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Chapter 279
January 6, 20X2 (Monday)
Zhao Manor

The two little kids were sandwiched between their parents as they napped . Yang's abnormally long arm easily wrapped his growing family . He was awake and waited for them to open their eyes . To protect them, Yang could not let himself take a nap . He took that time to observe the sleeping behavior of his children .
Chang, although calm and collected while awake, was tossing and turning . Yang could not help but laugh at the little boy, whose head was now hidden inside the covers and feet near Yang's face . Ling Ling and Mei Lin had the same sleeping habits and just stayed still with no sound at all . Seeing his family sleep made Yang sleepy as well, but he bared through the drowse to protect them . As long as he had not received the okay signal from his father, Yang must not waver .
When his phone vibrated, Yang immediately scrambled to take it out of his pockets and read the contents 『You may relax . Jerome had easily apprehended the Spy . We will commence interrogation now . Just to be sure, make the children sleep in your room . 』
Yang clicked his tongue in distaste . Children sleeping in his room meant that he could not take his wife for a ride in the night . He murmured his complaints, but sighed, knowing he cannot change anything . A parent's job is harder than being a CEO .
Going back to resting his head on the pillow, Yang closed his eyes to join his growing family for a nap .
After a while, the first person to wake up was Wu Chang . The boy sat up while rubbing the back of his hands into his eyes to wipe away the remaining sleep . His little head turned left then right, slowly recognizing the place he was in . Seeing Mei Lin and Yang on both ends of the bed, Chang could not help but grin so wide . He could not believe that he was finally someone's child .
Seeing Ling Ling starting to stir, Chang made sure that his little sister's movements would not affect their mother's rest . Slowly and carefully dragging Ling Ling near him . When Ling Ling opened her eyes, she saw Chang gesturing her to be silent with his small pointer finger vertical to his lips . Her eyes rolled to the side as Chang's pointer finger pointed at their mother then to their father sleeping on the side . Ling Ling's eyes opened wide in shock . She was not used to waking up beside other people than little children like them . Her heart leaped with joy; she had parents that would protect her should anything happen to her . Ling Ling was not just Ling Ling anymore . She was now Wu Ling Ling! She had a complete name now!
"What are we going to do?" Ling Ling softly whispered to her older brother . She was not as knowledgable as her older brother, so she had to follow what he says . Ling Ling needed to be good so that she won't be returned to the orphanage .
"We have to wait for them to wake up," Chang answered as he made Ling Ling lay back down . He then slid closer to his little sister and face her while their little hands grip each other .

"But I do not want to sleep again," Ling Ling complained with a pout, her voice was starting to rise .
Chang, in a hurry, patted Ling Ling's shoulder and said, "You don't need to sleep again . We can whisper . "
Ling Ling nodded in agreement, "Okay . What are we going to talk about?"
"Do you want to know more about Dinosaurs?" Chang whispered the first thing that came up to his mind .
Ling Ling pouted again, "That is boring . You always talk about Dinosaurs . "
Chang's lips mirrored Ling Ling's pout as he answered, "Dinosaurs are amazing . "
"What is amazing about them? All of it died . " Ling Lin deadpanned .
Suddenly, both children turned to different directions as they both heard chuckles near their ears . Yang and Mei Lin had listened to every word of their conversation . They were both woken up when Ling Ling asked what their next move was . It was because of curiosity that they kept their eyes closed .
The matron had told them that children after adoption would often stay silent and behaving in fear of being sent to the orphanage, so they were ready to intercept should there be a need to . The new parents were glad that Chang and Ling Ling were not retreating into themselves and actually behaved like they were before they were officially adopted .
"How was your nap?" Mei Lin dragged Ling Ling closer to her as Yang did the same to Chang, cuddling the little children and showering them with kisses .
"I dreamed of being a princess!" Ling Ling started to spin her tales of a princess that was riding a dragon's back to save a knight .
Chang rolled his eyes, "The knight needs to save the princess, and the dragon should be the villain!"
Ling Ling crossed her arms and pouted, "In my dreams, the princess is more strong than the knight! And dragons need love too!"
Mei Lin and Yang could not help but laugh out loud . The conversation was starting to grow heated about the proper behavior of a Princess, which the children took very seriously .
