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Chapter 259
November 18, 20XX (Monday)
Various Places

Early in the morning, Yang woke up from his slumber without Mei Lin by his side . He sat up straight in panic, and got up to alert everyone but then he saw her on her vanity chair applying skincare products on her face . Mei Lin looked at him through her mirror with raised eyebrows in confusion .
Yang touched his nose in helplessness; he had no idea how to explain his paranoia . Yang walked towards her and bent down to hug her shoulder while placing small gentle kisses on her neck . The giggle that left Mei Lin's lips brought Yang satisfaction .
"Good Morning," Yang drawled, voice raw and deep from long hours of being unused .
"Good morning, my husband . " Mei Lin replied as she continued to massage the oil essence into her face gently .
"Where are you going so early?" Yang asked .
Mei Lin giggled, "I told you why last night, but I should have known you were already half asleep . "
Yang shrugged making Mei Lin move with him as his hands still restrained her movements and connected them . He was so busy with the issues of spies in Zhao Manor or spies in their black market base . Yang had to take care of safety measures for everyone also . He was grateful that Mei Lin was an understanding wife . Oh, how he loves his Mrs . Zhao!
"Grandma Zhao, Trisha and I will be looking for a possible location . We need it as fast as we can, so we are in a hurry to find one . " Mei Lin repeated what she had said to Yang before, "I asked Grandma Zhao if she could give me advice, and she just told me that she would come with us so she can teach me how to manage and sell properties at the same time . "
Yang then remembered hearing about buying something from his wife last night, but he was too tired to listen wholeheartedly . To make up for his bad behavior as an always missing husband, Yang was quick to offer his wider building beside his office, "How about in my other building?"
"No, that building is mostly for events and receptions . We need something that can showcase interior design samples . " Mei Lin immediately declined . She pushed Yang into the bathroom and commanded him to get ready .
After a while, Yang was out with only a towel wrapped in his waist . Mei Lin sighed at how great her husband's physique is . She stared at his hair, then nodded in approval that it has been dried . Mei Lin then helped Yang with tucking his button-up shirt into his pants, tied his necktie, and pinned his hidden camera slash mini communication device .
They went out of their room hand in hand . Because of his busy schedule, Yang missed spending time with her . Suddenly, his energy spiked into the roof as Mei Lin grabbed his left arm and wrapped it into a tight grasp, trapping his arm in between her ample bosoms .
Yang would have pushed Mei Lin back to their room had Grandma Zhao not been waiting for them at the side . Seeing his grandmother, Yang gave up and dragged his feet into his private car collection after he kissed Mei Lin and Grandma Zhao . Of course, Yang had to squeeze Mei Lin's boobs with both his hands before he left .

Grandma Zhao dragged her red-faced great-granddaughter-in-law to another sedan that could comfortably seat three ladies at the back . On their way to pick up Trisha, Grandma Zhao had subtly taught Mei Lin some tips and tricks by inserting it into snippets from their conversation . When Trisha was inside the car, Grandma Zhao had already discussed many important factors with Mei Lin .
When the car stopped, Mei Lin perked, "Have we arrived?"
The old driver nodded his head . Mei Lin was amazed at the sweat that formed in the driver's forehead amid the cold autumn air . They got off of the car and walked into the first real estate that deals predominantly in commercial properties .
A gentleman, Trisha, and Mei Lin assumed it was the manager, came up to them and greeted Grandma Zhao with a reverence . Being guided by the gentleman into a section of their office with open seating, Grandma Zhao hastily whispered to Mei Lin and Trisha, "I own this real estate agency so you two can have VIP treatment . "
Trisha's jaw dropped in astonishment while Mei Lin shrugged, unaffected . Mei Lin was already used to shocking things from all members of the Zhao Family . Of course, Mei Lin forgot that she too was a member of the Zhao Family now .
Once seated comfortably, the gentleman started showing them papers with printed information from different properties . Grandma Zhao was awed when Mei Lin and Trisha agreed the majority of the time . Both women were also easy to give in and consider another possibility than what they have thought of at first . Grandma Zhao could see why they became friends .
"I have a place you can use, but it would need to be renovated . "
"I am up for the challenge!" Trisha puffed her chest . Renovations? Designs? Complete gut job? Those things are what she loved!
"What are you doing here?" Ye Lan asked, incredibly shocked with seeing them . At Ye Lan's side was the daughter of Trisha's former CEO .
Grandma Zhao watched with amusement as Mei Lin ignored Ye Lan as she said to Trisha, "We need a bigger place or door . . . I know one person near who needs a bigger door so she could bring more trash . "
Trisha snorted, "We shouldn't welcome garbage in; they have to stay in the landfill where they belong . "
Grandma Zhao hid her smirk while acting as if she was coughing . Mei Lin smirked at her, knowing that the older woman was having fun with watching her roast people and act like a bitch .