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Chapter 270
December 23, 20XX (Monday)
Y Building, Beijing

"Did she have her menstrual cycle?" Dr . Zhang Li Xi continued to ask Yang all the possible questions . The doctor hoped for Mei Lin to be pregnant as soon as possible too . He liked Ling Ling and Chang calling him uncle and having another kid calling him his new title would be another fantastic feeling . Everyone else was also excited for the newlyweds to have their baby even people online have been crying out for a baby bun .
"I don't remember," Yang admitted as he tried to remember if Mei Lin had her monthly visit . Due to his busy schedule, he did not notice if she did .
As if knowing that she was being talked about, Mei Lin appeared with a wide grin as she opened the door with a loud bang . Yang flinched on his chair when the loud noise surprised him . His eyes looked at Mei Lin with a slight glare, which was ignored by his wife . Mei Lin looked at the phone on his hand and motioned who was on the other line .
"It's Li Xi," Yang told his wife instantaneously to avoid more of her suspicious glances .
"Why are you calling him?" Mei Lin asked .
Shifting nervously on his chair, Yang softly muttered, afraid that Mei Lin would be angry at his assumptions, "You have been moody lately, and I had thought that you were pregnant . "
Mei Lin froze when she heard the word 'Pregnant' being uttered pass his lips . It took her a while of blinking her doe eyes in shock to register what her husband meant . Laughing loudly, Mei Lin had tears on her eyes due to her amusement . Yang narrowed his eyes, refraining the need to push her into the table to show her his dominion over her .
"I had my cycle one week ago," Mei Lin said, to the disappointment of the two men . She was disappointed too when she found spots of blood on her panties and when it lasted for three days, Mei Lin knew that she was not pregnant . Just to make sure, Mei Lin made sure that she was healthy to bear children . In fact, she slept a minimum of seven hours, followed a healthy diet plan with the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients for her body, made sure that every time Yang would release inside her, and took care not to stress herself too much just in case .
" . . . We can check you to be sure . . . " Dr . Zhang Li Xi told after a while of silence . He wanted to be one hundred percent sure . Proper testing and examinations were needed to come on a particular fact . Although it was highly unlikely, there was still a minuscule possibility that she was pregnant . Although pregnancy was not his field of expertise, just moodiness and sleepiness was not enough to guarantee Mei Lin to be pregnant, but again, she might just have a carefree baby . Mei Lin needs to have herself checked to have proof .
"I told you, I had my menstruation last week!" Mei Lin pouted .
Dr . Zhang Li Xi hurried to appease her, "We need evidence before we rule out a possibility . "
"If I feel changes in my body, you will be the first to know . " Mei Lin stubbornly insisted while crossing her arms in front of her, causing her boobs to rise . Yang drooled at her figure against the backdrop of his office . Suddenly the craving to have her beneath him came back like a raging snowstorm .

"I don't want to go to the hospital with little hope and be disappointed . Having children and a family for my own has been my most fervent wish . To check for it so early and end up with no results would break my heart . " Mei Lin added .
Both men understood what she meant . It was not because Mei Lin was sure she was not pregnant that she did not want to have herself checked, but because she wants to be a little more convinced that she is to avoid disappointments .
"Alright, I can understand but let me know as soon as you feel something alright!" Dr . Zhang Li Xi demanded before he hung up .
Yang was amazed that Mei Lin calmly sat down beside him and stayed quiet . She did not get angry at him for assuming nor did she glare or pout at him in irritation . He was glad that she was just calm instead . Seeing her expression change from quiet to sadness, Yang knew that she was wearing her mask again . Mei Lin was showing a strong font, but Yang knew that she was very disappointed when she had her menstruation .
Hoping to cheer her up, Yang asked, "Mei Lin, can I borrow something?"
Mei Lin nodded, "Sure, what do you need?"
"Your lips," Yang drawled .
Mei Lin looked up with big surprised eyes, and then it wrinkled as she smiled at him . Yang wanted her to go to the hospital to have a check-up, but it would not do their relationship well if he would force her, so he needs to wait those three months for everything to show . Mei Lin leaned closer to him . Yang captured her lips with his, covering it entirely in his scent .
For now, all he could do was double his effort . Aside from the fact that they wanted children, Yang had also been planning to take her in his office . He might as well kill two birds with one stone . Pressing the hidden button near his computer, Yang heard a loud click as the door locked . He loosened his necktie and smirked .
The best kind of work, for him, is making children with her .