Yang patted Chang's back and interrupted the children's debate, "A princess can save herself should she have the proper training . Your Grandma Zhao can save herself just fine should she be kidnapped . "
Ling Ling gasped in horror, "Not Grandma Zhao! Who would kidnap Grandma! She is amazing!"
Mei Lin kissed Ling Ling's cheeks and said, "It was just an example, Baby girl . "
Yang nodded his head in agreement and said, "How about we ask the maids to send us our dinner here? Since it is your first time in the Manor, why don't we sleep together?"
Mei Lin raised her eyebrows in question at Yang's way . Yang turned on the Television that was not usually used . The two kids gathered in the center of the bed and watched the cartoons with amusement . Although the orphanage had television, they could not easily watch cartoons since the matron and the rest of the adults preferred watching the news .
"Your mother and I will go and wash up, alright? Can you both stay there and watch the tv?" Yang asked while his hands snaked to trap Mei Lin's waist in his hold . Mei Lin's eyes widen, having a hint of what was going to happen if she let herself be dragged into the bathroom . Her husband was insatiable!
"What about the children?" Mei Lin hissed in Yang's way, gritting her teeth in annoyance .
"Chang, Ling Ling, Did you hear me?" Yang asked the two preoccupied children .
"We stay here while you and Mom wash up?" Ling Ling answered, not bothering to move her head away from the television .
Chang had the decency to nod at his father and added, "We will stay here . "
Yang grinned as he looked down to his wife and whispered, "See even our children agree with me . We have to wash up . "
Mei Lin could not even start her rant as Yang manhandled her into the bathroom . Her mood spiked as she was quickly undressed . Her eyes widen as Yang fluidly executed his desired actions while Mei Lin was shocked . The woman could not believe that even with the children close to them, he could still find the time to be a pervert .
Without noticing, Mei Lin was already pushed inside the shower, and her body shivered as the water splashed her . Thoroughly drenched, Mei Lin was spun to face Yang . Wanting to wipe away the broad grin on his face, Mei Lin tried to pry his arms away from her body . Pushing Yang, Mei Lin was shocked when she felt his bare abdomen . When did he take off his clothes?
"Yang, the children are in the room!" Mei Lin hissed again, her hands stopping Yang from going near her .
Yang forced himself near her and grunted . He groaned when Mei Lin continued to push him away . Yang slammed his fist on the glass that divided the shower from the bathtub . Knowing he cannot force his wife, Yang gave up trying . He turned the shower on and joined her .
Mei Lin did not even say anything when the water turned colder even minute that passed by . She could see the heat on her husband steaming at the surface as his eyes blazed with passion as he glanced on her body . She felt guilty for causing so much ache in him, but the children could hear them, and that would be dangerous if they start asking questions!
A loud groan of pain entered Mei Lin's ears as she began to scrub her body with soap . Looking up to meet Yang's eyes staring straight at her, Mei Lin blushed red . Yang's eyes followed how her hands would move up and down to lather the soup into her body . Her nether regions ached with need, seeing how hungry his stare had turned as if he was a starved man . She gulped as Yang's eyes slowly scanned every inch of her and then ending to stare shamelessly into her eyes .
Without any words, Mei Lin walked closer to lessen the distance between them . Her ample bosom pressed against his lower chest, nipples erect with need . Yang always had a way of making her cave in with his demands . She took her husband's hands and placed them above her bosom while saying, "Take me . Gently, please . I don't want to surprise the kids . "
Mei Lin lowered her head in embarrassment, face blazing like an inferno . She was too in deep with her shyness that she did not notice the wild and triumphant grin on Yang's lips .
Needless to say, Mei Lin tried her best not to let out any loud moan . In fact, she buried her lips into Yang's with a deep, open-mouthed kiss as he took her in the shower, slammed and carried up into the wall like she weighted nothing .
Yang made sure that the noise of the was loud enough to cover some of the sounds of Mei Lin's gasps and moans . The hardness of his shaft, once buried inside her, did not last long . It was indeed a very quick quickie that made Mei Lin ache with unsatisfaction .
Yang inserted his fingers after and played with her like one does with a piano and musical sheets of the piece 'Flight of the Bumblebee . '
Moments later, Yang and Mei Lin walked out of the bathroom nervous and afraid of the consequences of their actions . Once they saw the children's attention still focused on the television, they both sighed in relief . Yang and Mei Lin could not help but secretly do a high five while thanking cartoons inside their minds .
Who would have thought that cartoons could be so useful?