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Chapter 261
November 22, 20XX (Friday)
Various Places

"That would be all . We will call you back in one week if you are hired . " Mei Lin calmly said, already used with it after interviewing twenty applicants . They were still at the beginning of their plans, yet their job postings online were already a hit!
Once the last applicant closed the door of their temporary office space at the back of Miss M's gallery, Trisha heavily sighed . On the interior designer's left side was Dan, a half Greek-Chinese man . Being friends with Trisha, he too was fired from I . A . I Interior designs .
Trisha groaned and started complaining, "Mrs . Zhao we need a proper place soon . . . "
Mei Lin giggled, "I put in an offer to the last one we saw with Grandma Zhao . "
"Really?! I thought it was too expensive?" Trisha stood up and shouted at Mei Lin's face in excitement . The last property they have found was a five-story building that was used for selling luxury cars but was bankrupt after the business offended someone .
Mei Lin giggled at Trisha as Elias sighed with exhaustion . He glared at Trisha, jokingly, before he complained, "The paintings will be transferred and displayed on the fifth floor . She will sell this place to add to her budget . "
Trisha blinked, grateful at Mei Lin . She hugged her so hard that Mei Lin yelped at Trisha's strength . Suddenly realizing that the property they like was still too expensive even if Mei Lin combined everything she has . The property they badly wanted had an already finished building including the four fifty square meters lot; it would cost more than twenty-five million combined!
"Don't we have only ten million as a budget? We exceed past that!" Trisha exclaimed .
"Do we need to invite investors?" Dan asked . Gaining Investors would be the best course of action, but to Mei Lin, there was still another option .
"No need, I will just sell my soul to my husband . " Mei Lin blurted out, causing everyone in the room to groan . Even if Yang and Mei Lin were not together, they are still fed dog food! Why can't this couple stop and leave their lonely hearts to be at peace!
Trisha covered her ears and made noise to stop Mei Lin from continuing, "I don't want to know more of yours and CEO Zhao's actions in bed . La, la, la, la, la!"
Mei Lin blushed red and defended herself, "I am not going to sell my body to him!"
Elias grinned, "It certainly sounds like you will be . . . "
Mei Lin slapped the two people she was sandwiched in between . Elias glared at her as he avoided the slap while Trisha's arm stang after Mei Lin hit it, causing the area to redden . Slamming both of her palms afterward, Mei Lin made sure that her face showed no emotion . She humped and continued to walk out of the door, ignoring Trisha and Elias' teasing about getting more action from Yang . Before slamming the door shut, Mei Lin turned to the three people in her baby company and stuck her tongue out like a child .
Mei Lin hurried to her black bulletproof car as the driver picked her up and her three personal bodyguards following her . She was glad that it took only less than ten minutes to travel to her desired destination . Once inside Y Building, Mei Lin greeted every familiar and not so familiar face with a broad and kind smile . When she reached Yang's office, Mei Lin opened the doors with excitement but was instead frozen in worry when she saw her husband .

Yang was on his office chair, dozing off . Her heart ached for her husband's busy schedule . Mei Lin reminded herself to ask her older brother to take some responsibility off of Yang's hands in the warehouse so he could rest more . Suddenly, the thought of asking money from Yang sounded insensitive . She took the blanket that she had hidden and covered Yang after putting pillows to support his head .
Sitting down on her chair that was beside his, Mei Lin started to arrange the files on the table . She took the phone on the side pressed zero .
The person on the other line answered, "What can we do for you CEO Zhao?"
Hearing one of Yang's secretaries, Mei Lin commanded, "Will one of you call Secretary Bai . Tell him that I would like to talk to him because your CEO is sleeping like a log . "
"Secretary Bai is beside me, Mrs . Zhao . I have pressed the speaker button; he can hear you loud and clear Mrs . Zhao . " the secretary, whom Mei Lin assumed was Mi, replied .
"Yu Sheng, Yang is sleeping . I know that you have already categorized the papers that he needs to do . Give me a short run down?"
Secretary Bai did not even look up from his paperwork when he replied, "The files nearest to his computer is for signing . You can use his registered stamp instead; it is found on his drawer with a fingerprint scanning device as a locking mechanism . Then I would advise you to leave the stack of papers nearest to your wedding picture because those need his approval . "
"Okay, Thanks . " Mei Lin hunged up as she used Yang's thumb at the fingerprint scanner then took the stamp, and started helping her tired husband with paperwork . Just to be sure, Mei Lin at least understood the contents of what she was going to be stamping on with her husband's name . She was so engrossed with work that she had not realized the time and did not notice Yang waking up .
Yang opened his eyes to find Mei Lin doing more than half of his paperwork . Heart beating fast and energy restored, Yang was once again ready to work . He subtly tapped his fingers on his desk and said softly, "My wife is the best . "
Yang melted when Mei Lin grinned at him .