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Chapter 285
January 13, 20X2 (Monday)
Various Places

Wu Tian Li stared at the alarm clock with an evil grin promising to do some damage . He had never been this eager to destroy someone for a while . The cruel man in him itched to do more damage to the woman, but according to his schedule, he must do it at precisely ten am . He counted together with the ticking of his alarm clock . His thick eyeglasses blocked the malicious light that glinted on his eyes .
The sound of the alarm blaring into his ears made Tian Li's excited grin widen into a broad beaming smile . Suddenly, Tian Li bolted up from his crouched position and hurriedly ran to his chair in front of his desk in excitement, stumbling a little . Logging into another anonymous account, Tian Li uploaded the video .
While waiting for it to upload, he sipped tea and texted Yang, 『My belated wedding gift for you and my adopted daughter will come in two parts . First part will happen soon . 』
In another part of Y Building, Yang looked at the text that he had recently received with great curiosity and bewilderedness . He had never once received gifts from his uncle so it would be dishonest of him if he said he did not expect this so-called gift .
Putting down the pen on his other down, Yang replied, 『Mei Lin and I will eagerly await for your gift . 』
『My gift, Mei Li would not approve so you can only be the one to appreciate it . 』Yang was puzzled with the reply for a while, but he grinned when he realized what it might entail . He had heard Uncle Wu mumbling about annoying women trying to dig into his daughter's past and trying to spread negative rumors about her on the web . If Uncle Wu were not a great Hacker, he would have had problems with dealing with the little unknown hackers trying to hack into his database for information about Mei Lin . It was one of the reasons why Uncle Wu was probably so annoyed . No one messes with his adopted daughter and lives to tell the tale .
Once the video of Ye Lan's sex scandal was uploaded into a famous pornstar's social media account with a caption 『This amateur woman is better than you . 』
Everyone's Top blew off, and the media frenzy started again . This time, not even the Hao family could deny anything . Ye Lan's face complete with her scar could be seen so clearly on the video as she was sucking someone's private parts .
The famous porn star, as a funny joke, replied and commented, 『This woman has practiced . I need to do those techniques too . Anyone know who she is so I can ask her for advice?』
Her fans have joined into the fan and poked jokes at Ye Lan . Some even dared to tag her company in their jokes while others didn't do anything but hinted the obvious . Wu Tian Li watched in his desk at Y Building with a happy face as the people in the country was faced with such sudden news of another scandal . Grinning with glee at the avalanche of news that he had caused with a single clear video .
In Hao Manor, Ye Lan was shivering and sobbing in Hao Ren's arms . Crying and demanding that her name was cleared from the injustice of these trolls that were bullying her online . Her face buried into Hao Ren's neck . Hao Ren wrapped her tighter to his body using his arms, protecting her . Hao Chen was on the side sipping tea as if nothing was happening around him . Hao Ren was a little hurt by his little brother's behavior, but his attention was solely focused on Ye Lan and protecting her from his mother's anger .

"Why are we still keeping that slut in this house?" the second wife slammed her palms not the table that Hao Chen and his father were silently drinking tea . Hao Chen took his teacup hurriedly as he stood, knowing that there would be more tempers thrown and that his tea was not safe from those tempers .
Father Hao looked helplessly at his second son as Hao Chen transferred into a calmer place- the table on the other corner of the room . Hurt by how Hao Chen alienated himself from the family matters; Father Chen tried to calm his wife and second son .
"Calm down; there is still a possibility of the video being edited . We can not make decisions that we regret . " Father Hao failed to appease his second wife . Hao Ren gave him a grateful nod of his head as thanks .
"We have already made decisions that we regret! We should not have accepted that woman! The fact that the woman was someone that our child took from someone else already tells us what kind of person she is!"
Father Hao pinched the bridge of his nose as his second wife continued to rant at him . He had always thought that this side of her was because she was passionate about something . Father Hao had loved how she could tell her thoughts at him than how Hao Chen's mother would just follow his decision blindly . Now that he thought about it, his first wife was not comforted enough to talk to him in the bases of his mistress so he really should not have expected anything .
Right now, Hao Ren was too cowardly to be the heir even if Hao Chen distanced himself from their group; he still respected his father enough to stay in the same room . Father Hao knew that Ye Lan was not an innocent girl, but he had thought that she had changed .
Snakes are still snakes even when they shed their former skin .