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Chapter 290
January 18, 20X2 (Sunday)
Various Places

It was on Sunday when Uncle Wu saw the press conference that Ye Lan and the Hao family had done . He was sitting on his chair lounging like a lazy cat with his arms resting on his desk and his forehead banging on the wood of the desk in boredom . His laptop and the large computer on the side was on listening and monitoring the people on his watch list, namely the remnants of Arcadia . Because of this, he was not as concentrated with monitoring Ye Lan and had missed the events from happening .
Wu Tian Li was annoyed when his nephew, Zhao Yang, called and interrupted his boredom induced meditation . He clicked his tongue as he answered the call, "What do you want you, stupid nephew?"
Zhao Yang could be heard sighing before he said, "Do you know what the videos you have posted have caused? Mei Lin is making me sleep in the coach later . Ye Lan had sprouted some nonsense about the man being me . "
Uncle Wu snorted . Mei Lin was still so stubborn and unfair . Didn't she realize that it was not Yang at all with the largeness of the man's thighs? His nephew was far too lean and built to have knees that and legs that looked to be that of an obese hairy old man .
Zhao Yang continued to complain, "Can you do something about those videos? Mei Lin is trying to act like she isn't jealous, but it is clear as the sun in the sky on a sunny day that she is annoyed about me being accused of being the man in the videos . "
Suddenly, Uncle Wu's laughter echoed in the room and into the speakers of the phone, reaching Yang's ears thus causing the young CEO to scowl . After a few minutes, Uncle Wu wiped the tears that gathered in his eyes because of amusement at his nephew's predicament . He then softly assured Yang, "I will upload the next part of the video then . . . it would settle everything . "
Zhao Yang sighed in relief, and he could almost feel himself relax after ending the call . Now he knows that Mei Lin will start to loosen up a bit with him . Although, he really needs to find a way for Mei Lin to listen to him and get herself checked without being sent to sleep on the couch . His couch was comfortable and could fit him easily, but his pride would not allow him to rest quietly .
On his office, Uncle Wu was grinning, broadly, while humming a cheery song that he had composed . His hands were excitedly logging into another anonymous account of him and uploading the continuation of Ye Lan's infamous video . The video of where Ye Lan was sucking someone was in fact just a part of the whole length of the video . Now, he was ready to expose the identity of the man that was with Ye Lan on the footage for Yang's sake and Mei Lin's peace .
After a while, on a fancy and luxurious one bedroom condo, the daughter of the former CEO of I . A . I . Interior Design was lounging on her social media page, scrolling and liking photos, posts, and videos of anything that she found interesting . Suddenly, her notification icon popped from one tag turning into multiple . She had even been mentioned and sent the reason of this sudden fame she had . Li Nai Nai clicked the video after reading the scandalous caption of 'The Best Partner is not your Wife but your Mistress . '

As she watched the video that was uploaded by an anonymous account, Li Nai Nai's face slowly grew grim and shocked . She watched in horror as her present boss, Ye Lan, climb on top of her father, the former boss . Once realizing where the video was going, Li Nai Nai scrambled to lock her phone and throw it as if it had been the cause of her suffering . She never realized how much her father had cheated on her poor mother . Now, she knew the reason why it all happened . The downfall of her father was not because of their business failing, but because her present boss has done something in the shadows using her body . Li Nai Nai clenched her jaw with annoyance . Ye Lan was indeed a pest .
The netizens were in a mess as the video became viral and passed from one person to the other . The fact that it was the old man who was the previous owner of the company that Ye Lan had taken over also made them more curious . Everyone had different speculations and theories about the truth of the events . It was already clear that Ye Lan was a slut and sold herself, but it was not clear if she sold herself for the price of the company or blackmailed the former CEO . Once again Ye Lan and the Hao family was faced with more drama . Paparazzis that camped outside their manor increased in number, and as the hour passed, their phones were buzzing and ringing . Many people, investors mostly, have continued to ask about their status and a possible explanation for the situation in which nobody in the Hao Family could answer .
Father Hao was red in anger while Hao Chen continued to sip his tea, amused with everything . Hao Ren looked like a scolded dog and Ye Lan nervous and afraid . The truth always comes out in the end .