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Chapter 260: 260
November 18, 20XX (Monday)
Various Places Everyone in the room including the five impeccably dressed real estate agent watched as Ye Lan gritted her teeth and started fuming in anger . Grandma Zhao was on the side observing everything that had and would happen, ready to intervene if necessary . Mei Lin and Trisha were putting on fake smiles with an elegant demeanor . Grandma Zhao thanked heavens that Yue was hot with them and was busy with Hao Chen to add more hurtful comments . Not wanting to lose face, Ye Lan sneered, "So how does it feel taking my second-hand stuff?" Grandma Zhao's blood boiled when Ye Lan started referring to Yang as something she had discarded when it was her who was thrown away! There was a thread of patience that snapped within Mei Lin's heart . Trisha gripped Mei Lin's wrist to stop her from moving unnecessarily in the eyes of many witnesses . Mei Lin knew that Trisha was stopping her from causing physical harm, but it was unnecessary since Mei Lin had a more poisonous tongue than a violent streak . The painter merely smiled and reminded Ye Lan, "Oh, Miss Ye Lan, you are here? I did not notice you! I was so busy with looking for properties to buy . I was deliberating whether I should buy this forty-five million condo or this hundred four mansion . . . I can't decide between the two, so I guess I will have to buy the two? It's handy that my husband is a billionaire and not just a spare heir that spotted from the line of a mistress . " Grandma Zhao turned her head to hide the wide smirk in her lips, but the shaking of her shoulders were enough to tell Mei Lin that she found her savage words amusing . Ye Lan snarled, "Doesn't change the fact that I had him first . " Mei Lin burst out laughing, "You had him first? Girl! Yang had you first and then threw you first . As far as everyone is concerned, you are the second-hand good recycled by Hao Ren . " Everyone was shocked when Mei Lin's vague words sharpened and turned blunt and brazen . Trisha's grip in her hands tightened to warn Mei Lin of her image . Mei Lin was Mrs . Zhao now; she needed to preserve her reputation . Ye Lan wanted to slap Mei Lin but the woman . Interior designer she was with stopped her as she asked Mei Lin, "So you will buy those two properties, Mrs . Zhao? Let us see you do so if you really can . " Mei Lin snorted . This girl fight was too easy . Mei Lin took her black card and showed it off, "Buying anything is easy . . . But a Zhao must always control herself and think twice about her spending . Although we can buy anything we want, we cannot always do so for the sale of the family . In this case, buying two more properties would just add more to Yang's unnecessary collection of land that I have to manage . " Mei Lin smirked as she added, "I am a lazy person, you see . I don't want traveling the world just to take care of land and taxes for it . If I travel, it would be with Yang on a leisure trip . " Ye Lan snapped and then snarled like a rabid dog, "You think you are all that just because you became his wife? He is going to abandon you too!" Mei Lin snorted, unladylike, and said, "He can't do that to me . His sister would murder him . " Tired of listening to more stupidity, Grandma Zhao put a stop to everything, "We will not let Yang let you go, dear . Come, let us go and look at the properties that you have picked . " The real estate agent hurriedly picked the papers on his desk to start showing guiding the three woman to the first property that they had chosen . He was nervous on Mrs . Zhao's presence . She was certainly someone who could keep up with that young and scary CEO . Ye Lan clenched her fists as they two settled into the agency to buy more property . Grandma Zhao looked at them briefly and told the gentleman that was guiding them, "Compile every property that they will see or buy . That woman is supporting foreign terrorists that might damage our country; you better be careful . " The real estate manager nodded his head, sweat began to form on his forehead . The words that his employer uttered are not words that ordinary people like him could immediately digest . He had never once dealt with terrorists or criminals before! He had his fair share of scammers but not this large of a scale! Foreign interaction terrorists! For the rest of the day, the manager of the real estate agency was showing them possible locations and properties, but his head was already floating with the clouds . Meanwhile, in Y Building, Wu Tian Li was in a rage . He had seen the woman named Ye Lan smeared his nephew's reputation and messed with his adopted daughter! His eyes glinted with a hunger to cause destruction . Opening a program that he had made, Wu Tian Li proceeded to hack all the database that he could, preparing a gift for the newlyweds in the form of their enemies' scandals . I'm sure Yang would have a field day with it . If there is nothing, he could always make some, but with Ye Lan's history, he was sure that he could dig far more than bad decisions and could unearth black curated videos . Nobody mess with his daughter- adopted or not, and get away with it! While hacking for the terrorists' location, Wu Tian Li also grinned as he found many entertaining but gross videos .