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Chapter 258: 258
November 7, 20XX (Thursday) Zhao Manor "Sign here," Elias pointed at the right bottom part of the long bond paper . Mei Lin signed with practiced ease . Elias then flipped it to the next page, then pointed on the middle part of the bonpaper where her name was written, " . . . and here . " Mei Lin signed it without question . Her hand hurt from all the paper work that she had finished . Filing for permit to do business, looking through possible locations, and so much more . Mei Lin never know how exhausting it, and they haven't even opened yet! Ignoring her sigh, Elias took the bond paper that she had signed put it on another file and gave her another stack of papers that needed to be reviewed, "Dan did this business proposal so you can give this to future investors . " Mei Lin looked at the papers that were all separated with clear plastic sliding folders . Her eyebrows twitched in annoyance when Elias gave her brown paper envelopes to put each folder inside . The papers were already inside a folder, it certainly don't need brown paper envelopes! Think about the money that has to be spent in that unnecessary filing! "I will be the sole owner and sole investor in this," she deadpanned . Elias' eyebrows rose, "Did your husband give you pocket money?" Mei Lin shrugged and did not answer . In fact, it was her older brother, Chang Min, that had given her five million to add to her money . Mei Lin had casually told the Xue about her plans when she visited Grandpa Xue in the hospital, and they full-heartedly supported her . Even her father, Jerome, had offered her his savings, but she declined as Chang Min had already promised her beforehand . Of course, she was not ignorant about the smug look her brother threw to their father . When Mei Lin had asked her brother to be the primary investor, Chang Min merely waived her plans out and told her that he would give her money so she could be the sole owner . Mei Lin had complained about it, but Chang Min had calmed her by pointing out his need to make up for all the birthdays that he had missed . Heart moved and conscious guilty for their separation, Mei Lin accepted the cheque with a grateful but awkward smile . She was still not used to depending on others . "These papers are contracts for your employees . We don't have an office yet, so you have to keep this for now . " Elias' voice snapped her from her thoughts . "Did you sign yours already?" Mei Lin flipped the folder open and saw the first page already printed of Elias' resume . "Trisha and Dan did theirs too," Elias answered . Grateful, Mei Lin was awed at how capable her only employees are . Dan was recommended by Trisha and had been her teacher for all the plans and how to execute them . Elias had acted as her secretary while Trisha had started recruiting her friends and people that she knew through her friends . Mei Lin was inexperienced, but she was glad that she had experienced and capable friends . Looking at the paperwork on the table, Mei Ling sighed for the nth time . "When will this end?" Suddenly a snort was heard from the doorway . Mei Lin stood up with a broad grin and ran to her husband casually leaning on the door frame . Yang welcomed her embrace with a tighter hug . Elias rolled his eyes at the blatant dog food he was witnessing . Even if he had seen them so lovey-dovey so many times, he was still not used to it . "Paper will not end even if you become successful . In fact, it will only grow . " Yang told his wife after he placed a soft and quick kiss on her lips . Mei Lin pouted, "I hate them . " Yang laughed before he commented, "You can pass more than half of it to your assistant . I pass two-thirds of mine to my head secretary, who then divide most of it to his secretaries . " "Is paperwork the reason why you have that many secretaries?! You are too lazy to do your paperwork!" teased Mei Lin, acting dumbfounded . Elias clicked his tongue in distaste as the newlyweds proceeded to tease each other while placing kisses all over the other's face . They are the worst kind of couple to have ever existed on earth . Yang and Mei Lin together was a single person's nightmare . "Okay, break it up! Don't feed this single dog more of your love, dam it! Have consideration!" Elias shouted as he slammed the papers in the table, jealous at their stupid love . His shout resonated into the walls of the living room making the servants outside giggle, knowing who Elias wanted to break apart . Mei Lin giggled as she buried her face in Yang's cheat to stifle her amusement . Elias puffed his cheeks like a child and blatantly stumped his feet even when he was sitting down on the sofa . Mei Lin then proceeded to stuck her tongue out at Elias and mocked him as she stumped her right foot two times . Yang watched with amusement as the two continued to act like children . "Mei Lin, " Yang called out, remembering why he was in Zhao Manor even if it was in his working hours . Due to Mei Lin being bust with teasing Elias, she did not hear him . Yang called out the second time, "Mei Lin . " Again, his voice was unheard . Annoyed, Yang shouted, "WIFE! Will you listen, please?" Mei Lin froze, blinked her eyes fast, and mouth wide open with shock . Yang had never called her wife not has he ever shouted at her . Her tears welled up into the edges of her eyes, one blink and it would fall . Sighing, Yang hugged Mei Lin and said, "I will be going to the warehouse to take care of somethings, so I might come home very late . " Mei Lin wanted to start a fight . He didn't have to shout at her! She was interrupted when Yang kissed her, passionately . Elias groaned and avoided looking at them . Damn this couple!