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Chapter 267: 267
December 20, 20XX (Friday)
Various Places

Because of the ruckus that Mei Lin, Ru Shi, and Yue had made in the net, Mei Lin's company faced a growing demand of customers and interests with the media . There were even companies that wanted to sponsor or invest in her newly made Company . Yang and Chang Min had expressed their interest in being her company's sole investors in an act to protect her .
Mei Lin immediately stopped Yang and her elder brother with a reprimand . They needed to focus on more critical tasks than her company like the terrorist group and the spy or spies that they needed to weed out . Yang and Chang Min could only be appeased when Mei Lin promised that she would not allow anyone else to invest in her company .
The netizens online have also flocked to Mei Lin's social media as she and Yang had somehow grown fans because of their 'love team . ' Yue was mocking Mei Lin about her newfound fame, but Mei Lin was somewhat thankful for it as her company had many interests for it .
After the older driver drove Yang to Y Building, Mei Lin was then driven to the Li Manor to unveil the finished closet to Ru Shi . In fact, Ru Shi had continued to text her to hurry up so she could see her closet fast . Because they were filming the unveiling for Trisha and Elias to make a mini-series on the company's social media account, Mei Lin had to be there in person to present Ru Shi what her company has done .
"Why were you so late!" Ru Shi's shrill voice greeted Mei Lin as she entered the large master bedroom . Alexandre pried his wife away from Mei Lin as he nodded his head to welcome Mei Lin . He was there for the unveiling because of Ru Shi's insistence .
"I was held up because of Yang," Mei Lin muttered with a blush, giving red themed ideas in everyone's mind .
Before Ru Shi could tease her, Alexandre started the reveal as he covered the mouth of his wife and said to Trisha and Elias' way, "Let's start . I still have things to do . "
After the reveal and the cameras stopped rolling, Mei Lin was sitting on the ottoman on the side as Ru Shi started to familiarize herself with the contents of every white drawer . The actress was still amazed that Trisha and her team could completely renovate her generous walk-in closet . Trisha had even categorized everything and had also left space for more stuff that she was sure to accumulate in her job .
"I saw your new account," Ru Shi commented as she opened another drawer and memorizing its contents .
Mei Lin snorted while she slumped her back into the ottoman and said, "Trisha was annoyed with all the 'fans' asking for my personal information in the company's account, so I had to make one to satisfy them . "
" . . . and you have to post a picture of you and Yang with your brother? You did not think that the netizens would notice how close you are to Chang Min and might get the wrong idea?"
Mei Lin sat up and looked straight at Ru Shi as she replied, "I did think about this possibility, but I doubt that it would escalate much . "
Ru Shi hesitantly nodded, "I am just concerned that the terrorists might recognize your connection with the Bonapartes through Chang Min . He faces constant threats around him because of his fame and bloodline . Alexandre told me that your father might not be a legitimate heir, but your the current Bonaparte head recognized your father as his son . "
"To tell you the truth, I am more scared of Ye Lan causing more drama as she and Hao Ren have control with a medium sized company . " Mei Lin admitted .
"Ye Lan is nothing after your company uploads the video of your design renovation process . " RI Shi added with a smirk, "Trisha works very efficiently that she only needs a week to do an intensive room makeover . No one in Beijing could be that fast yet and still deliver quality . "
"I am so thankful for your trust in me, but I can't deal with the pressure!" Mei Lin acted as if she swooned .
"I don't trust you to be the best as I . A . I . interior design, but I trust your staff to be greater . " Li Ru Shi explained a pearl of wisdom that she had learned before, "You company depends on your efforts, but if you have no capable employees to have your back, your efforts are nothing . "
Mei Lin was grateful for the wisdom that Ru Shi had shared . It definitely hit closer to home . Mei Lin admitted to herself and to anyone else that M&Friends' Designs was only able to be built because of her employees turned friends . Mei Lin was not the one responsible, but the people at her back who pushed her up are capable .
"I should warn you ahead of time that having a social media can be amazing at times, and then turns worst the next . " Ru Shi told her before Mei Lin returned to the Manor .
Later, the video of all their design process will be uploaded on the net . Mei Lin was excited to see the finished edit . Scrolling down her newly made account, Mei Lin could see why Ru Shi warned her about sharing life stories in public . Even with just a single post, people were already starting to hate her, and some were already growing idolatry .
Social Media is such a double-edged sword .