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Chapter 262
November 23-24, 20XX (Saturday- Sunday)
Zhao Manor

Watching the piece of paper being placed in front of her, Mei Lin gapped . She read the contents; sure enough, it was the deed to the property that she had been thinking of ways on how to obtain it . Mei Lin looked up to met Grandpa Zhao's broad grin and Grandma Zhao's gentle smile . She did not believe that they were this supportive of her . Even before she had married into the Zhao family, they have always been guiding and teaching her life lessons .
Grateful, happy, and awed at the same time, Mei Lin could not do anything else but tear up . Grandma Zhao patted Mei Lin's arms in an effort to calm her down . Mei Lin sobbed her thanks, "Thank you, Granma . Thank you, Granpa . I- This- I am- This is just so generous of you . Thank you . "
"No need to thank us, dear . Just give us a greatgrandchild soon, and I will buy everything you want . " Grandpa Zhao blurted out for all the world to hear . Mei Lin blushed as she covered her face with her hands in embarrassment .
That night, Mei Lin reported everything to Yang . Her husband was pouting after listening to all her beautiful words and compliments to his grandparents . Mei Lin continued to sing his grandparents praises and left Yang jealous . He always wanted and crave for her attention, and to have it being taken by his grandparents made him mad .
"You should have told me that you needed more money to buy a building . I would have given you . In fact, why haven't you used your black card?" Yang unconsciously started ranting like Mei Lin usually does .
Giggling in amusement, Mei Lin poked his side before she tiptoed to kiss her husband's chin, the nearest place that she could kiss with her height against his . Yang turned quiet; his eyes softened when Mei Lin's eyes continued to stare at him as if she was begging to be pampered . They have not spent much time together . In fact, they had only been with each other's company when they need to rest, and most of the time, they are asleep .
Yang clicked his tongue to show his displeasure, "We haven't been doing a good job with procreating . "
As expected, Mei Lin's cheeks redden as she buried her face to his chest, effectively covering her embarrassment . Yang has always been blunt and shameless, and even when they are now married, Mei Lin could not get used to hearing his brazen mouth easily talk about physical intimacy .
Mei Lin could not speak any further as Yang pushed her into their bed, covered their bodies with the duvet, and slowly worked his magic into her body . She remembered being manhandled all throughout the night . The only thing that Mei Lin was grateful for was that their bed was made with so much thought that no rough movements caused by Yang could even make it squeak in protest . At least, no matter how much Yang would move so wildly in her, the bed would stay quiet . Unfortunately, her mouth could not .
When Sunday morning came, and everyone in the Manor was in the dining table ready to eat their breakfast, Mei Lin was awkward when nobody but Grandpa and Grandma Zhao would look at her eyes . Yue had even avoided talking to her, as the loud-mouthed heiress sat on her chair like a well-behaved lady .

Grandpa Zhao first teased Yang, "You need to listen to your wife . If she begs for mercy, you should give her some room . "
Suddenly, the events that happened that night made Mei Lin red again . She placed her hand on Yang's thighs and pinched him as hard as she could . Mei Lin made sure to dig her fingernails so Yang could feel the hurt because her embarrassment was tantamount to what someone would feel when watching porn with their parents acting as guides .
Showing how shameless he was, Yang casually replied, "How can I even give her room to compromise if she begs for mercy, but her body is doing the opposite?"
Yue acted like she was vomiting and said, "YUCKS! Too much information!"
Grandma Zhao patted Grandpa Zhao's hands to stop him from teasing more . Mei Lin looked like she was about to burst a blood vessel with how red her face to her neck downwards . Grandma Zhao then said, "Let them be . We wanted great-grandchildren, so it is much better for us that they continue with what they are doing instead . "
Feeling sorry for her niece, Aunt Qinyang changed the topic, "How is the progress of your company going?"
Mei Lin nodded her head as thanks for Aunt Qinyang as she replied, "We will be going to explore the building this Monday, and start renovating everything to suit our needs . "
Joining into their conversation Mother Zhao asked, "Do you have a planned scheduled for your opening yet?"
"We plan to do it before Christmas . Probably around the twentieth . " Mei Lin added with a large grin, "I am amazed that Trisha and Elias could work well together to plan the best move . Now, we need only the place and then gather customers after that . "
Teasing Yang and Mei Lin again, Grandpa Zhao blurted out, "You can let your company be in charge with making the nursery room for our future great-grandchildren, Free advertisement too since the Zhao Family is known even in the entertainment industry . "
Yang had to pry Mei Lin out from his back as she hid her face, unable to face the embarrassment brought from Grandpa Zhao's words . Everyone in the table laughed or giggled at Mei Lin's reaction . Yang merely sighed; she had been acting quite moody in the last couple of days . She was probably going to be menstruating soon . Secretly, Yang counted her days of fertility . If only he weren't as tired most of the night from work, he would eat her every night .
He needed to find that damn spy!