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Chapter 280
January 6, 20X2 (Monday)
Zhao Manor

While Yang and Mei Lin were with their children, both newly made Grandfathers were busy with the spy . Jerome had apprehended the spy so easily that Father Zhao had doubted for a while if the old driver was indeed the spy . There was no fight involved at all . In fact, Jerome had just taken the old driver into a room and knocked him unconscious . Father Zhao could not believe how much a brute Jerome was acting . He had even dared to push the old driver into another guard and carelessly demanded the guard to bring the old driver into a place where he could be interrogated .
"We still needed to make sure that the driver is indeed the spy . He might be just a bystander in all of these . " Father Zhao calmly said as if he was not surprised by how strong Jerome was . He had known that the French citizen was an agent, but he never knew how capable Jerome Bonaparte is until he had seen it . With just one side slap on the back of the neck, the old driver fell unconscious like those scenes in the movies .
Moments later, Father Zhao and Jerome went inside the room hidden downstairs especially built by Mother Zhao for moments like these . Seeing the old man tied in a chair and looking turn and worn down, Father Zhao felt his soft heart moved a little . If the old man was the spy, there would be nothing that would stop him from capital punishment . If the old man was not the spy, Father Zhao was prepared to beg for forgiveness after he will force the French National to do so .
"So how are we going to extract information from this guy?" Jerome asked with a grin . He had already prepared ways of questioning the spy for information . As an experienced intelligence officer, Jerome had his fair share of torture sessions with spies . Seeing no reaction from Father Zhao, Jerome took out a scalpel hidden in his sleeve . With mouth wide open in surprise, Father Zhao watched Jerome cut the skin of the driver's neck without any blood oozing .
"Ah Ha! I knew he used the same mask as I did!" Jerome exclaimed with excitement . It has been a while since he had used his torture skills, and was excited to know if he still got the skills .
Moments later, Jerome peeled the soft jelly-like mask off of the old driver's face . Father Zhao gaped as the real face of the spy was revealed . In the chair tied with a rope was Chen Zhong's father . Of all the people that can be the spy's identity, no one believed it would be the father .
Jerome, clueless, asked, "You know this man?"
Father Zhao contemplated how to tell Jerome the truth without compromising their plans because he knew that one slip of his tongue and Jerome would end Father Chen without hesitation . Calmly, Father Zhao answered, "Oh, Mei Lin and his son used to date . "
Jerome noticed the hesitation immediately and knew there was far more story involved than just that, but he let it go since the information was needed to be obtained . Taking out his prepared box of tools, Jerome first took a cloth rolled into a circular scroll .

"I have always wanted to try acupuncture, but never really gotten to do it . At least now, I have a volunteer . " Jerome snapped the sleeping man tied in the chair .
Father Chen woke up immediately and was startled to be greeted with his mask being shoved into his face . He was taunted as Jerome clicked his tongue and said, "The sleeping beauty has awakened . . . so, let us being the experiment . "
One by one, Father Chen felt small prickling feeling on his skin being inserted and poking his inner skin like an invasion . There were times that it felt relieving while most of the time it felt as if something had been triggered as pain flooded his senses . Father Chen's screams echoed into the halls and being forgotten by the walls, unheard by any human ears .
"Jerome, You haven't even asked a question to him yet . " Father Zhao said, stopping the sadistic Bonaparte from putting more needles on top of Father Chen's head .
"He is not going to answer the first questions, anyway!" Jerome told, shaking the grip on his wrist and plunging the long needle inside, above the cranium .
"Why don't you try softer torture, break the bones, maybe?" Father Zhao asked . Breaking the bones would not be as hurtful as having almost a hundred pinning his body, right?
Jerome's lips twitched up, entertained by Father Zhao's push and pull attitude with the torture . To tease him, Jerome follower his instruction and asked, "Are you the only spy? answer me and your bone will not be broken . "
Father Zhao's eyes widen some more as Jerome took the pinky finger of Father Chen's right hand and gestured that he was going to break it first . Father Chen stayed silent, only letting out a scream as Jerome twisted the small finger and dislocating it with a painful pop . One finger had hurt so bad!
"So you are going to answer or not?" Jerome taunted, poking the next finger- the ring finger .
Father Chen's eyes felt like it popped out from its socket as Jerome twisted his ring finger without waiting for his answer . Father Zhao, feeling pity, told, "Jerome, we need the information fast . This is not done for your entertainment . "
Sighing, Jerome took medium-sized metal pliers . Putting on gloves and a mask, he pretended as if he was a dentist serious about what he was doing when he really was not . With torture, Jerome knows it cannot be done as quickly to some people . Putting the dental bracket into one of the teeth in the front, Jerome started to pull . Father Chen whimpered as his tooth felt it was detaching from his jaw . Unconsciously, Father Chen look to Father Zhao, eyes crying for help .
Jerome was far too enthusiastic with torture for it to be healthy, but then again, they were the ones that asked him to help . Feeling his pith brewing every time a whimper was heard, Father Zhao put a halt on Jerome and said, "I will take over now . Let us just do the classic waterboarding torture . "
Father Chen gulped . Water, breathlessness, and drowning was not going to be a great experience . Two guards come to strap him into a table and then put a cloth over his face .
"Yoh should start answering questions because if I can not get you to answer then, Jerome would be the one to torture you for the day . " Father Zhao said . Using Jerome as his blackmail material while also threatening torture; kid move but fruitful . Many questions were answered after that and Jerome could only pout as he listened .
No more torture session for the French citizen, it seems .