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Chapter 282
January 7, 20X2 (Tuesday)
Zhao Manor

"You want to make a deal with that asshole?" Yang fumed . His voice was raw with anger and hurt . Yang hated Mei Lin's asshole of an ex-boyfriend, and not just because he was jealous of Chen Zhong for being Mei Lin's first but because of how stupid the man was . He also hated how much hurt he had caused Mei Lin, but Yang was sadistically thankful for him too . After all, if Chen Zhong had not cheated, Mei Lin would not be Yang's, so it was a win-win for Yang really . He just hated the man .
Ignoring the green-eyed monster in the form of her husband beside her, Mei Lin stared at her birth father's eyes and said, "I know his email address . We can try to contact him there . He used to make many email addresses so he can fool people with fake ones . . . but I know the one he really used . I am sure he still used that email . "
Jerome and Father Zhao looked at each other, considering Mei Lin's words . They had also considered using the father to bait the son into submission . They had been worried that the son might not even recognize their offer and just throw away his father to shield himself . They had thought the worse of the son after all that he had done to Mei Lin, but Mei Lin seemed to believe that Chen Zhong would do the opposite .
Seeing her father and father-in-law's hesitant eyes, Mei Ling sighed . They were far too easily consumed with the bad things that Chen Zhong had done that they did not see how much Chen Zhong really love his family . He was a filial child to his parents even if he was a cheater to her .
"Chen Zhong loved his parents even before we got together . He loved them above all else . I can assure you that he would do anything to help his father . " Mei Lin said without bias to her former boyfriend . Yang's grip on her wrist tightened . Mei Lin ignored it, knowing that her husband was blinded with jealousy again .
There was a long pause of silence before Mother Zhao sighed and turned to Grandpa Zhao while asking, "What do you think about this Dad?"
Grandpa Zhao put down his chopstick and replied, "Giving the discovery of the spy away is always a bad move, but it would be worse if we do not take advantage of it . If we have a tremendous chance of influencing one person inside, I say we take this chance . "
Father Zhao and Jerome looked at each other and gave up their evil thoughts about Chen Zhong . Hopefully, the man was as Mei Lin said he was and maybe they will spare him from all of the torture that they had planned his father and himself to undergo .
Mei Lin grinned, feeling accomplished . She then turned to Yang, hoping to pacify the beast inside her husband breeding anger and jealousy . Leaning her weight against his shoulder, Mei Lin murmured, "Stop being jealous, I married you, and I vow to do so until the end of my time . "
Yang ignored her, but Mei Lin felt the grip on her wrist loosen a little . Mei Lin concealed the smile on her lips . She knew that more sweet words from her would make Yang cave in and want to talk to her more, so she began to pamper him with her love .

"It was you I gave myself; It is you I allowed the children of my own name to call father . It is you that I gave my heart . That man is the past, but you will always be my present and my future . " Mei Lin showered Yang with words that could give people diabetes . Everyone in the table almost choked as they ate or drank their tea . This newlywed was the worst kind! Feeding them dog food every day and now they are stepping up their feeding with these vocal confessions? As if their constant public display of affection was not bad enough?
Yang let go of her wrist and patted her hands, feeling satisfied with her words . The frown on his lips started to twitch into a smile, making him look silly . Mother Zhao almost snorted as she drank her tea . Her son was already at the palms of Mei Lin, dancing to her needs .
Mei Lin intertwined her fingers with Yang's as she coaxed him for the last time, knowing that her next words would make his anger and jealousy vanish, "The only rival you have is yourself because I love you more today than yesterday . "
Jerome choked in surprise, yelping as his daughter made her husband smile . Yang softly kissed Mei Lin's forehead . The smile on his lips evident and as bright as the blue sky on a sunny day . Yang sat straight and proud of himself . Ego was more prominent than ever as Mei Lin stroked and fed it with her words . Grandma and Grandpa Zhao could only shake their heads at their grandson . He had it bad . It was always amazing how the usually overbearing man would turn putty on his wife's hands .
Before Mei Lin and Yang went out of the room to take their children out to play, Mei Lin passed her Father a piece of paper that had the information that was needed . Jerome nodded at Mei Lin and was surprised when Mei Lin kissed his cheeks as her short goodbye . He patted the head of her daughter and ushering them out so he could plan with Father Zhao how they would exchange deals with Chen Zhong .
Jerome would settle this even if his life were taken in compensation . He just hoped his children would live to find more of their happiness . Jerome, without his notice, has moved Mei Lin's heart with his presence on the Manor .