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Chapter 291
January 18, 20X2 (Sunday)
Hao Manor

"What is your excuse now?" Father Hao bagged his fist on his desk . His office was filled with the members of his family looking like they were being chastised with the exemption of Hao Chen sitting on the side steeping tea .
Ye Lan looked at Hao Ren for help . She found her fiancee looking at everywhere but in her direction . Her fists clenched in annoyance . Ye Lan should have stayed with Zhao Yang . If only she could rewind time and do it all over again, she would choose Zhao Yang . Hao Ren was easier to fool, but he was cowardly and was too in love with her to see straight . Ye Lan had thought that Hao Ren would be more successful between the two . She had never thought that Zhao Yang's baby company was going to be the same large company as the Hao Family especially when he was given more companies to manage .
"What you are not going to answer?" The second wife hollered like a barbaric woman from the slums . Heck, Father Hao had meet women from the slums, and they were more calm and gentle than his second wife . The beautiful face that was carefully maintained by his second wife contorted into an ugly expression . Father Hao was as angry as his wife; he had been a stray husband and had a mistress, who later become his wife, but it was never as messy as now . In fact, he had been so verbal with his wife about his mistress that he was surprised that he had no scandal on those time . Realizing it now, Father Hao realized that she kept quiet not for herself but her son, Hao Chen . His first wife had even stopped inviting her friends to Hao Manor to avoid his secret from spreading also going to the extent of not attending any parties in case something was discovered from her . Sometimes, Father Hao regretted falling in love with his mistress and not giving his first wife a chance, but it was too late now . He must continue what he had already started .
Looking at Hao Ren, who was gazing everywhere except his eyes, and Hao Chen, who was sipping his tea as if nobody could move him away from his calm state . His first wife and second wife were also the same contradictory as his son . As a child, it was Hao Ren who excelled on his studies and had given more than what was expected of him . When Hao Ren reached college and befriended Zhao Yang, Father Hao had been ready to hand everything to him and making him into his heir . Father Hao had not expected that Hao Ren would waste his friendship with Zhao Yang for a woman with no standing as Ye Lan .
When the scandal happened, The Hao Family was near to bankruptcy . It was on those times that Father Zhao realized the true extent of how much the Zhao Family hold power and influence over their country . It was also on those time that Hao Chen had stood up and begged for forgiveness in place of his older brother . Father Hao had marveled at how calmly yet persistent Hao Chen was with convincing Zhao Yang . He hated to admit this, but Hao Chen was like his mother more than him, because Father Hao would have not lowered himself to satisfy someone . Hao Chen had pride, but he was humble and very loyal like his mother . These characteristics he has is what probably made Zhao Yang give in to his request .

"Look at what this tramp has done to our family!" the second wife pointed at the close curtained window . All of them knew that if they opened the curtain to see what is waiting outside, they would see the mess of reporters and gossip mongers .
Ye Lan and Hao Ren briefly looked at each other before avoiding the other gaze and moving further away from each other like they were similar poles of two different magnets . Hao Chen subtly looked at the events unfolding with his peripheral vision while his hands were busy steeping tea, drinking it, and eating the biscuits that Yue had sent to him from Japan . Right now, he would have preferred to eat popcorn to match the ongoing drama, but anything given by Yue will always take precedence .
"Calm down, mom . We can take care of this . " Hao Ren tried to alleviate the worries of his mother, but Hao Chen loudly snorted at that, which was only noticed by Father Zhao . Hao Chen and Father Zhao know that it would be hard for these things to be settled . The fact that Ye Lan had even dared to suggest Zhao Yang as the man without evidence had already signed their family to doom and damnation .
"Why must you call in love with this no named whore?!" the second wife sneered while rudely pointing at Ye Lan .
"Then you have a whore for a future daughter-in-law!" Ye Lan snarled, forgetting the mask of innocent that she places like a well-made disguise on her face .
"You whore!" Hao Ren's mother started to walk near Ye Lan, ready to start another cat fight .
"SHUT UP! BOTH OF YOU ARE WHORES!" Father Hao exploded . His face red and it looked as if steam was emitting from his ears . Hao Chen's hands shook in his surprise when his father began shouting . Hao Chen adjusted his grip on his teacup before sipping it; the sleeping dragon has awakened . He made sure to listen and record everything since Yue had been asking details about this drama so she can laugh at Ye Lan .
Hao Chen finds Yue, who is being sneaky while trying to be evil-like and sadistic, very cute .