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Chapter 266
December 13-19, 20XX (Friday- Thursday)
Various Places

"Ru Shiiiii! Do me a favor?"
On the thirteenth day of December, Mei Lin went to Ru Shi's home with piles of paper and a pleading look plastered on her face . Ever since M&Friends' Designs have opened, there were only two customers that have reached out to them, and only one had continued their inquiries . Trisha had come up with the idea of advertising their company to increase the sales of their services .
When they saw how many millions it would take to promote on traditional media and other social media platforms, Trisha had retracted her plans and wallow in self-pity . It was Elias the suggested making a ruckus on Social Media with the help of someone famous . The first people that immediately came to Mei Lin's mind was Ru Shi and Yue . Since Yue did not need to redecorate her room, Ru Shi was the best option especially when Ru Shi had already talked about wanting to redo her closet .
"Depends on what you want . " Ru Shi said as she pretended to look at her nails and blow on it, acting like a taciturn woman .
Mei Lin immediately pleaded, "Will you let us redo your closet?"
"I was only joking back then though!" Ru Shi exclaimed as she defended her posts, surprised at the unexpected request .
Mei Lin said, "We want to document the process and post it on our social media account, are you alright with that?"
Ru Shi shrugged, "Sure . I am used to the camera, anyway . "
Mei Lin grinned as she added, "And you have to reshare the post too!"
"Oh, I see what you want!" Ru shi taunted, "You are using me as a stepping stone! How dare you . "
Mei Lin pouted and acted cutely . She leaned her head to the older woman's shoulder and pleaded, "I'll be the one spending everything, so you don't need to spend even one coin . Please?"
Ru Shi snorted as she looked at Mei Lin's desperate face . Mei Lin was a woman who married the youngest billionaire in the country, but she still made ways not to bother Yang with her own problems . This kind of woman is what Ru Shi liked the most . A woman strong enough to stand for herself but knows her weaknesses and strive for help when she needed . Li Ru Shi accepted the offer without any more complaints or teasing remarks .
The next week after their conversation, on Monday, Ru Shi was amazed at how fast Mei Lin had assembled her team . She was more weird out when Mei Lin had told her that they would be done with everything in a week . No interior designer could sort through the amount of clothes that she had accumulated in her years in Television in a week!
True to her expectations, Mei Lin had made Ru Shi sit down as Trisha interview her which clothes were for keeps or for donation . Ru Shi's mind was in a blur to all of these happenings as everyone was doing all things all at once . Ru Shi had finally seen some of the clothes that she had been looking for and had also seen clothes that still have price tags . After sorting some clothes, Trisha had then asked her what she wanted on her closet, and Ru Shi answered with an eagerness that could match Trisha's design obsession .

The following days after, Ru Shi had not seen the state of her closet, although Mei Lin helped her sort out the rest of her clothes, which ended with Ru Shi throwing most of the stuff into the donation bin . She knew there were large men ready to demolish it . Ru Shi had told Alexandre her awe when the next day after, cabinets were said to have been installed as Trisha had asked her preferences colors .
The next days went too slow for the impatient and excited Ru Shi . She had updated every movement that Mei Lin's company had done to her closet just as she promised Mei Lin . Sometimes, Ru Shi would take a video with herself bugging Mei Lin endless questions about her the state of her closet . Every time Mei Lin only smirked at her and shook her head . Not knowing that she was videotaped, Mei Lin behaved as she would ordinarily do . She had even complained to Ru Shi about the new pimple that grew on her neck .
When Mei Lin discovered the series of videos, she had pouted in front of Yang who was laughing so hard at his wife . Yang had even tilted her chin up to see if there was a pimple, he chuckled when a small red dot was seen .
Yue had taken a picture of them with Yang looking at the pimple as they were in the dining table when Yue had delivered the news about Mei Lin from Ru Shi's videos . She then posted the photo in her social media, tagging Ru Shi and captioning, 「Big Brother needed to see the famous pimple . #DogFoodIsBitter」
The netizens then turned everything into a large sensation . Some made memes about the famous pimple while others were also expressing their bitterness at being single, agreeing and sympathizing with Yue . Because of the flood of attention in Mei Lin's company's account, Trisha forced her to make her own account to stop her fans from demanding more pictures of herself and Yang .
It did not take long for Mei Lin to make a new account, naming it Zhao Mei Lin instead of the Mei Li which she was known to have . Her fans were curious with the added n but just kept quiet about it after Mei Lin added a picture of herself with Yang when they had their first date with Chang Min photobombing at the back while captioning it a 「The time when Big Brother Chang Min liked to tease Yang and me with an unexpected appearance . . . Picture was taken on November 21 of last year . 」