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Chapter 276
December 30, 20XX (Monday) - January 3, 20X2 (Friday)
Various Places Because they were only allowed to stay for three days in France, Mei Lin and Chang Min had to fly back to Beijing and leave their father to Elizar's care . Mei Lin was very reluctant to go . She had wanted to insist on staying but knew that it was impossible . She and Chang Min went to the airport and returned with a heavy heart . Before they had left their father, Jerome Bonaparte had both hugged them so hard . Mei Lin had accepted the offered hug without shook, but Chang Min had frozen in the middle like a comical robot being stopped midway of doing something . "Take care . I will be back in Saturday or Sunday . Let me do my part and lay your great-grandpa's body to rest . " Jerome had told them while he had hugged them . Chang Min and Mei Lin could only nod their heads . Even if they want to stay, What more can they do? France was not their territory nor do they have any relation so with France . On their way back to Beijing, Mei Lin slept through every possible minute that she was seated and leaning on her brother's shoulder . Chang Min had sighed, her sleepiness was too intense to be just PMS . The older brother had a gut feeling that she was indeed pregnant as Yang had theorized . If only Mei Lin could notice her behaviors and get herself check at the hospital to have a solid confirmation . Knowing how stubborn a Xue Family Member is, Chang Min just shrugged . When they landed on their birthplace, Chang Min had to carry Mei Lin to disembark on his private jet . Even with being justed and moved around so much, Mei Lin continued to sleep . It was amazing that she was not snoring especially with how deep her sleep was . The car ride back to Zhao Manor was silent just as their plane ride . "She's asleep? Did she only had few hours of sleep in France?" Yang asked his friend this question the first thing Chang Min was in hearing range . Chang Min complained, "I should be the one sleeping . She slept through everything, even slept while sitting doNow in the wake . " Yang chuckled as his friend showed a helpless expression . Now he knew what Yang had been dealing with for the last days . While taking Mei Lin off of her older brother's arms, Yang asked, "How are you?" "I am doing fine . It's the old man we should worry about . Great-grandpa was his everything before we were in the picture . Dad is staying here in your manor after the funeral . " admitted Chang Min . Yang nodded, understanding the load it meant on the Bonaparte's shoulders . He gripped Mei Lin's body closed to him as if he was afraid to let go . "When will he arrive? I need help with the spy here and with . . . " Yang trailed as he looked down at the woman sleeping on his arms . Chang Min smirked, "I see . You are using my father to calm the beast . " Yang snorted, "Don't let her hear you call her that . You'll get a beating . " "As if I would let her beat me like you would . . . " Chang Min drawled . "Did you forget the possibility of her being pregnant? Not even you would allow her to move pass kicking . " Yang deadpanned . Face blanched in horror; Chang Min remembered the state of his little sister and how fragile she was . Hurriedly running away, Chang Min left Zhao Manor in minutes, afraid that his little sister would kill him . Chang Min knew that if she would finally have confirmation, she would be using it and blackmailing him into doing so much for her . Feeling the shivers run through his spine, Chang Min cursed his little sister for being a wolf in sheep clothing . Three days later, Jerome Bonaparte arrived in Beijing with Elizar on his side . The large sunglasses that blocked Jerome's eyes from being seen made him look more of a snub that he already seemed . People's head turned as he passed by . He had left the mask of his grandfather in France, burying it with him as a promise to face everything straight on as a father . He needed to make up for all the things he did wrong to his children . Although he was still mourning the grandfather, who raised him; he must be stronger than his children . When an unfamiliar black sedan rolled close to him, Elizar was the first one to ask as the old driver went out of his seat to open the car door for them to get inside . Elizar asked, "Are you the driver sent by Zhao Yang?" When the driver nodded, Jerome blatantly looked at the car's plate number on the back and read it . Knowing how paranoid he was, his son-in-law had sent him all the details he could inquire to ease his troubled heart . Pushing Elizar to get inside the backseat first, Jerome felt the excitement to see his daughter and son again . Before he went inside the car, Jerome turned to the driver and told, "I need to go to Xue Manor first . " "Of course, sir . " the old driver said, tensely . Eyes narrowed in suspicion, Jerome saw how closed the driver's body language was . Arms in the front ready to push anyone away, feet together but wide enough to sprint, eyes tucked in the corner of his gazr to signal his discomfort, and back hunched as if he was ready to protect himself from an attact . Along the drive home, Elizar and Jerome noticed how the skin above the driver's neck did not match with the color of his skin on the back of his hand . Smirking, Jerome could not believe how easy it was . He needed to taunt his son-in-law if this old driver was indeed the truth . He found him so quickly too! Guess being in disguise for years as Mei Lin's mentor had its use .