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Chapter 265
December 9, 20XX (Monday)
Wu Building

Watching the crowd that has gathered outside, Mei Lin was nervous for the ribbon cutting and the small speech that she had to deliver to finish the opening . The day of their company opening has finally arrived . Mei Lin was immaculately dressed in a new winter dress that Yue had especially picked for her . On Mei Lin's side was her powerful husband, guarding her like a hawk . Her hold in Yang's arm tightened as she imaged all the wrong things that could happen this day .
Looking at the back, her employees were scrambling to tidy the room, arrange the chairs, prepare the finger foods, and made sure the elevators were running properly . Mei Lin steeled her spine, feeling the heavy responsibility of her employees . She was the one that they needed to be able to have the money that they needed to feed themselves of their family . Mei Lin realized why Yue did not want to inherit any large responsibility from her family . The feeling of people's lives hanging in the balance on your palms made Mei Lin want to vomit in nervousness . Mei Lin knew how much nervous she was since never had she ever felt nauseous every time she felt the nerves, only just now .
When the hour slowly reached nine am, Trisha let all the invited guests and artists into the room and slowly fill the chairs that were on the center of their large consultation room beside the showroom . Since it had floor-to-ceiling transparent glass windows, all the reporters could see the activities inside . Their cameras flashed so brightly that Mei Lin felt her nauseous turning worse . She clung into Yang's arms as her support . The other time that she experienced this kind of fame was when she was doing the program for the orphanage .
"Calm down, you will do fine," Yang told her, dragging her shoulders to the place were Ru Shi, and his friends were seating . Ru Shi and Mei Lin immediately hugged like they were long lost sisters separated at birth . The flashes on the cameras that turned more wild made Mei Lin flinch and cower behind Ru Shi . Grinning widely, Ru Shi waved at the cameras and then mentioned them to minimizes the flashes because of Mei Lin, which again made the paparazzi wild .
Sighing in disappointment, Ru Shi said to Mei Lin, "I can never tell them what to do, so you need to get used to it now . "
Yang dragged Mei Lin back into his arms and jokingly warned Alexandre, "Keep your wife in check because she is planning to influence my wife . "
Alexandre snorted, unattractively and pulled Ru Shi into his arms like Yang did with Mei Lin and retorted, "My wife is amazing just the way she is, so Mei Lin learning a thing or two would benefit you . . . "
Even if nobody outside could hear what the two CEO was uttering, their imaginations ran rampant when they saw the two friend's prying their wives from each other . The paparazzi went nuts when the Xue family entered, and an old man following behind the young CEO Xue . Speculations rose when Mei Lin greeted them warmly and even kissed each of the Xue's cheeks . What was even weirder for them was that CEO Zhao did not stop her from doing so even when he was so jealous of other men or women who his wife would mingle .

When all the members of the Zhao Family arrived with more additional guards, everyone outside was shouting and vehemently taking pictures of the usually elusive family . It was rare for them to gather together for the media to see . Only Zhao Yue would post something on social media to update the people of her family, but aside from that, not even the newlyweds have social media except what their companies' used .
The program started with Trisha and Elias being the MC and showing a video of what the process was like to the creation of the Company . There was a written speech that Mei Lin did as Miss M to show the world that Miss M will also be working with M&Friends' Designs . When Trisha called Mei Lin, everyone head turned to her so fast Mei Lin could feel the weight of their gazed piercing into her skin .
Mei Lin walked into the platform with all the grace and elegance that she could muster . Seeing Yue's small cheer for her by fist bumping her hands together, Mei Lin smiled . Yang clapped his hands as she looked at him and moved his lips to form into words that read I love you and the same if uttered out loud .
"I am proud to welcome you to the start of M&Friends' Designs . Miss M and I have the same aspiration to use local artists, materials, and manpower as much as we can . Although my designer and Miss M's art agent are foreign nationals, I am sure that their hearts are with us, Chinese citizens . This grand opening will be one step to more hundreds we have to take, so we thank you for your support from the beginning and, hopefully, to more years to come!"
Mei Lin then cut the ribbon that was in front of her after delivering the speech with Elias' help . Taking the Scissors out of Mei Lin's hand, Elias motioned for Yang to help Mei Lin as she wavered in standing up . Her knees weakened in her nervousness, feeling lethargic all of a sudden .
Cameras went wide again as Yang steadied her shoulders, showing a side to him that no ordinary man in the public had seen . His mouth curled downwards into a frown as he guided Mei Lin on the side to make way for the event to continue . Even when Trisha and Elias worked hard to take the attention into the food that was prepared, Mei Lin and Yang's cute moment were still what fed everyone's eyes .