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Chapter 264
December 7, 20XX (Saturday)
Various Places

"We have finally finished it all!" Trisha shouted, raising the glass of her beer to cheers with the new men . After two weeks, Trisha had completely remodeled the building into a modern contemporary with a showcase of sample living rooms, kitchen, baths, and bedrooms . The third and fourth floor already finished fast as the paintings were transferred under the careful and trained eyes of Elias .
After two weeks worth of stressing and working nonstop, Trisha had finished everything just in time! Although the third floor was still bare, Trisha had already accomplished so much with that short of a time frame . The day after the next day, which was Monday, the building would be opening . Many artists were already beaming with excitement on the net as Miss M would also showcase more new paintings!
Amidst the employee's celebration, Mei Lin arrived with her husband following behind . Everyone stood and straightened in fright . Their CEO, Mei Lin, was a kind and gentle lady, but everyone knows that CEO Zhao Yang was not someone average men like them could easily talk . They have heard that CEO Zhao Yang was also someone who was not easy to get along, so all the men were sweating bullets as they stiffly greeted the newlyweds .
Seeing Zhao Yang, Trisha suddenly remembered the paintings that Mei Lin and Elias had hidden on a particular room on the fourth floor . The first time that she had seen the paintings, Trisha had blushed so hard as Elias teased her reaction . The fact that the paintings were like pornographic images of the young CEO brought Trisha near to hysterics . Mei Lin had grinned and mocked her for finding Yang hot . Trisha had run out so fast that Mei Lin and Elias were left alone in the hidden room to laugh their asses off of their bodies .
"Congratulations, you did an amazing job again," Yang told Trisha with his right arm securely holding unto Mei Lin's right shoulder . Yang had always found Trisha's designs to be classy and elegant without being too over the top .
Trisha blushed and looked at the ground . The painting still fresh in her mind . She nodded and then made weak excuses to distance herself from Yang, "I need to make sure that everything is finished on the back . Excuse me, Ceo Zhao and Mei Lin . "
Yang turned to Mei Lin and asked with a surprised expression, "I never remembered Trisha Fuller to be that shy? Is there something wrong with her? Did being fired from I . A . I . changed her?"
Knowing the cause of Trisha's shyness, Mei Lin giggled and comforted Yang, "She is fine . She might have eaten something bad . "
Secretary Bai, who had come due to Yang's insistence, saw everything and was suspicious with Trisha falling in love with his CEO . Feeling pissed off all of a sudden, Secretary Bai walked towards to Trisha's direction . He was determined to discourage Trisha from falling in love with a married man . Misunderstanding everything, Secretary Bai made a fool of himself to Trisha that afternoon .

Mei Lin showed Yang everything there was to see, even the spacious third floor and the bare rooftop . Trisha had planned to design the rooftop with landscaping, but they need to find someone who could landscape first . Every time Mei Lin started explaining or just telling stories about her plans, Yang could feel his smile widen . Seeing Mei Lin this jolly made Yang happy and energized .
Although Yang was busy with figuring out the spy in Zhao Manor, his business, and black market activities, Mei Lin was very understanding and had helped him with his paperwork multiple times . In fact, Mei Lin had spent half of her day in her own project, while half was spent with him and they would both do paperwork . Yang would then leave Mei Lin to be his proxy on meetings as he would go to Zhao Manor to support Mother Zhao in her quest to question the guards and weed out the infiltrator .
On that evening in Li Manor, Li Ru Shi was on Alexandre's lap reading a card with a handmade painting on the front of Alexandre kissing her cheeks . Ru Shi read the words out loud, so Alexandre doesn't need to stop what he was doing with her neck, "To Mr . and Mrs . Li, M&Friends' Designs invites you to the grand opening of our first store at XXX Street on December 9th, 20XX at 8 am to 5 pm . Please come at your leisure . "
Ru Shi moaned as Alexandre's hands began to explore her body as she read the words that Mei Lin scribbled on the side, "Yang and his friends said they would come at around 10 am . Alexandre might come at that time; ask your husband . "
Alexandre growled, annoyed at being put second that the card on her hands . He snatched the card and threw it at his back . Ru Shi groaned as her body was pushed into the mattress . She buried her head into the duvet and let Alexandre do what she badly wanted him to do, praying that the card that Mei Lin did was fine on the floor . It had a drawing done by Miss M . If she were to sell that drawing, it would cost high!
At Xue Manor, Chang Min gave his grandparents and his father envelopes from Mei Lin . When they opened it and read the contents, everyone was excited and was talking nonstop about Mei Lin's achievements . As expected of a man with a brother complex, Chang Min added more compliments about Mei Lin .
On a small hideout, David had an invitation on his hands with Hao Ren's name . Although he would like to come, the injury on his thighs was too raw to allow him to move much . He cannot show his face to Zhao Yang with a glaring weakness, so he had to heal first . Mei Lin will be his, anyway . No need to hurry .