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Chapter 269
December 23, 20XX (Monday)
Various Places

Yang had found that Mei Lin was behaving like a lethargic cat or an angry volcano, aside from being the green-eyed monster . Before, she used to wake up so early, but now, he was the one to wake her up . Mei Lin used to be jolly in the mornings, but now she would gamble and refuse to wake up . In fact, getting up in the morning was one big struggle because Mei Lin always wanted Yang to cuddle with her .
Most of his employees had seen Mei Lin behaving like a cat . She would perch herself on his lap and refuse to go back to her own comfy chair . Mei Lin would also intertwine their fingers, which made Yang's work harder to do . If he tried to appease her to let go, she would start tearing up, causing Yang just to give up and let her do whatever .
Because Trisha and Elias we're self-sufficient employees, Mei Lin was not needed on the company unlike he was with his international conglomerate . In fact, Mei Lin was usually with Yang helping him with his paperwork or causing more work when she asks him for hugs . What was more surprising was how moody she could, shifting from one emotion to the next in a matter of seconds .
When lunchtime started, Yang immediately called the two people that he wanted to take Mei Lin's attention away from him . He took his phone from his pocket so fast and so excitedly that Mei Lin grew suspicious . His wife asked, "What are you doing?"
"I am calling Ling Ling and Chang," Yang answered as he touched his nose in helplessness .
"Really? Where? Why didn't you wait for me?" Mei Lin asked, searching his phone, climbing on his lap, and sitting on the place that was very sensitive for men . Yang stifled his groan from the pleasure that Mei Lin's more had caused him as the small screen of the phone displayed the faces of Chang and Ling Ling .
"Mom!" The two children choruses with excitement .
"My babies! How are you doing?" Mei Lin asked, wiggling her butt to tease her husband . Yang had to hide his face on her shoulder as his breathing grew heavy .
"Mom, you ask that question every time you call us!" Ling Ling pouted and complained, surely .
Being a smart ass, Chang added, "Which meant you ask us that every day on lunch or after dinner . "
Yang was behind Mei Lin with his hands holding Mei Lin's waist to stop moving so the children would not notice what their mother was doing .
Dammit, this woman is maddening sometimes!
"Mom, I learned how to finger paint . " Ling Ling started to tell the story of what she had done yesterday after and this day's morning .
Mei Lin and Yang always call Ling Lin and Chang through the phone that they left in the Matron's care every lunchtime of the company, which was after the children have already eaten their meals . The two children's adoption has been going smoothly, and Mei Lin and Yang were excited to have them on the manor . The matron and their representative for the adoption process told them that they might have full legal custody of the children between Christmas or New Year's Day . It was one of the reasons that Yang and Mother Zhao had been pulling their hair out trying to discover who the spies are on the Manor .

Once their usual call ended, Mei Lin turned to Yang, wrapped her arms around his neck, and sobbed, "Why can't we have them now? They are basically out children now!"
Yang caressed her back to calm her, soothing her sobs into gentle sniffs . She was talking like an excited duckling and then crying the next . What's next? Anger?
"I need to call our representative . I will demand that she works faster!" Mei Lin scrambled off of his lap to her bag, placed on the sofa in the center . Yang shook his head; she was behaving like a moody pregnant woman . Suddenly, the realization hit Yang like a hard brick thrown straight into the face . Touching his nose helplessly, Yang felt excited and afraid at that same time . If Mei Lin was indeed pregnant, then she needed to stop stressing herself . Being pregnant would be the possible reason as to why she was so lethargic, moody, and always sleepy .
Yang stopped himself from expecting too much . Mei Lin could very well be just PMS-ing so hard that her personality changes . Her food intake has not even increased, according to his observations . It was highly unlikely that she was pregnant .
When Mei Lin went out to talk to Secretary Bai, Yang dialed Dr . Zhang Li Xi's number with shaking hands and mixed emotions . He wanted children, but at the same time, having children amidst this busy days was going to be hard .
"I think Mei Lin is pregnant," Yang bluntly said one his call was picked up .
Dr . Zhang Li Xi could be heard choking on the other line . It took the doctor a while you be calm enough to process the information before he shouted, "Why aren't you getting her checked? This is important? You need confirmation . "
Yang sighed, "I might only be seeing things because of my wants . "
The doctor started enumerating the typical signs of pregnancy, "Is she experiencing Nausea and Vomiting?"
Yang sighed, "No . "
"Is she frequently urinating?"
"Not that I have observed, no," Yang answered .
"Is she having cravings or aversion to a certain food?"
"She always likes food, but no, she's eating the same amount as usual . " Yang deadpanned . The more his friend asked him about these typical signs of pregnancy, the more Yang lost hope . Mei Lin was only moody and sleepy, as he has observed .
It was probably just PMS .
Yang clicked his tongue in disappointment . He needed to work harder .