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Chapter 277
January 6, 20X2 (Monday)
Various Places

There was peace in Zhao Manor . Mother Zhao together with Father Zhao was in the living room, having tea with Jerome Bonaparte and Mei Lin . It was already amazing that Mother Zhao and Jerome was in the same room and not at each other's neck . Father Zhao loved days of peace like these .
"Mei Li, our adoption has been approved! Get dressed, hurry up! We can take Chang and Ling Ling now!" Yang shouted as the door slammed into the wall, disturbing the peace . His tuxedo was crumpled and hair disheveled .
"Really?!" Mei Lin stood from her chair and jumped in shock and happiness . She threw the small pillow she was holding to her father and ran to the door with no ounce of grace nor poise, stumping her feet like she was a giant because of her excitement .
Yang was standing, in shock when he saw gentle Mei Lin behave like a cavewoman in her excitement . Mei Lin passed him as she ran, "What are you doing standing there like an idiot! Hurry up!"
"Wait!" Yang shouted, hands reaching out to Mei Lin, only to grasp air as Mei Lin was fast enough to leave her husband into a sprint . Yang warned again, "Mei Lin! Don't run; you might fall!"
"I'm not running! I'm walking faster!" Mei Lin replied with a huff . Her hair was starting to be disheveled as she walked as fast as she could .
Yang followed after her while trying to appease her, "Calm down! Think of your body! You might be pregnant . "
"I'm not pregnant yet! Your little swimmers are too slow!" Mei Lin shouted, her voice mocking Yang as her lips sneered in mocking . Yang ignored her and continued to demand his wife to slow down, worried about her health and the health of their possible child .
"Seeing them behave like this, makes me think if they are responsible enough for children," Mother Zhao said, watching the two disappeared because of the growing distance .
Jerome snorted, "Chang and Ling Ling are responsible enough to take care of their parents . Don't worry about it . "
Mother Zhao glared at Jerome, hands clenching . Father Zhao ignored them an continued to sip his tea as if nothing was amiss . He knew what was going to happen next, and he particularly does not want to be involved .
Jerome triumphantly smirked when he drawled, "As the woman who let an obvious spy in the Manor as a driver, you can't talk about responsibilities that much . "
"Get out!" Mother Zhao fumed, hands curled
"Gladly, I will wait on the parlor so I can be the first one to greet my grandchildren . . . " Jerome knew he had won this round, so he made sure to tease his opponent .
"No! Go back to your room! I will be the one to greet them as Mistress of the Manor!" Mother Zhao stumped her feet as she stood up .
"Well, you can't command me!" Jerome taunted .
Father Zhao calmly placed the white and blue porcelain teacup in front of its platter as he watched his wife and Jerome arguing . Even when the doors closed and Father Zhao was the only one left in the room, their argument could still be heard . He shook his head in frustration; only Mu Lan could silence those two when they start being a headache .

Before they were married, Father Zhao had been so jealous with Xing Hui Ying and Jerome's interactions . With time, he realized that somewhere very, very deep in their hearts, they treated each other as comrades from families with dark pasts, and felt a sibling bond with each other- siblings that quarrel every second .
Father Zhao stood up and looked outside in the large windows of the living room . Seeing the old driver that had been hired recently, his eyes narrowed . Since his grandchildren are coming soon, they must finish securing the Manor .
Sending a text message to Jerome and Yang, Father Zhao smirked . 「The Spy needs to be taken care off . Pregnant Mei Lin and children in the Manor with a possible danger near them is not an option . 」
「Once the children and Mei Lin is safe on their room with Yang; I will take care of it . 」Jerome replied .
Yang agreed, 「I will distract them . Do you need help with the interrogation?」
「No need, I will help him . 」 Father Zhao replied before locking the screen and observing the people outside the manor .
Meanwhile, outside the Orphanage, Yang was left behind by Mei Lin because he continued to stare at his phone with awe . The young CEO was surprised that his calm and usually in the background father would volunteer to help interrogate someone . It had always been Mother Zhao who was controlling and fierce to her children, but Father Zhao, once angered will never be calm until someone pays .
Mei Lin met with their legal representative for the adoption, and with the Matron first . They talked about the kids, their progress, and so on . Yang arrived on Mei Lin's side before two pairs of small children's feet caused hurried footsteps to be heard in their haste .
Once seeing the two children, Mei Lin's happy grin turned into a sizeable dazzling smile . She kneeled on one knee and spread her arms wide . Without prompt, Mei Lin's hands became full with the children jumping into her warmth with joy . If not for Yang helping steady her with his hands on her back, Mei Lin would have resulted in being planted into the ground .
"You're finally our mom?!" Chang asked .
"Thank you! I love you . " Ling Ling shouted with glee, kissing Mei Lin's checks repeatedly .
Yang touched his nose, helplessly . He knew this would be the start of more chaos in his life . Looking at Mei Lin's happy face, Yang knew it was chaos that he would gladly suffer .
Damn, he got it bad for Mei Lin .