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Chapter 288
January 16-17, 20X2 (Friday- Saturday)
Various Places

In a Friday night un Hao Manor, Hao Chen was seated comfortably on the cushioned chair on the furthest side of the room, away from the people gathered together on the center . Looking carefree, Hao Chen acted as if he heard not one word from the ongoing conversation .
"What are you going to do?" Father Hao asked Hao Ren, ignoring Ye Lan on his arms . He had no patience to deal with the root cause of all this scandal . Their company was affected by a backlash of the posted videos; Many investors have pulled back their money and wished no affiliation with their family because of it . In truth, Father Hao was angry at her but refrained from showing it for the sake of his son . His second wife has been too forceful with her anger that his anger seems small in comparison .
Once again, Hao Chen was on the side sipping tea as if nothing was wrong . Father Hao and Hao Ren had tried their best to involve Hao Chen in their conversations before, but they were always replied with short sentences . They had also tried to make Hao Chen help them with the mess, but he remained impassive . In fact, the way Hao Chen behaved reminded Father Hao of his late wife too much .
"We will hold a media conference to clear everything . " Hao Ren shifted his hold on his fiance so he could talk to his father comfortably . Ye Lan's face was buried deep on his neck, acting like a damsel in distress . Face full of tears and looking pitiful with a pout, Ye Lan hugged Hao Ren like her life depended on him .
"Do you have any proof that it is not her on the video?" Father Hao deadpanned . Without anything
"We . . . "
Father Hao sighed . He knew they could not prove anything, "Many people might not believe us if there is no proof . "
Hao Ren nodded and continued to calm his father while defending his fiancee, "Ye Lan might know who is behind the video . . . "
" . . . just make sure that you are ready . " Father Hao said with a sigh . He was too tired about this mess to bother anymore . Let them do whatever they want; Hao Chen was already the heir of the company anyway . Hoa Ren's matters would not influence it a great deal . Sooner or later, investors will be back since the goal was money and not family affairs anyway .
Hao Chen sipped his tea again, hiding the smirk that was starting to show in his lips . His hands were softly caressing the hidden microphone hidden on his cufflinks, making sure that everything that was said was going to the ears of Zhao Yang . He better be prepared if Ye Lan causes more trouble for their family . One scandal was enough to damage their family's reputation so having another drama with the Zhao family could make their family a laughing stock . Honestly, Hao Chen would not care if that happened, but he needed his father's company so he could at least be qualified to court for Zhao Yue's love . Beside that fact, it was also entertaining to see Ye Lan act like an innocent girl when she is clearly not .

On the next day, Hao Chen was with his father watching on the side of the large makeshift stage for Ye Lan and Hao Ren to sit . His hands carelessly tucked on his pant's pocket . Hao Chen admits that he was a little bit excited to see Ye Lan embarrass herself again . Ye Lan was not a dumb person, but she was not particularly bright either, so Hao Chen knew that either Hao Ren coached her what to say or some guy that she had been sleeping around with on the side had murmured the words that were about to be announced in front of many reporters .
Hao Chen began to grow bored as the Head of the PR department welcomed and started the conference . He and the rest of the reporters were more interested in what the girl would say than listen to an old man .
" . . . the Hao Pharmaceutical Group have called you today to listen to the side of Miss Ye Lan, fiancee of Mr . Hao Ren . "
All eyes turned to Ye Lan, who was seating properly and looking like an innocent lady . She blushed when everyone's attention was focused on her, acting like a school girl . Hao Ren put his hands on top of her clasped hands, showing to everyone their united front . Hao Chen quickly hid the snort that left his mouth . How dramatic!
Ye Lan nodded and straightened her spine . She faced the crowd full of questioning gaze and said, "I have never cheated on Hao Ren . The video must be when I was still in a relationship with my previous boyfriend . I did not know that I was videotaped . My former boyfriend and I had shared intimacy . I cannot believe he could betray me like this . "
Cameras flashed, wildly . Voices began to rise as questions were uttered one on top of the other . Hands were flaring up and waving to gain the attention of the people on the stage .
"Who is this former boyfriend you had, Miss Ye Lan? Do you think he is the one that uploaded this video?"
"So you do not deny that it was you in the video?"
"Are you confirming your involvement with other men?"
"What will you do next?"
"Are you going to be filing a case?"
Ye Lan sighed, tears forming on the edge of her eyes . She covered her mouth, hiding the sobbing sound that was still heard through the microphone before saying, "I cannot tell you who he is because his family is powerful and he is also one of the youngest billionaires of the country . "
Hao Chen snorted .
Father Hao's eyes almost bulged out in anger . What a stupid bitch! No names were mentioned, but the description was enough to cause conflict!