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Chapter 284
January 10, 20X2 (Friday)
Various Places

When the next day came, all media sources broke into a frenzy . What was their latest scope? A video uploaded by an anonymous account into the comment section of one of the I . A . I . Interior Design's post . Every one was unsettled because the post contained graphic materials of mature-rated scenes .
The staff on I . A . I . Interior Design hurried to take the video down, but netizens had already seen it, and many had already ripped and downloaded the video . Once publicly posted on the net, it shall be in there forever . It is circulating in the never-ending browsing prowess of the web .
In Hao Manor, Ye Lan woke up with Hao Ren shaking her awake . His hands shook in nervousness, anger, and jealousy all at once . Having already seen the video, Hao Ren was more than livid already, but his love for Ye Lan made him blinded . The most predominant emotion he had was jealousy . Whoever the man was, Hao Ren knew it was not Zhao Yang . The man was too large in body mass than Zhao Yang, and Zhao Yang was far too tall to be compared with the one on the video . In fact, the man looked like the middle-aged CEO that they had brought the company I . A . I Interior Designs from . Hao Ren was horrified to discover the truth .
"Why are you waking me up so early in the morning? Is it time to go to work?" Ye Lan mumbled, her eyes still closed and her voice deeper and groggy with sleep .
"There is a video of yourself and a guy having sex spread in the web . " Hao Ren's pitiful voice wavered as he answered . His grip on her shoulders was starting to hurt the woman still laying on the bed as it tightens .
Ye Lan bolted up, eye ready to pop from its socket in her surprise . She scrambled to get out from he hurtful grip of Hao Ren, seeing her fiance's eyes full of pain, Ye Lan's heart started to move a little, but she steeled her resolve . Acting like a cutesy girl, Ye Lan leaned into Hao Ren's warm embrace . Seeing as Hao Ren still accepted her into his arms, Ye Lan knew she could get away with whatever she wanted . This foolish man was still so profoundly in love with her . Ye Lan could not help but applaud her for her charms .
"It is not me . . . You know that I am always loyal to you . It must be edited . You know with technology today, everything can be edited like it was real . " Ye Lan trailed light touches of her fingers and placed soft kisses on Hao Ren's cheeks .
A man blinded by love and controlled by his woman, making himself a stepping stone for her success, was a pitiful man . This kind of man is what Hao Ren is- a pathetic man . Of all the ladies in the world that he can fall for, it would be the woman who had ulterior motives in a guise of an innocent lady .
On Y Building, Uncle Wu twirled the coin that he had constantly been playing with for the past days . Seeing as the Hao Family had done many things to hide it, and it was not as clear and apparent to be one hundred percent true, Wu Tian Li sighed loudly . He had smeared the name of Ye Lan, but he was not yet satisfied . He needed more entertainment than just a small scandal that had not done the expected damage that he had intended .

Flipping the coin again, Wu Tian Li wished for heads to be the result . Upon seeing the result of his toss, Tian Li clicked his tongue again in frustration . Why does that lady Ye Lan have the luck of the world? Wu Tian Li threw the coin out the window and cursed the previous agreement he had with himself .
Deciding to post two more videos soon, Tian Li buried himself with another work that needed to be done- spying on the remnants of the Arcadia group . Ye Lan can wait; terrorist cannot . He will have to use the videos as his late gift for Yang and Mei Lin .
Back again at Hao Manor, Ye Lan was unaware of the plot that was brewing . She was still snuggled into the arms of pitiful Hao Ren . The two of them were too in the zone of snuggling that they did not notice the soft footsteps of Hao Ren's mother entering the room, ready to kill and maul Ye Lan .
Suddenly, Ye Lan's long hair was yanked back . Yelping in hurt, Ye Lan tried to take her hair back from the woman's grasps that pulled on it . Ye Lan snarled at the second wife of the present CEO Hao as she pried her hair continuously and trying to slap the arms of Hoa Ren's mother, "Let go of me!"
Not to be trifled with, the second wife slapped Ye Lan's face again and snarled, "You face has already been scared and you still dared to open your legs for other men?"
The two women started to wrestle in the bed, both women pulling each other's hair . Hao Ren tried to pull them apart but being only one and not that strong in term with power, he was helpless .
Hao Chen passed by the room, peering at the event through the open doorway . Hao Ren was thankful that his little brother came . He was about to call out for Hao Chen's help when Hao Chen snorted out loud and left as if he saw nothing .
Hao Ren could not believe that his mother and girlfriend were fighting like cavewomen, but he could not believe that his little brother did not care .
Hao Ren stood still, pitiful and helpless .