter . If there is one thing that Mei Lin liked to do, it is to tease her perverted husband .
"No, you will demand something from me . " Mei Lin pouted . Asking him to be an investor meant she was giving him more things to do . Elias had pointed out to ask Yang for help, but Mei Lin could see how busy he was enough .
"I won't demand something ridiculous . " Yang blurted out on his defense .
Mei Lin snorted loud and unladylike, completely unbelieving of his words . Yang was the best example of an opportunist so she knew that agreeing with him now would guarantee her body a long night of intimacy . Although she would not complain, they both needed to get up early to work for tomorrow .
His eyes dropped and closed as he joked, weakly, "I would only demand your soul . Your soul only belongs to me in all lifetimes . . . "
Neatening Yang's part of the blanket, Mei Lin made sure he was cozy underneath the duvet before she replied, "You can have me in all our lifetimes, I don't need money in exchange for a vow of my love for my husband . "
His closed eyelids opened with surprise at her words . Yang's ears turned red as he covered his face with both his large hands . He had not expected Mei Lin's sudden attack of sweetness . Seeing her calmness, Yang let himself be relaxed as sleep once again gripped into his mind, making him yawn .
Before he slept, Yang suggested, "You can ask Chang Min to help you, he is amazing with stock trading . Hao Chen is good at it too . They can help you how to gather investors should need be . "
Even in the verge of sleep, Yang persisted in taking care of Mei Lin . The wife felt all warm and fuzzy inside especially when Yang fought sleep to kiss her forehead .
Mei Lin patted his cheek and commanded gently, "Go to sleep . "
Yang nodded as he wrapped himself into her embrace . Mei Lin noted to ask her elder brother as Yang suggested . As much as she wanted to sell her soul and body to Yang, Mei Lin knew that Xue Chang Min would be the right person to ask for help .