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Chapter 286
January 14, 20X2 (Tuesday)
Various Places

Wherever Ye Lan and Hao family member would go out, they would be hounded by paparazzi taking pictures, and reporters asking them questions . Hao Chen had taken all of these matters with a helpless shrug that showed he did not care with whatever that had happened or will happen in the future . Anyone from the media was scared to ask more of Hao Chen as he was very close with the Li Alexandre and the Li family by extension, who was on on the most prominent if not the most prominent business that deals in the entertainment industry .
"Can you even help us a little?" the second wife asked Hao Chen pissed off . She had been embarrassed to face her friends . The second wife had stopped going to social parties and socialite meetings because she had been asked and ridiculed using Ye Lan, who she had sprouted many good things about in their past gathering .
Father Hao sighed . He could understand his second son and his actions, but it seems that his second wife did not, so he explained, "Hao Chen cannot speak for his friend about the media because it is our matter and not theirs . To involve the Li family and ask them for help would lessen the credibility of our Hao Manor . It is Hao Ren and Ye Lan's responsibility to settle this matters before it blows into large proportions . "
Hao Chen almost snorted when his father finished his explanation . Before it blows? It has already exploded into a large and disastrous mess of the same proportion as an active mega volcano affecting everybody's home . Ye Lan was that irritating that everyone could not help but join in the fun to mock her .
At Y Building, Yang was sitting on his chair with an amused smile as he stared at his cellphone . The people in the meeting guessed it must be because of the CEO's ex finally getting the punishment that was due to her years ago when he betrayed CEO Zhao for some illegitimate son hoping to inherit .
Secretary Bai coughed, loudly . Yang looked up to meet his gaze with a questioning gaze . Secretary Bai warned, "We are in a meeting, CEO Zhao . I would advise that you keep your phone away to stop stealing your needed attention . "
The employees in the room stared at Secretary Bai in awe . Only the head secretary could talk to the CEO Zhao like that and live . They marveled more when their CEO grin and showed his Secretary his phone while exclaiming, "Look at my little children . Mother and Mei Lin are teaching them Tea Ceremony, and they looked too cute with their small cups . "
The employees almost put their palms in their faces to cover the embarrassment of their previous thoughts . Of course, CEO Zhao would only smile and grin naturally when Mei Lin and his family was involved . Not even an ex could move the wall that is Zhao Yang's defenses . Their CEO is the greatest man to have lived and done business, for them, but he was nothing but an idiot in front of Mei Lin . Now, his children was another added weakness that his employees would add to his growing list .

In the office of the head of the R&D Department at Y Building, Wu Tial Li was busy staring at the monitors of his security cameras while his hands were typing many things all at once . Seeing the small laptop on the side, Wu Tian Li opened it briefly and turned it on . When the clock strikes at noon in the afternoon, Uncle Wu stopped typing on his computer and transferred to his laptop with a bored face .
While eating seafood flavored cup noddles, Wu Tian Li streamed another video of Ye Lan sucking a man . He grinned and made sure that the hairy legs of the man could be seen . In doing so, Wu Tian Li avoided any unnecessary and possible defamation that Ye Lan would file since the bitch would tell the world that the man she was sucking was Zhao Yang . Tian Lu would murder her and release everything he had on her should she do so . Now, she is facing a slow hurt of her reputation, but if Tian Li were pissed off, she would be on the streets or at Jail serving his sentence for fraud . For now, Wu Tian Li was enjoying causing trouble .
At Zhao Manor, Mother Zhao and Mei Lin were drinking tea while the children were learning how to brew from them . Mother Zhao peeked at Mei Lin's face and asked, "Did you see the video that had been circulating the net?"
Mei Lin tilted her head on the right side before she nodded, "About Ye Lan? Yes . "
Chang, the ever-curious child, asked, "Who is Ye Lan?"
Mother Zhao patted the boy's head and said, "A loose woman that you have to avoid . A very insignificant woman . "
Chang was curious now, but he knew asking for more questions would be futile, so he merely nodded and agreed, "Ling Ling and I will avoid her if we meet with her in the future . Right, Ling Ling?"
Mei Lin giggled as Ling Ling nodded and agreed to her brother without even listening to what Chang had told as her small hands were busy with her small teapot and teacup . Mother Zhao's lips tilted up in a smile as Ling Ling pouted when she could not take the teapot out because it was too heavy for her .
Mei Lin warned, "Ling Ling, Be careful . That is hot . "
Mother Zhao pushed her concerns about Ye Lan's matters away . Mei Lin and the children were apparently not affected so she should not be too .