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Chapter 29

November 1, 20XX (Thursday)

The Grand Royal Palace Hotel- Milan

"My child's first heartbreak…" Zhao, nee Xing, Hui Ying caressed Mei Li's back while manoeuvring the sobbing girl in her arms into the large couch to sit . It was awkward but their movements still remained intimate as Mother Zhao continued to whisper words of comfort in Mei Li's ears and never letting go of the sad girl .

"I could have forgiven him if he had cheated only once . . . But-" "No, if he could cheat once then he could do it again . Do you think you would let yourself suffer that uncertainty?"

Mei Li was quiet as she thought about the words that passed through Mother Zhao's lips . She knew how prideful she could be and she probably would not accept Chen Zhong again even after the first time cheating . The only problem before was that she reacted slowly and was in denial even with all the videos Father Zhao had presented but upon arriving in Paris and seeing the act with her own eyes, she could not deny it anymore .

"Now let's stop wallowing in tears; it may hurt now but you won't regret it again while Chen Zhong is high on his affair but would regret it later . Karma always goes full circle . " "I'm sorry . I'm Sorry . I'm so sorry…" Mei Li repeated it again and again as her apologies had turned into an inaudible mumble . This woman could always break her defensive walls and could calm her anxious heart the most . This woman is the mother she aspired to have as a kid and a mother she strives to be . Calm in the face of the adversary but affectionate in the face of family, the best kind of woman .

Mother Zhao could hear her heart breaking at the sight and immediately hushed the crying girl while rocking her body like a mother putting a child to sleep, "Stop apologizing, my child! It's not your fault! It is never your fault . "

With those words, Mei Li's sobs worsen, "I don't want this, it hurts…"

"It will heal," Mother Zhao comforted, "For now, let yourself cry . It will be fine soon . Although, It wouldn't be the same as before you'll find yourself laughing at the past because you are happier, and more in love than before, that's what makes life beautiful… You cannot have the rainbow without the rain . "

"I don't want to love again," Mei Li looked up with alarm, ignoring her tear stained cheeks .

"If only our decisions matter with love," Mother Zhao gently wiped the tears in her cheeks with the large handkerchief which was dangling on her channel handbag that mother Zhao hastily took out for Mei Li to use before saying, "To love someone is not ours to control but to be committed is . You love Chen Hong thus you committed to him, it is his fault that he couldn't do the same . Before me, I see a very beautiful lady, he has lost more than you . In fact, you benefited . Now, you are stronger, better, and wiser… and no lesser man weighing you down . You deserve better . No, you deserve the best . "

Mei Li sniffed before nodding her head, sniffing .

"Come here," Mother Zhao opened her arms again . Mei Li melted into her embrace . This was the warmth of a mother, a warmth that could rival in comfort the fireplace in the middle of a snowy Christmas day . Cocooned in this warmth, Mei Li knew everything was going to be okay . Maybe not now but soon .

Looking the girl in her arms, Mother Zhao whispered in the girl's ears with firmness only a mother could resolutely demand, "Promise me that you will talk to me about things like these . You've always thought you were a burden but you're not . . . even if you were, then you are a burden I would gladly carry . My husband and I already considered you as our unofficial child whether my son marries you or not . "

"I'm not going to marry your son . . " Mei Li's wavering voice sounded too petulant to be believable . Her tear stained cheeks devoid of tears but her doe-like eyes still red at the rims .

Mother Zhao chuckled lowly as she pinched Mei Li's right cheek between her thumb and pointer finger without restraint as she drawled, " . . . oh this child, you mustn't speak as if everything is already written in stone . "

Mother Zhao had noted how much Mei Li had cried but would still reply immediately if she mentioned Yang . If that was not a hint to their growing attraction, she would break his son's knees for wasting his time in Paris . He should have already swept Mei Li off of her feet and into their Mansion, ready for marriage!

Oh, how long will it take for her future grandchildren to be born?

"I heard from Yang that you reprimanded him about his alcohol intake… Thank you . Even with all the pain, this heartbreak had caused you, you still cared enough to remind my unruly child and I know you did it for me and my husband's sake . " Mother Zhao let go of Mei Li's cheek with a smile she added a joke, "Maybe my wish to have you as a daughter may not be available so I'll settle for a daughter-in-law . "

Mei Li's sad face disappeared faster than lightning and was replaced with a scowl of displeasure and horror, "No way! Did you know, Mother Zhao, that your son is a pervert? He keeps on staring at my breast! And he is too tactless! Not to mention shameless! Demanding me to join him for dinner, as if! And his annoying smile is too fake and scary!"

"I find his smile quite beautiful though . " Mother Zhao's eyes gleamed with mischief while hearing Mei Li complain .

Her mind still wrecked and in disarray, Mei Li nodded unknowingly in agreement; revealing the true face of her thoughts concerning Yang . Upon realizing she had agreed with Mother Zhao's statement, Mei Li's face marred with dread causing Mother Zhao to laugh herself hysterical .

Mother Zhao smirked to herself, pleased at Mei Li's obvious attraction to her son . This was the moment she felt proudest of her son .

Finally, he's working on giving her grandchildren .