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Chapter 26

October 29, 20XX (Monday)

The Grand Royal Palace Hotel- Milan

Mei Li arrived at the hotel huffing and puffing for air . She had hurried to return so she could wait for Yang's call . Of course, she did it to prevent embarrassing herself to other workers inside the Gallery not because she was excited about his call .

Hurrying into her room, the first thing she did was charge her phone and then blared the volume up so she could hear when the call comes .

Mei Li sat down on her vanity chair causing her to be face to face with herself in the mirror . She cringed when she saw her face .

Had she walked the streets of Milan with paint on her face?

Sprinting to the bathroom, she closed the drain on the bath and opened the faucet then adjusted the temperature to her liking . She remembered that she was waiting for a call so she lowered the power of the running water down so little sound could only be heard .

And suddenly, her phone sang with her cliched ringtone of a love song . Mei Li once again sprinted towards her bed, picking her phone with haste that almost made it fall and then stumbling three times to press the dress button .

She was clearly more nervous that she realized .

Mei Li cleared her throat first before answering slowly, "…Hello . "

"Hey," A cheerful Yang said, "how are you doing there in Milan?"

"It's great! No annoying stalker following me around like Paris . " Mei Li's taunt could have worked if the person was not as shameless as the CEO she is currently trying to hurt .

"Oh?" Mei Li could just imagine the way Yang's eyebrows raising up in mockery, "A stalker would have not revealed himself . "

"A shameless stalker then…"

Mei Li's right eye twitch with irritation when Yang roared with laughter . She needs to teach him a lesson with humbleness . It seems he lacked this trait .

Mei Li was surprised when Yang's laughter cut abruptly and seeming as if he remembered something with a startled exclamation of, "Right! Have you heard anything from Yue?"

Her brown eyes scan the pyjamas beside her contemplating to herself when she could take a bath while replying, "She said thank you for convincing you to buy two things than just one . Why? Did something happen?"

"She's started modelling actively . "

"What's wrong with that?" Mei Li shook her head as she imagined the CEO pouting like a petulant child because to her right now, that's what he sounded like- A child who was denied his candy .

"She's going to be wearing those dresses that don't cover up anything!"

Mei Li snorted, "You're unexpectedly old-fashioned . "

"I'm not old-fashioned, just conservative . "

"It's her job, she's supposed to wear what's trending . I forgot you were opposed with her chosen career . " Mei Li added a sigh to show her displeasure at the end .

"I don't get why she choose to be a model when she could just inherit businesses that are turning stagnant! There is dad's hotels and resorts, mom's real estates, Grandpa's restaurants, and grandma's buildings to manage . I've already had 4 business aside from my newly made tech company . "

"It's her path just as yours is in opening the tech company . You could have always just inherited everything . "

" . . . and leave nothing for her?"

Mei Li paused as the sudden realization dawned on her, " . . . I see . "

He must have thought about leaving something for Yue just in case . . . so that's the reason why he didn't receive those 4 companies that still have the founding members available to manage them .

"That's sweet of you . . . "

"I'm always sweet . " Yang blurted out with an annoying tone that was far too childish .

"Stop being shameless . But did you ask Yue if she wants those businesses? She had mentioned to me once that if she was to choose, she didn't want the responsibility of millions of people depending on her . "

Yang sigh with hopelessness, "Who would want that responsibility? I can't even take care of myself well enough yet here I am with more than a million employees . "

"You can't compare yourself with Yue . Aside from the fact that you grow up being trained to be the CEO and Yue is-" "So how's your gallery doing?" Yang interrupted, hating to hear the rest of her sermon . He remembered how savage Mei Li could be as evidence on their first meeting .

"We'll be opening on the 2nd and it would last until the 10th . " Her voice monotonous, lacking the energy to reply from being cut off .

"Will selling be done on first come first serve basis on a certain day again?"

"Of course, I always make sure that Mother Zhao have the upper hand . " this time, Mei Li's reply carried a tone of amusement .

"I'm sure Ru Shi would be there beside you two . " Yang mocked her, knowing how forceful Ru Shi could be especially when you aren't used to her attitude .

"She's definitely a strong woman . "

Yang laughed, "You don't have to be polite, just say she's pushy . "

Acting horrified, Mei Li exclaimed,"… I said nothing of that sort!"

There was a momentary silence before a lapse of laughter emitted on each speaker . They talked for almost half an hour when she heard water overflowing .

On the phone, Yang's voice prattled about Ru Shi's behaviour in the past and how Alexandre had to adjust in every situation .

While Mei Li contemplated whether she would take a bath later or bring her phone while taking a bath . Just thinking of soaking in comfortable hot water made Mei Li decide immediately .

'It's not like Yang could see me, ' Mei Li thought while putting her phone into speaker mode then placing a small office clip to cover her phone's camera just in case .

"You still listening to me?" Yang's voice called out to her .

"Not really . . . " the painter admitted while walking into the bathroom and hurriedly taking her clothes off and then jumping into the bath with eagerness .

Meanwhile, in Beijing, Yang heard water splashing into tiles making him stumble when he walked towards his bed .

'Damn it! Is she taking a bath while talking to me?' Yang was tortured with his thoughts . His handsome face flushed pink all the way to his neck . He flunked into his bed, borrowing his face into his pillow, and groaning at the imagery his mind provided him .

"Are you taking a bath?" his voice sounded heavy and breathless .

Mei Li hesitated for a minute before softly replying " . . . . yeah . "

'Damn it . Damn it . Damn it . Think of disgusting thoughts like Mom and Dad doing it . . . ' Yang told himself as another onslaught of images painted his thoughts . He could easily conjure up the image of the beautiful woman seductively gazing at him inside a bathtub .

'I could just imagine those breast of hers floating up towards the surface of the water . . . ' Yang stopped himself while pinching his nose .

" . . . So, What are you doing tomorrow?" Aside from calming his raging heart, Yang needed to change the subject and fast!

"Need to finalize all the things for the gallery…" Mei Li's voice echoed, reminding Yang once again where she was and what she was doing . He gave up and shifted his position to his side, needing to put pressure at the muscle that was standing erect with his traitorous thoughts .

He pretended to yawn while saying an excuse, "I need to sleep now . It's almost 2 am here in Beijing . "

"What?! I forgot about the time difference! Go to sleep . Good night!" Mei Li's voice was soft even in anger . This made the tortured face of Yang more intense .

He has finally become a pervert, damn it . He couldn't even control himself with just a phone call, what would happen if she was beside him . . . He might become a beast if this keeps up .

"Night, hang up first," Yang said hoping Mei Li would hang up immediately and grew thankful that Mei Li did .

He cursed as something stiff hindered the way he got up from his bed and was the source of his discomfort on his walk towards the bathroom . He noted to himself to be careful when talking with Mei Li, the natural naive seductress .

While the painter was enjoying her warm bath before eating early an dinner in Milan, the CEO in Beijing was in his bathroom taking the coldest shower of his life tortured by intimate thoughts .