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Chapter 289
January 17, 20X2 (Saturday)
Various Places

Mei Lin was seated on the carpet on the floor, leaning against Yang's legs as she played with Ling Ling's hair in front of her . Yang was on his phone doing what needs to be done while Chang was beside him, reading another book . Yang and Chang were on the sofa while Mei Lin and Ling Ling were on the carpet . The family of four thought that it was going to be a lazy Saturday .
Mei Lin was in the middle of adding the final details of Ling Ling's new hairstyle with two twin buns on top of her hair with a large bow when Yang phone continued to beep and vibrate . He read through all the messages and videos, knowing that his wife's eagle eyes preyed at his actions . After a while, Yang's eyes nervously looked up to meet Mei Lin's waiting gaze .
"What was it?" Mei Lin's question made Yang gulp . Yang was not afraid of Mei Lin in a normal situation, but with the possibility of her pregnancy, Yang knew this news might blow up into a large chaotic proportion .
Being careful and choosing his words with utmost care, Yang answered, "The Hao Family and Ye Lan had a conference to settle the infamous videos, but the woman ended up dragging me into the mess . I am planning ways to destroy her, so don't worry . "
Mei Lin snorted and asked, "What did she say about you?"
"Did not mention any names but hinted that, apparently, I am the former boyfriend that betrayed her trust for uploading her scandalous videos of us when we were still intimate," Yang said, feeling as if he was tiptoeing in front of a landmine .
Mei Lin's gave narrowed, surprising the two children listening on the side . Ling Ling and Chang had never seen their mother this annoyed and stern . They had always thought that she could not get angry at all . Only their father could make her show this side of her, as far as they know .
Mei Lin snorted, loudly, before saying, "The man she had sex with was fat and hairy . I know it was not you . Put a message on the public hinting your size difference . It'll calm people down . "
Yang blinked, surprised . He never expected her to be calm and even offer help to solve one aspect of the problem- the public's opinion . Working quickly, Yang took a photo of Mei Lin's back including Ling Ling as they both were in int heir world playing with their hair and doing girlish stuff . He made sure to capture his legs to show the difference . Because the Manor was thoroughly heated, Yang had only worn shorts . He sent the picture and told Yue to upload it on her large social media following with a caption, 『Big Bro sent me a cute photo of sister-in-law and my niece . Look at those thighs and knees of his, too lean and girly looking . 』
By doing this, they were subtly telling the public their opinions of the matter without even moving an inch to the same low standards of Ye Lan . Deep inside the mind of Yang, Ye Lan's days were already numbered anyway . He was only waiting for the right time that she was not as useful . Yang then put on the song he used to sing in the car to Mei Lin .

"What are you doing?!" Mei Lin's voice caught him off guard .
"Playing our theme song . . . " Yang's hands quickly pressed the paused button to make the music temporarily halt .
"Don't play loud music!" Mei Lin crossed her arms . Chang and Ling Ling were looking at each other with curiosity . Were their parents fighting?
"I'm just playing a song . It's not even loud . " Yang tried to calm Mei Lin down . Of course, she would not be moody with news of Ye Lan, but anything he does is cause for worry .
"Give me that! I don't want to be deaf and die!" Mei Lin snarled as she snatched the phone out from his hands .
Yang had to control the urge to roll his eyes . How can deafness lead to being killed? As softly as he could, he whispered, "I'm not going to kill you . I want more kids so I cannot kill you .
"I heard that," Mei Lin glared .
"Good, then you can't ignore me . "
Mei Lin crossed her arms in front of her chest, and with a huff, she turned around to face the window after saying, "Watch me . "
"You're very moody . Did you sleep well?" Yang touched his nose helplessly . He better stop or else she will be mad at him . He needed to convince Mei Lin to go to the hospital and get herself checked . No one can be this moody without being pregnant!
As the family was spending the day in quiet bliss, Yue was busy uploading the photo and seeing the comments on her social media increase . With sadistic glee, she watched as her following increase in numbers too . People were far too curious for their good . Replying to some of the innocent questions with cute sentences and only hinting at things on questions that asked about the scandal with a smug emoji, Yue felt the enjoyable sadistic pleasure of toying with people's mind and emotion .
'So this is what it feels like to have much power . . . ' Yue though to herself, 'Personally, I would rather be Hao Chen's wife than have any power . This is exhausting . '
On Hao Manor, Ye Lan was fuming as the people that offered their apologies to her began to hate on her again . Her fists clenched with annoyance as her fiance was in bed, lazying uselessly . Messaging David quickly, Ye Lan was worried that it might cause a rift between her and David's relationship .
Pitiful Hao Ren was peacefully sleeping without knowing how treacherous the woman beside him was .
Men are stupid for falling in love with women who use their body more than their hearts .