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Chapter 268: 268
December 20, 20XX (Friday)
Various Places

Mei Lin was with Yang when Ru Shi's closet remake was uploaded into the net . She was helping with Yang's paperwork when her phone was crazily beeping with notifications as she was continually being tagged, mentions, and all things that made her cellphone vibrate so loudly that she wanted to throw it against the wall to achieve silence . She pouted at her phone, crossing her arms in hatred as her eyes glared at her vibrating phone that was dancing because of the vibrations .
It was Yang that took it first and scrolled to all the notifications with Mei Lin's eyes trained at his every move and all the minuscule change of his expression . Reading through all the DMs and the comments, Yang was pleasantly surprised . He had already known that Mei Lin was waiting for her newly made company to upload the project that they started with Ru Shi, but he never knew it would cause this much sensation . The fact that Ru Shi and Yue had shared it caused more excitement about the video online .
"You have a fan base now? I never knew that . " Yang muttered at Mei Lin as he dragged her chair the closest he could to his chair . He then wrapped one arm around Mei Lin's waist . What the young CEO hates the most was when he read men of all shapes, sizes, and age had commented on how hot or beautiful Mei Lin was even beside an actress known for her impeccable looks and fashion . Those men where obviously drooling over his wife- The Zhao Yang's wife!
"I don't have a fan base . People are just curious about me," Mei Lin admitted her thoughts .
Having no social media for himself, Yang had only been told that by his wife that she had made one due to the insistent demands of Trisha . He had never known what she would post or how much it impacted other people's attention because to him, and nothing has ever changed except how moody Mei Lin was becoming . Her gentle attitude had now slowly turned into the new green-eyed monster . Although Yang found her jealously cute, it could sometimes be annoying especially when he needed to talk to other women like his secretaries .
Of course, Yang had not said anything about her jealousy because he was the same green-eyed monster when it comes to her . In fact, right now as he continued to read comments that flirt with Mei Lin, Yang's blood was already boiling . He tapped his fingers on her waist as he cooked up a plan to show who Mei Lin's heart and body belongs!
"What are you doing?" Mei Lin asked, horrified as Yang positioned Mei Lin on his lap then wrapping one arm on her shoulder so his wedding ring could be seen .
Yang then took a video as he made his claim, "MY WIFE is the prettiest . "
Mei Lin's face burned in embarrassment as his voice was like a shout as he said 'my wife . ' She tried to pry her phone off of his hands but being the giant Yang was, her efforts were fruitless . The next thing she knew, Yang had already uploaded the video with a caption that said, 「Rule One: Don't flirt with my wife because only I can legally do that . 」
It had been crazy before, but now it was insane . People reposted it and made the post the number one trending topic that was created by Yue when she reposted the video with a hashtag '#ZhaoYangOwns . '
When they went back to the Manor, Mei Lin buried her face in Yang's chest as Yue teased her about the hashtag . In fact, even Ru Shi had jumped into the bandwagon and started calling Mei Lin, Zhao Yang's wife instead of her name . It irritated Mei Lin a little, but she couldn't help but be aroused at his claim . Someone who was so famous and wealthy as Yang was showed that he was not afraid of not hiding his relationship . A bit cheesy, but Mei Lin liked how protective he was . Usually, a woman would have run away from how possessive he was, but Mei Lin loved it . She loved it because even if Yang was possessive, he was hot obsessive . He still gave her room to stretch her wings to fly as long as he was flying beside her .
"Remember that you are only mine . I will not share!" Yang had muttered those words to her ears over and over, that night . Mei Lin had fallen asleep to those words that seemed like hypnosis disguised as a lullaby .
In I . A . I . Interior Design, Ye Lan's already messy office had turned into an OCD's nightmare . Never had she expected Mei Lin's company to gather this much interest in such a short amount of time! It was David's idea to let Trisha go even if Ye Lan was adamant not to since Trisha was one of the best interior designers she knew .
Calling the spy that David had planted on Mei Lin's side, Ye Lan's hands were tense and clenched hard on itself . Hearing a man's voice say hello, Ye Lan immediately shouted, "Why are you not destroying the company that stupid orphan is making?!"
"I need to show them that I can be trusted first . Master David had told me to do my best first, and I can tear it down later when their guards are down, and the company is much stable . "
Ye Lan slammed the phone in anger causing the glass screen to break into a million pieces . She but her thumb as she plotted to make rumors about Mei Lin instead . If David would not allow her company to go down, then she can just destroy Mei Lin's reputation . It was easy enough to do especially when social media is involved .