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Chapter 292
January 18, 20X2 (Sunday)
Hao Manor

The second wife cowered on her seat as her husband exploded . She pouted and acted as if she was a high school girl being scolded with large teary eyes and a stubborn expression . Expecting Father Hao to say sorry and pamper her like he usually does, She was meet with the complete opposite . Father Hao glared at her and looked disgusted with her actions . Ye Lan snorted and rolled her eyes .
"Hao Ren, are you continuing with your planned marriage?" Father Hao tried to talk to his son calmly, but his voice was louder than he intended .
Hao Ren looked at Ye Lan; their eyes met and became a prolonged eye contact . The stubbornness and jealousy in Hao Ren vanished as Ye Lan whimpered and made herself look small . Father Hao was disgusted with the scene; he too had been victimized by a woman who behaved like a damsel when she was actually a snake . Father Hao let it go and told Hao Ren nothing of his thoughts since Hao Ren was old enough to do better, he should learn from his mistakes himself . Father Hao also know that if he did tell the truth, there's a hundred percent that Hao Ren would not believe him .
As Father Hao had expected, Hao Ren turned to Him and nodded his head, showing his firm resolve . Hao Chen bit into the biscuits that Yue gave him with glee as he watched his older brother sinking so low to be with someone who had no ounce of loyalty to him . Hao Chen has now dubbed his older brother as the most stupid person alive . No right man would allow or take their girlfriend or fiance being shared . If she can be this loose even with an engagement ring, she would also be this loose even with a wedding ring .
Hao Chen let his older brother be: he let Hao Ren be stupid since it seems like Yue was interested in the gossip and had continuously called him often to acquire first-hand news . Hao Chen was like his older brother at being blind in love, but at least he fell in love with a woman who had more morals than Ye Lan . Even if Yue was a gossip, she still had more class and discipline than Ye Lan . There was no comparison between them- Zhao Yue always top everyone .
"Are you prepared to take the news? You both will have to speak up and apologize to the public," Father Hao said, pissed off . He added after a while of silence, "To detain further investors from withholding, I will announce Hao Chen as my heir . This event had caused a large dent on Hao Ren and Ye Lan's credibility for others to trust them fully . "
Hao Ren and Hao Chen were in both shocked at the announcement . The second wife scrambled at Father Hao's side and hugging his arms to her chest, clinging onto the arm as if her life depended on it .
"But what about our son? You promised me that he would be the heir!" the second wife rubbed her chest on Father Hao's arm .
Usually, this behavior would soften Father Hao, but now, he noticed how much his second wife and Ye Lan behaved the same that Father Hao knew that his second wife was just as loose, if not more, as his future Daughter-in-law . Hao Ren was stupid, but Father Hao admitted he was the same kind of stupid . Father Hao noted to himself to warn Hao Ren about his lover on another day because Hao Chen was looking far too smug for his liking .

"Hao Chen had done his role as the temporary heir with no scandals and had also taken the company into greater heights than Hao Ren had . It is not hard for me to leave everything to Hao Chen . " Father Zhao answered his wife as brief as he could while sounding polite .
His second wife's innocent face contorted into something ugly again . She sneered at her husband for the first time, "What about our son?! You would have that woman's son to take everything?!"
Hao Chen sipped his tea with a smirk . The woman that his stepmother was referring to was clearly his mother, but he did not care . His mother had died with a smile on her face, knowing that Hao Chen could take care of himself and that she was free from all the hurt of being cheated . Hao Chen took a bite from a new biscuit while his eyes met his father's for a short while . Hao Chen shrugged and continued his tea time without expecting anything .
Father Hao sighed on his way and growled at his second wife, "Hao Chen is also my son . He might now be yours, but he is mine! Everyone knew that the company would not have become Internationally acclaimed if not for Hao Chen's mother's wealth! You, on the other hand, had done nothing but spend money!"
Hao Chen's eyebrows rose in surprise: to hear him defending his mother was the most surprising thing this drama has shown him . Father Hao always favored his second wife . The second wife's eyes grew large as it became teary-eyed .
Father Hao could not take any more of the mess and commanded, "Hao Ren go and take care of the scandal with your wife . If you at least settle it, I will give you some share of the company . "
Everyone looked like they have something to say, but Father Hao pinched the bridge of his nose and demanded, "All of you get out!"
Hao Chen was the first one to get up, carrying the tray of tea and biscuits . Father Hao, hoping to reach out to his second son asked, "What were you eating?"
Hao Chen looked at his father and replied, "Biscuits . " Hurriedly, he left the room . Hao Chen can share the company, but he would never share the biscuits that Yue gave him .